Ichigo Momomiya vs Momo Yayorozu

Suggested by Sonic Ichigo is a talented fighter who may not have wanted to get into the combat business but she really took to it naturally. She has enhanced physical abilities which is mainly what puts her ahead of Momo. Momo can create just about anything but physically she is still just a normal person an so she has no real way to be able to take Ichigo down for the count. This cat warrior is just much too skilled. Ichigo Momomiya wins.

Ichigo Momomiya vs Ichigo

Ichigo Momomiya and Ichigo may share the same first name but they are still quite different. Ichigo relies on his sword skills to take the opponent down with powerful blows. Ichigo doesn’t go for small attacks and usually ends her opponents in a single move. That said, Ichigo’s power is still far greater than that of Momomiya’s and his speed is also on a different level. When you piece all of that together, it means that Kurosaki will be the Ichigo that claims victory in this round. Ichigo wins.

Ichigo Momomiya vs Tom

This is a tribute to the new Tom & Jerry film. Tom’s a likable guy but he spent most of the battle getting absolutely wrecked by Jerry. It wasn’t his most victorious moment while Ichigo would definitely be able to seal a win rather quickly. One attack from her energy scepter and there’s no way Tom’s getting back up. Ichigo Momomiya wins.