Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Stats and Records

Stats time!

16/26 PS3 Trophies

Level Stats

Pac Patrol Silver
Just Chillin Bronze
Cyli Skies Gold
Gotta Bounce Bronze
Dribble and Freeze Bronze
Magnetic Personality Silver
Tick Tock Bronze
Flip Flop Bronze
Spiral Chopper Gold
Robot Rampage Bronze
Pac Zilla Gold
Viva Paclantis Bronze
Hot and Humid Bronze
Jellyfish Junction Bronze
Granite Grotto Bronze
Shipwreck Shoals Bronze
Firerock Cavern Bronze
Downtown Paclantis Bronze
Minefield Mayhem Bronze
The Pactopus Gold
Rocket Pac Gold
Vertically Challenged Bronze
Orbital Mechanics Bronze
Welcome Aboard Bronze
Gravity Games Silver
Magnetic Worth Bronze
Spaceball Bronze
Space Dock Swing Bronze
Robo-Guts Bronze
Head Games Bronze
Jurassic Pac Bronze
Roll Away Bronze
Fire Glider Bronze
Geysers and Mammoths Bronze
Flipped Out Bronze
Spinner Canyon Bronze
On a Roll Bronze
Kong Berry Cliffs Bronze
Pacasaurus Wrecks Silver
Through the Wringer Bronze
In the Lick of Time Bronze
Cyli Netherworld Gold
Icy Hot Bronze
Swing Bounce Gauntlet Bronze
Granite Ball-istic Bronze
The Lava Pits Bronze
Lava Spiral Gold
Bounce Mania Bronze
Swinging and Clinging Gold
Pac Pong Beat Down Gold

Pac Man World: Re Pac Review

When I heard that Pac Man World was getting a remake I knew that I had to be there. Pac Man World 2 is still one of the best platformers on the block. It was a really memorable game with a whole lot going for it. Great level designs, a cool story, great characters, etc. Could the original World actually beat it? I had to know. Ultimately I would say World 2 still wins but this is a fun game. I’d even say it beats the two Ghostly Adventure games rather easily. The only thing holding it back is how short it is at under 3 hours. I know platformers tend to be more on the short side but this just felt excessive. There is bonus content to work on though.

The plot revolves around Toc-Man ordering the ghosts to kidnap Pac Man’s family. Pac Man is definitely not amused when he arrives home and decides to save all of them. No matter where they have been taken it will not be far enough to escape from Pac’s wrath. He will go to the end s of the Earth if that’s what it takes so Toc Man better watch out. Each world has a family member waiting to be saved. You technically don’t have to save them but it helps a lot for the final boss. In fact I only barely won on my final heart pieces so without having these guys at the ready I would have been doomed. It would have all been over for me.

I do think they nerfed the cutscenes from the original game though. After watching the original, it was just better in every way. Pac Man’s yell was just plain iconic and it showed how much the whole thing broke him. He was real upset at losing his family and the reaction made sense. Then you have the fact that everyone is talking normally in the original but then they changed it to random sounds in the remake. Definitely not a good decision imo. It’s not something that would hurt the game itself as you could only know that by seeing the original but it’s a really questionable decision.

Back to the levels though, the biggest aspect to any platformer is the gameplay. This is much more important than the story when you think about it. To an extent the gameplay is always the most important but to the degree of which that is true will differ from game to game. The levels are all really solid as I mentioned before. Maybe 1 or 2 of them will give you some trouble but for the most part you’ll be blasting through. If you want to grab all of the collectibles in a level then that will take you more time. So you either go the direct route to beat the game or you take all of the twists and turns as you try to 100% clear it. The game doesn’t try to force you to grab the collectibles which I think is always a good thing.

Your controls are fairly basic so you should have the hang of them right away. You can move, jump, ground pound, and do a dash. Between those moves it may sound easy but there’s still some good ways to really get good at it. You don’t use the dash too much compared to World 2 where I remember that being a big deal but everything has its moments. Of course you can also eat ghosts when a power pellet is around. This doesn’t happen too often but it’s always a cool attack to use.

