Sailor Moon vs Punisher

Suggested by Destroyer Sailor Moon is one of the ultimate glass cannons of anime. Her magical blasts can deal massive damage but in terms of defense she’s basically equivalent to that of a human or a slight meta human. The same can usually be said for Punisher but he’s obtained many power ups over the years. He has the speed needed to dodge Sailor Moon’s attacks which is critical and he only needs to land one true counter to win the match. I’m fully confident that he would land this counter. Punisher wins.

Bella (Twilight) vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Bella to go up against the leader of the scouts now! Sailor Moon is definitely a very interesting character as she is typically said to be super high tier (Some say she is Goku level) but I’ve never been all that impressed with her. Part of it is probably the art, but the other part is that most of her feats are dubious at best. Still, I do think she would have the edge against Bella. Sailor Moon does still have her energy blasts which have a wide range and are extremely powerful. One shot should take Bella down for the count. Sailor Moon wins.

Sailor Moon vs Griffith

Suggested by iKnowledge Griffith is a powerful foe and someone who should not be underestimated. While he should be particularly susceptible to Sailor Moon’s attacks since they eradicate evil, I don’t think she will be quick enough to hit him. Griffith’s speed is quite legendary and so he is far more likely to strike Sailor Moon first and take the early advantage. It’s always hard to get past a speed advantage. Griffith wins.

Master Roshi vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer Master Roshi is pretty old so that should help Sailor Moon’s chances considerably. That being said, he is still quite the fighter. He is able to use the Kamehameha wave which can destroy many foes in a single shot. His speed is also still fairly considerable so Sailor Moon will have a hard time hitting him. Moon’s durability also isn’t great so a single shot will be the end of her. It looks like Roshi is really making short work of the scouts. Master Roshi wins.

Sharktopus vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer Sharktopus is one of those creatures that has a pretty cool design and could beat most if not all real animals. Still, I don’t think it will be able to stand up to Sailor Moon’s strongest blasts. He will be blown away by that kind of energy attack and Sharktopus has no long range options to counter with. Sailor Moon wins.

Sailor Moon vs X Man

Suggested by Sonic X Man is one of the strongest mutants out there. His TK abilities even rival that of the Phoenix which is no easy feat. Sailor Moon has a lot of heart so I’m sure she could resist the telepathy but his psychic blasts would still deal massive damage. She wouldn’t be able to last in this round. X Man wins.

Sailor Moon vs Wizard

Suggested by Sonic Sailor Moon is back once again, but unfortunately I don’t think she will be able to win this round either. The Wizard is actually a formidable opponent with his discs in place. He also obtained the symbiote at one point which really increased his abilities. Sailor Moon won’t be able to keep up with him and as her durability isn’t great either, I don’t believe that she will be able to endure his attacks. She just doesn’t have too many options here. Wizard wins.

Master Mold vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Sonic I don’t want to underestimate Sailor Moon, but can she really handle this guy? Master Mold is huge and his energy blasts pack a punch. He can also fly which doesn’t help Sailor Moon’s case here. It’s been a while since I have seen the show and perhaps I need to check it out again at some point, but once again I fear that the lack of speed will hold Moon back here. She’s just not ready to mix it up with such a strong fighter. Master Mold wins.

Update, Sailor Moon’s abilities are simply too much for Master Mold. Her showing in the first film was enough to put her ahead. Sailor Moon wins.

Granny Goodness vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Sonic This was a pretty tricky match since both Granny and Serena are fairly strong fighters. The thing is that Sailor Moon lacks combat speed and the same is true of good ole Granny. So, who would really win this fight? Well, I’ve still got to give it to Granny here as she is a lot more athletic than Sailor Moon and her power rod would aid her in a beam battle. If she gets in close then the battle is really over so while it might take a little while I think I would give her the edge. Granny Goodness wins.

Update, With Sailor Moon’s powerful energy blasts she actually will be able to turn the tables here. Sailor Moon wins.

Sailor Moon vs Kratos

Suggested by Sonic Kratos is a very strong fighter who has taken on gods in the past. Sailor Moon may be able to damage him but it will be tough and she just isn’t fast enough to really be able to fight against him very well. Kratos will l dodge her special heart beams and KO her with proper swordplay and close combat skills. You can’t really get around that kind of technique. Kratos wins.