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Sub Zero vs Jack Frost

Suggested by Anonymous Sub Zero and Jack Frost both specialize in ice, but Zero is able to fight from both close and long distance. Sub Zero is also more experienced in combat and has taken many foes down in his day. Jack’s ice blasts also won’t be quite as effective here. This just isn’t a fight where I think he has a great chance. Sub Zero wins.

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Liu Kang vs Sub Zero

Liu Kang and Sub Zero are both pretty evenly matched. Liu Kang can fire immensely powerful blasts of fire, but Sub Zero has complete mastery over ice. They are both masters of hand to hand combat, but Liu Kang is superior in that regard. This will prove to be the edge that Liu Kang needed to win this battle. Liu Kang wins.

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Sub Zero vs Batman

Sub Zero is like Mr Freeze, which means that Batman has a lot of experience against him! Sub Zero doesn’t have a chance in a hand to hand battle plus Batman also has his GL Power Ring at the ready! All of this spells really bad news for Sub Zero. Maybe Sub Zero will get to win his next battle…hopefully! Batman wins.

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Sub Zero vs Superman

FreezeMetroSuper (2)
Sub Zero is a pretty icy opponent, but he won’t be able to defeat Superman. Superman can definitely survive being frozen and he can easily counter attack. Sub Zero won’t be able to keep up with Superman’s speed and his durability won’t be enough to survive one attack. Superman continues to soar through the blog ranks! Superman wins.