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Space Godzilla vs Tom

Suggested by Destroyer Space Godzilla is an incredibly powerful Kaiju. He has TK abilities which is really handy for any fighter and he also has the massive advantage in sheer size. He could just step on Tom and call it a day. I don’t see this cat being able to do anything to really stop an opponent like this. Space Godzilla will end up with a decisive victory and the outcome of this fight will never be in doubt. Better luck next time Tom! Space Godzilla wins.

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The BioLizard vs Tom

Suggested by Destroyer The BioLizard is an incredibly powerful monster from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. To say that he would be able to defeat Tom in a fight would be an extreme understatement. Tom isn’t even in the same league as this guy and would definitely not last for very long in a straight fight. Tom is absolutely outclassed in just about every state so the point where his best bet here is to just run away. Trying to take on a monster who can fire energy blasts of this magnitude is just not feasible. The Biolizard wins.

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Rhedosaurus vs Tom

Suggested by Destroyer The Rhedosaurus is not the most powerful Kaiju out there, but he does still have a lot of raw power thanks to his size. That’s enough to take down Tom in this case Tom is resourceful, but Toon Force ultimately won’t accomplish much here. Give me an opponent who is physically powerful instead any day. The Rhedosaurus just needs one clean hit and he’ll be able to win this round. Rhedosaurus wins.

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Lazerman vs Tom

Suggested by Destroyer Tom is a nice cat who’s very smooth with just about every instrument. He was able to take on Jerry on many occasions after all. That being said, he is definitely out of luck against Lazerman. What can he really do against such a fierce opponent? Lazerman completely outranks him in both speed and power. Couple that with a healing factor and the fight is already over. Lazerman wins.

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Tom vs Jerry

Tom and Jerry have been rivals for decades. Jerry usually gets the better of him, but that’s only because Tom is too nice. He lets Jerry get away with a lot. Otherwise Tom has the advantage here with his mad skills. He knows a lot of hand to hand combat. Of course Jerry got the strength serum, but in the end it won’t be enough to win.

Let’s not forget that Tom has a gun. Jerry ends his blog debut with a loss. At least for Tom he gets the win. Now he’s temporarily 1-0. I wonder how long that will last……Tom wins.