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Lazerman vs Roulette (TF)

Roulette (TF) is a transformer of pretty impressive ability. Not only does she seem able to use hand to hand combat, but she also has a gun! Of course Lazerman doesn’t need guns, he can shoot his energy blasts directly from his hand! His speed is also far superior and helps him take the win. Lazerman wins.

Battles, Roulette (TF) Battles, Roulette Battles

Roulette vs Roulette (TF)

Roulette (TF) is back. With her gun she can take down Roulette. Roulette can try and be lucky, but in the end luck isn’t enough to win. You also need advanced weaponry and some beams. Beams are always a good choise. Roulette (TF) wins this round pretty easy and moves up in the world. Roulette (TF) wins.