Liu Kang vs Sub Zero

Liu Kang and Sub Zero are both pretty evenly matched. Liu Kang can fire immensely powerful blasts of fire, but Sub Zero has complete mastery over ice. They are both masters of hand to hand combat, but Liu Kang is superior in that regard. This will prove to be the edge that Liu Kang needed to win this battle. Liu Kang wins.

22 thoughts on “Liu Kang vs Sub Zero

  1. SUB-ZERO must win this battle as he is more iconice, 1000 years of combat expereience and have more fans than this spoiled brat liu kang. Infact let me clear without SUB-ZERO & SCORPION Mortal Kombat is incomeplete, right. But MK franchise gives liu kang everything like he alone is MK. Now in MK(1995) he killed SUB-ZERO very uunfairly and in a cheap way just by throwing a bucket of water but he gets praised like he have done such a great think like mission impossible. Now if u have already seen MK(1995) u know that its kitana who told this spoiled brat to use the element which gives life, right and it was raiden who plaves the bucket in the arena before liu kang & SUB-ZERO face each other. It was the most crazy scene where liu kang kills SUB-ZERO in a second. Do u really think a guy who comes from USA after study a few days before MK tournament with zero kills in combat experience and far from being a warrior can kill a legend like SUB-ZERO who have 1000 years of combat experience and mastery over ice. But still its sad to see people praises liu kang even today. Truth be told SUB-ZERO would have fucked liu kang like a bull beats the stuffing out of a bitch in MK(1995) if raiden and kitana wouldn’t have helped him or in any occasion like he did in MK(2021) and then kung lao saved him. So at last SUB-ZERO wins. No contest. Love u SUB-ZERO. U re and u will always be my all-time favourite MK character

      • Then what about the shittiest way of defeating SUB-ZERO just by throwing a bucket of water in the very 1st movie and that too with the help of raiden and kitana and what about liu kang screaming like a bitch when SUB-ZERO was going to kill him in MK (2021) then kung lao came and saved him by attacking SUB-ZERO from the back. And what did u say? U like my dedication and yet SUB-ZERO is cool but still u think he can’t win. Did it make any sense? Just dont fire arrow by closing your eyes, honestly. Prove what u say?

      • The bucket of water was hype though. Put it this way, Sub-Zero is awesome. That guy is really cool and definitely one of the most powerful fighters in the verse. The way he can make any weapon out of ice is great and he always has a lot of confidence. That guy could easily crush Liu is he grabs onto him and freezes his fist or even by using some AOE attacks. I don’t think it’ll be enough but he can definitely make this an interesting fight

  2. Yeah that’s what im telling u? SUB-ZERO could easily crush liu if he caught him, right. SUB-ZERO is a more legendary character. They will not make liu (the underdog) wins just because he is raiden’s chosen one without any shit of a reason. No need to say the MK(2021) movie gave fans all they wanted. They wanted to see SUB-ZERO & SCORPION as the main characters rather than just being dumb ninjas working for others as slaves like in the 1990s movies. No doubt the 1990s movies dont get much fan favourites because of this shittiest thing. Giving liu kang & johnny cage everything. And why u think so much? Dont just think what will be enough or what will be not? Prove ur point like i did two times before and i dont want to repeat the same things. If for u just thinking is everything, now i also think both SUB-ZERO & SCORPION can beat raiden even if they fight him one at a time. HA HA HA

    • Ha, beating Raiden would be pretty cool. That guy is super old so it might be a little tougher for him to react in times. Even having super thunder abilities isn’t always enough to come out on top. I did love the 90s films though, they had top tier music.

      • Me too love the music but not when my 2 all-time favouroites SUB-ZERO & SCORPION died and by some freaks. Now tell me do u accept defeat or this poll will continue getting bigger? As truth is truth I cant see liu can take SUB-ZERO anyway without some assistance or by cheating and dont include the story modes in game they are useless and if u include games then let me tell u SUB-ZERO defeated many guys in MK Mythologies SUB-ZERO. Isn’t this enough to say that SUB-ZERO is way better than that freak liu kang? But if u want to continue then i dont care let this section gets bigger and bigger. HA HA

      • Personally I still see Liu Kang winning this one. Put it this way, Sub Zero is strong but Liu Kang absolutely decimates him in close quarters combat. I agree that the music were really hype though. I still love those jams

  3. No not possible. Even in close combat liu stands no chance. Can’t ur damn syes see SUB-ZERO bullying liu kang in MK(2021)? The guy nearly died there till kung lao came and saved him. If u re liu kang fan then i can understand. Its a pain in the ass being defeated in ur own poll. But truth is truth. Face it.

    • I haven’t seen the 2021 film yet but in the games Liu Kang is the chosen one and one of the strongest guys in the verse. He could probably even beat Raiden at this point so I don’t see Sub Zero being able to do enough to win here. The guy is going to be on the back foot the whole time!

      • Then see the movie 1st. Few people like u boasts about liu kang just by games. It’s the shittiest thing, honestly. And btw u can see who have the higest voting in ur own poll. Most people even dont agree with u. Btw one maybe right or maybe wrong but all cannot be wrong, right. U really dont know any shit about SUB-ZERO, honestly. Without SUB-ZERO & SCORPION it is not possible to create any MK game or movie. Few people like u just keep watching liu kang’s ass just because he is raiden’s chosen one in games. U have ur own site, be creative.

      • I am being creative but I have to look at the feats as a whole and Liu Kang seems a lot tougher. He can shatter ice with ease just by landing a single attack. If that’s not impressive then I don’t know what is. It’s absolutely crazy the way he devastates everyone around him! Sub Zero’s attacks are much more limited in comparison

  4. Like it or not people like SUB-ZERO more including me. So its really not a problem if u think liu kang is greater than SUB-ZERO. We all know what SUB-ZERO is capable of. In the recent movie the producers themselves already made it clear that SUB-ZERO can beat liu kang easily, but it really useless to make u understand.

    • I like Sub Zero too but I don’t think he can beat Liu Kang. I will say that the ice abilities are pretty cool though, I remember smiling whenever he starts landing his combos. Now that’s how you show an opponent what’s p!

    • Those two make for a solid pair of mains to be honest. You’ve got the close quarters combat angle covered there plus long range. Most impressive tbh

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