Scorpion (MK) vs Jack Frost

Suggested by Anonymous Jack Frost is agile and has some good energy blasts at his disposal. That being said, I think he is utterly outmatched against Scorpion in a one on one fight. Jack Frost’s main edge in combat is that he can easily support his teammates and cause a lot of mayhem. Without any real hand to hand skills, his projectiles just won’t be enough against a skilled foe like Scorpion. Scorpion (MK) wins.


Sub Zero vs Jack Frost

Suggested by Anonymous Sub Zero and Jack Frost both specialize in ice, but Zero is able to fight from both close and long distance. Sub Zero is also more experienced in combat and has taken many foes down in his day. Jack’s ice blasts also won’t be quite as effective here. This just isn’t a fight where I think he has a great chance. Sub Zero wins.

Jack Frost vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Rise of the Guardians. Jack Frost actually looked really good in this one. Certainly power wise as his Ice Lightning was most impressive. I don’t think that the One Above All is ready to take on such a formidable opponent. He may have some mean dance moves and decent durability but that just isn’t enough to let him hang on in this round. He needs something more in order to take the win and he just doesn’t have that It factor. Jack Frost wins.

Jack Frost vs Human Torch

The Human Torch is a pretty powerful superhero and he just needs one good fire attack to turn the tides. Jack Frost hasn’t fought an opponent as powerful as the Human Torch and he likely never will as he continues to be beaten by opponent after opponent on the blog. He just can’t catch a break against these guys. Human Torch wins.

Jack Frost vs Iceman

Jack Frost is a pretty tricky fellow, but he’s not much of a fighter. I don’t think that he would last very long against an opponent like Iceman and he would go down for the count. Iceman has a large array of ice attacks at his disposal which will be more than enough to take Jack Frost down for good. Iceman wins.

Jack Frost vs Godzilla

Jack Frost is back, but he won’t be winning against someone as powerful as Godzilla! Godzilla has his atomic breath and he’s also got his nuclear pulse at the ready! Godzilla takes another win and shows us why you shouldn’t challenge him during Christmas time! Godzilla wins.

Jack Frost vs Bass

Jack Frost may be powerful, but I don’t think that he can take on Bass. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and he wins this round pretty easily. Jack Frost drops down the ranks with this loss, but maybe he’ll be back someday. Bass takes another win on Christmas! Bass wins.

Jack Frost vs Frosty The Snowman

Jack Frost and Frosty The Snowman are evenly matched. They are both quick thinkers and are known for their speed and being Christmas related. Frosty The Snowman wins this match thanks to the fact that he may have some very mild super strength. Of course it’s very mild. Frosty The Snowman wins.

Goku vs Jack Frost

Jack Frost may be mildly tough, but in the end he’s no match for the power of a true Super Saiyan. Goku has enough power to destroy the whole multiverse with a single blast. No one can defeat Goku at his best. Jack Frost can try, but in the end he’ll lose. Goku wins.