Lazerman vs Megatron

Suggested by Destroyer Megatron has appeared in many different forms with a variety of energy weapons and close range options. Even his best incarnation wouldn’t be able to keep up with Lazerman’s speed though which is what ultimately gives him the edge here. It’s just hard to keep up with the guy and he can keep on firing his disruption blasts. Megatron has enough durability to last for a while but ultimately he will be blown away. Lazerman wins.

Lazerman vs Starfire

Suggested by Destroyer The mighty Lazerman has returned! So here’s where I’m at. Starfire has a good amount of speed and destructive force but in combat Lazerman is faster still. He can quickly counter with one of his powerful energy blasts and that would be the end of the match. Starfire won’t be able to keep up in a battle of firepower. Lazerman wins.

Lazerman vs Emma Frost

Suggested by Destroyer Emma Frost is able to become as hard as diamond which is a handy defensive ability. That being said, Lazerman’s blasts can easily cut through that. Her Phoenix mode increases her strength and speed so she can potentially deal some damage but that’s only if she hits him and Lazerman is just a little too fast for that. He’ll keep the advantage in this fight. Lazerman wins.

Lazerman vs Optimus Prime

Suggested by Destroyer Optimus Prime is a very resilient fighter who has endured many lethal blows in the past. That said, his cannons won’t be enough to fend off Lazerman’s assault here. Lazerman has enough speed to have the upper hand in this battle at all times. His speed is enough to leave after images that can’t easily be dealt with and his disruption blast will pierce Prime’s defenses. Lazerman wins.

Lazerman vs Apocalypse

Suggested by Destroyer Lazerman hasn’t fought in quite a while but it’s time for him to return and show his stuff. He has a lot of speed at his disposal and his raw power was enough to take Shademan down in a few blows. Apocalypse definitely isn’t going to be fast enough to dodge his attacks and I don’t think that his defense can take too much punishment either. Eventually he’s going down here. Lazerman wins.

Lazerman vs Ixis Naugus

Suggested by Destroyer Ixis Naugus is one of the stronger Sonic villains. He’s had quite a few powers ups over the years and even Sonic has a tough time against him. I don’t expect that Lazerman will be in a lot of danger here though. His speed is the real deal and the darkloid has a lot of durability as well. Ixis simply isn’t fast enough to catch him and will eventually take more energy blast hits than he can take. Lazerman wins.

Lazerman vs Tom

Suggested by Destroyer Tom is a nice cat who’s very smooth with just about every instrument. He was able to take on Jerry on many occasions after all. That being said, he is definitely out of luck against Lazerman. What can he really do against such a fierce opponent? Lazerman completely outranks him in both speed and power. Couple that with a healing factor and the fight is already over. Lazerman wins.

V (V For Vendetta) vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer It’s been a while since Lazerman last fought on the blog. Still, that doesn’t mean that he has lost any of his power. V is a terrorist who is always ready to cause dissonance among the city. He’s not really much of a fighter though. Lazerman could end this fight by dropping a meteor on the guy or hitting him with a simple disruption beam. Either option will end this match right away. Lazerman wins.

Star Brand vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer Star Brand is a pretty powerful cosmic kid whose attacks can deal massive damage. Lazerman will want to keep out of the way as even he would take significant damage here. What will really help Lazerman is his speed advantage though. That’s not something that Star Brand can get around. Star’s speed isn’t half bad either, but he can’t make the sudden movements that Lazerman can and that’ll be the deciding factor in this fight. Lazerman wins.

Alpha (Spiderman) vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer Lazerman hasn’t fought on the blog for quite a while so it’s nice to see him return. Alpha’s certainly no lightweight though so it’s not like this will be an easy fight. Still, it’s one that Lazerman can win. His Dark Hole will heal him slowly throughout the fight and with his speed he can dodge most of Alpha’s attacks while delivering precise counters. He has more battle intelligence and that can really be useful here. Alpha simply doesn’t have enough experience to hold his own. Lazerman wins.