That said, the story is still fun. Having Pac’s family get kidnapped is certainly an intense way to kick things off. This game’s got a happy tone to it of course so don’t expect things to get too crazy but it still works well. Then we have the big climactic battle at the end and you get to see if Pac-Man is holding a grudge or not. The ending’s humor definitely lands really well.

The soundtrack is also a lot of fun. The sound effects are all nostalgic and the stage themes have aged really well. The graphics are also really good here and a good amount of effort was put into the game on all sides. The story may be short but there’s a lot of replay value in trying to get the Platinum trophy as I mentioned earlier. That’s sure to keep you busy for a while. At the end of the day the game is a lot of fun and that’s always the objective of every title. Hopefully if this game does well enough they’ll make a brand new Pac Man game set in the World continuity. Surely there is still a whole lot you can do here.

While I wouldn’t say the game is hard on the whole, the final boss is surprisingly challenging so you don’t want to let your guard down around him. I came super close to losing him. It’s really hard to land your bounce attack without actually getting hit at the same time. So I ended up going for a lot of trades there. I don’t believe it was the optimal way to win but a win’s a win right? As long as you can claim victory then you should be all set.

The platinum doesn’t look very hard so I’ll definitely work on it at some point but it could be a little while before that happens. I’ll probably work on the easy trophies first and then go from there. I do tend to mainly grab the Platinum trophies from all of the platformers though so this would be another good one to add onto the list. After all, how long can it take to beat all of the levels again right? Probably not too long I’d expect but of course I could be underestimating the difficulty a bit. If there’s any trophy for beating the final boss without getting hit or something then I’d really be in trouble.

Overall, Pac Man World: Re Pac is a very fun game. It’s nostalgic to play through this adventure and I would recommend it to anyone that likes to play a very wholesome title. You will get to learn a lot of the fundamentals about platforming while also just enjoying the scenery. There’s not a whole lot to say about the game because it’s so straight forward but that’s also part of why it’s easy to recommend. It’s hard to see anyone disliking the game. You’re able to pick it up and just start playing at any time.

Overall 7/10

Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Review

I had this game on my list for so many years before finally taking the plunge and buying it. The TV show wasn’t great to say the least but the series always had a lot of potential in video game format. How can you mess up a solid platformer experience right? In the end this one’s not great by any means and just goes through the motions but I would say it’s a smooth experience and a title you’ll want to check out.

The story starts with Betrayus plotting a whole new scheme. This time he really may take over the entire planet. Pac Man and his friends will have to try and take this guy down a few steps but when it turns out that Pac’s parents may be hostages that changes things. Pac will have to handle some fairly high stakes here and make difficult decisions but whether he makes the right ones remains to be seen.

The story’s definitely not going to be the selling point here. I mean it’s cool that the cutscenes are fully animated and all but at the same time it’s still going for the show’s vibe which is a comedy that’s not super funny. At times it can be just campy enough where it turns into being funny though. This may not be the proudest version of Pac Man for his fans but at least he’s a good kid at heart. If he was just a little smarter then things would have been easier for him. At least one credit you can give to the guy is that he’s always ready to jump into action.

There are 5 worlds here and each one has about 10 levels. Then you have challenge levels in most of the worlds and also a hub world where you can talk to people. So there’s a reasonable amount of gameplay here but I still wouldn’t call the game very long. I beat it in about 2 batches. Each level is bite sized so even though there are a lot of them, you shouldn’t have too much trouble here. At most the glitches might slow you down. I ran into level ending glitches 2-3 times where I was caught in an eternal death loop and just had to quit out. Another time I jumped far enough where I made it to the next checkpoint but I bypassed the power up I needed. So with no way to go forward or backwards I was just stuck.

I would say the gameplay is very smooth outside of the glitches though so you could say I just had a little case of bad luck here. The various power up forms do help to spice up the gameplay. I’m not a big fan of the magnetic form as I felt like it would just slow things down whenever it appeared but the rest are fun. The bosses all have actual strategies and unique features to them so those were handled well. You may even find yourself losing a life or two here and there.

