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Pac Man vs Blob

Suggested by Destroyer The Blob is as fierce as they come, but he only excels in close quarters combat. Pac Man likes to stay at mid-long range and take the enemy down that way. This means that the Blob is really down for the count here. There’s no way for him to get close enough to Pac Man to try and land some hits. That means that even if his durability holds out for a while it will eventually crumble and then it’ll really be curtains for him. Pac Man wins.

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Punisher vs Blob

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The Blob is pretty tough in his own right and it’s very tough to move him when he doesn’t want to be moved. That being said, The Punisher has attained the symbiote in the past and he was able to easily take down Spiderman. I know that we all don’t agree with the outcome, but it shows that his abilities are not to be trifled with. He’s a lot faster than the Blob and his hit and run strategy should really do the trick here. Punisher wins.

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Blob vs Hulk

Hulk has enough super strength to punch Blob to the ground! Blob may be pretty durable, but in the end nobody can take on the Hulk. Hulk smash!…and stuff. Hulk and Blob have fought different times in the past, but the victor is never in doubt. Hulk’s just far too powerful to lose. He’s the Incredible Hulk after all! Hulk wins.