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Pac Man vs Buster

Suggested by Destroyer Buster Baxter is a nice kid who has done a lot of travelling. He dreams big, but when it comes down to fights he isn’t really ready to hang with the big leaguers. Pac Man won’t even need his super forms to win this match. His raw strength and speed will be enough to turn the tides of battle on their own. Maybe Buster will get a power up someday, but even that likely wouldn’t be enough to win. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Riddler

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man returns once again to take on the Riddler! Pac Man doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with riddles, but he’s a quick study so I think he would learn them very quickly. He’s not one to back down from a challenge after all and I think the Riddler would quickly find out that the Pac is up for any challenge. Once Pac solves the riddle he can win with a quick punch. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Pretty Boy

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Pac Man to go on a roll. He may not be known as a big powerhouse in the world of gaming, but he’s a lot tougher than you’d expect. Pac Man has elemental powers at his disposal and a reasonable amount of super strength. Pretty Boy’s laser blasts would likely deal some serious damage if they were to land, but I don’t think he’ll be landing quite as many shots as he would like. Pac Man is simply too fast. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Blob

Suggested by Destroyer The Blob is as fierce as they come, but he only excels in close quarters combat. Pac Man likes to stay at mid-long range and take the enemy down that way. This means that the Blob is really down for the count here. There’s no way for him to get close enough to Pac Man to try and land some hits. That means that even if his durability holds out for a while it will eventually crumble and then it’ll really be curtains for him. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Zombie

Suggested by Destroyer A generic zombie isn’t going to do much against the Pac. Pac Man has dealt with many foes before and that even includes zombie ghosts if I’m remembering my Pac adventures correctly. A zombie is outgunned and way out of his league in a fight like this. Pac Man won’t even have to try all that hard to take him down for the count. It’ll simply come naturally. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Dragon

Suggested by Destroyer Dragons are pretty fierce and they tend to have pretty good designs. That’ll probably make you think they’re automatically very tough, but that isn’t necessarily the case. The average Dragon is only really a threat to human level fighters and Pac is beyond that. A few good ice blasts should take this winged beast down for the count and it’s clear sailings from there. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Frodo

Suggested by Destroyer Frodo may have been the hero of prophecy, but he was never all that strong. The stars just aligned for him, but in a fight Pac Man would definitely crush him. Pac Man has the superior strength levels at his disposal and he also has more experience. Frodo will likely panic and that’ll make Pac-Man’s attacks all the more inevitable. Dread it, Run from it, but the Pac arrives all the same. Frodo would need 100 invisibility cloaks to even stand a chance here! Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Two Face

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man is a national icon and it is fair to say that he may be one of the most influential video game characters out there. He can also fight through various fruits as well as elemental powers. Two Face can flip his coin for a while, but ultimately that will just buy him a little time at best. He isn’t quite ready to deal with someone like Pac Man. Pac Man has an answer for every situation and here he may only need his fire abilities. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Roger Rabbit

Suggested by Destroyer Roger Rabbit may know how to put up a fight when necessary, but he definitely isn’t ready for Pac Man. Pac Man won’t be falling prey to any of this guy’s toon abilities. Pac has a lot of attack options up his sleeve as well as a variety of super forms. These will allow him to outmaneuver Roger for as long as needed before ultimately making his counter attack. Roger won’t know what hit him. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Yoshi

Suggested by Sonic Pac Man and Yoshi is a pretty even match. Pac-Man has a lot of unique moves at his disposal to keep Yoshi guessing, but the dinosaur could likely eat all of his fruits. Yoshi has even been shown to eat fireballs and other elemental attacks so the usual run and gun style won’t work here. Yoshi can fly and is pretty fast, but ultimately the reason why Pac wins is that in his final forms his strength is too high. He has his golden mode from the World series and he also has a whole arsenal of super forms from the recent TV show. Yoshi won’t be able to keep up. Pac Man wins.