You’re never in danger of a game over though as you accumulate lives faster than you can lose them. In that way I think the game was a little too generous. I’m sure it was aiming fairly young given how the story is but you could ramp up the game’s difficulty level just a bit if you ask me. The Platinum trophy looks easy to obtain though which I’m glad about. One day I see myself going back to this one to get that Platinum.

In terms of graphics I would say the game holds up well. It has a colorful atmosphere to it that just tends to age well. The character designs are good and the levels are on point. Then for the soundtrack it’s a bit limited but you’ll remember the songs from the show which is certainly nostalgic. The series really did well on a technical level, it just wasn’t able to ultimately seal the deal and that’s why it works better as a game. There is less to mess up you could say.

At the end of the day this is a fairly simple platformer and not one that you would buy over Mario and Sonic. That said, it is certainly a good game and if you can find it for a good price then it’s worth it. I’ll never forget seeing it compared to Mario Galaxy way back in the day. I wouldn’t say this one is quite as good and polished as Mario but it’s a platformer that should be able to hold its head high. Throw in a more engaging story and I dare say it could have really started to do some numbers. At the end of the day the story just wasn’t super engaging here.

Overall, Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures is a period in time that is pretty much forgotten at this point. Now Pac has gone back to his roots with the World series and I don’t see the Ghostly Adventures ever playing much of a part again. I’m afraid that this era is probably completely over and technically that’s a good thing. It would have been nice if we could have gotten just one more game to end the saga though. That would have been enough to tie everything together instead of the loose ends. I suppose you can always imagine how it would have played out though.

Overall 7/10

Pac Man vs Tiny Tina

Suggested by Destroyer Tiny Tina is a survivor who can really make do in a tough situation but she isn’t a big fighter the way that Pac Man is. He’s still got the massive advantage here in terms of fighting ability and experience. A quick fireball or ice blast should take her down for the count. Pac Man’s faster so he’ll land the hits real easy. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Leap Frog

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man is a proud fighter with a lot of different special abilities. He’s certainly got more in the tank than Leap Frog, I can guarantee you that. Leap Frog is good at jumping around and staying out of trouble but he has no real way to break through Pac Man’s defenses and land a definitive blow. That’s what is going to cost him in the long run. Pac Man is just too powerful. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Jack Frost

Suggested by Destroyer The Pac is back and he’s not playing around! Jack Frost has some serious ice talents to be sure but Pac Man has a fire mode along with a lot of other elemental abilities. Jack Frost would not be able to last for very long against some of those attacks and also doesn’t have the speed to dodge them. Pac Man is much more of an all around fighter so Jack would really be on the back foot here. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Baby Doll

Suggested by Destroyer Baby Doll is a fairly creepy villain who will do whatever it takes to claim victory. It just won’t be enough against a fighter as skilled as Pac Man. Pac Man has elemental abilities, size manipulation, super strength, and a whole lot of other special abilities. You’re just not going to beat an opponent like that without an array of crispy abilities of your own. Baby Doll just doesn’t have those. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Space Dandy

Suggested by Destroyer Space Dandy’s gun skills are really not going to be enough to cause the Pac Man any concern. Pac Man has elemental abilities over fire, ice, and several other elements. He can break Dandy’s gun in a lot of different ways and that would be it for the guy. Dandy just doesn’t have any way to come out on top here and running is his best chance to at least stall the match. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs Oolong

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man is a strong fighter who has a lot of different forms at his disposal. It won’t be easy for Oolong to try and trick him with shapeshifting either. So at that point Oolong has lost his main advantage here. In a close quarters combat fight, Pac Man has the massive edge as well. Oolong desperately needs a big power up if he wants to go any further here but for now this is a big loss. Pac Man wins.

Pac Man vs U.S. Agent

Suggested by Destroyer The U.S. Agent is a fairly tough guy but there really isn’t much to him beyond some basic super strength and speed. He really wouldn’t be able to close the distance against Pac Man. Pac Man just has way too many forms and techniques at his disposal to be taken down easily. U.S. Agent’s shield will block the fire and ice but it can’t stop the sheer might of golden Pac-Man. Pac Man wins.