Lady Deathstrike vs Liu Kang

Suggested by Sonic A while back Lady Deathstrike may have stood a chance here. She has a healing factor, sharp claws, and is an expert hand to hand fighter after all. Unfortunately for her, Liu Kang has been improving in each game to the point where he now has a fire god form which greatly amps up all of his fighting abilities. He can teleport, fly, has super speed, fire, thunder, etc. He can blast her from afar before she is even able to get close and there is no way for her to endure the attacks for very long. Liu Kang wins.

Mandarin vs Liu Kang

Suggested by Sonic The Mandarin has a lot of tricks with his rings. They’ve all got different elemental abilities and when combined together they make for absolutely disastrous results. I’d like to see Liu Kang really try to handle such a fighter. Liu Kang’s martial arts will take him far and he does have some elemental abilities at his disposal, but he’s not at a high enough level to win this fight. When Mandarin gets serious he will be able to dish out more attacks than Kang can counter. Mandarin wins.

Jago vs Liu Kang

Both of these fighters are really good at hand to hand combat, but I would have to give Liu Kang the edge in this fight. He’s fought many powerful combatants in the Mortal Kombat tournaments and his mastery over the fire element gives him a big advantage. Jago may have a cool energy sword, but it just won’t be enough to turn the tides. Liu Kang wins.

Liu Kang vs Flash (Barry)

Flash (Barry) is extremely fast and he never backs down from a fight. Liu Kang is a good martial artist, but Flash isn’t bad at hand to hand either. Plus, Flash (Barry) has the massive, massive speed advantage and he would easily defeat Liu Kang. Liu Kang just won’t be able to cope with that level of ability. Flash (Barry) wins.

Liu Kang vs Batman

Liu Kang is a skilled martial artist, but he won’t be able to defeat Batman. Batman is known as one of the greatest martial artists of all time. Even without his GL Power Ring and other abilities, I believe that he could defeat Liu Kang in a pure hand to hand fight. Liu Kang is good, but he’s definitely no Batman! Batman wins.

Liu Kang vs Scorpion (MK)

Liu Kang is back, but now he’s up against Scorpion, who I’d say is one of the strongest Mortal Kombat characters! Not only was he an awesome character in the film, but his abilities are very potent. Like Liu Kang, Scorpion uses a lot of fire abilities. He also has one significant advantage over Liu Kang, which is his ability to teleport. This can shift the outcome of almost any battle and it’s not something that Liu Kang will be able to overcome. Scorpion (MK) wins.

Green Lantern vs Liu Kang

Liu Kang can throw a mean punch, but that won’t help when you’re up against a Green Lantern. Not only are the Green Lanterns very powerful, but Liu Kang is up against Hal Jordan, the strongest Green Lantern! Green Lantern could win this round effortlessly in so many different ways that it’s not even funny. Liu Kang never stood a chance of winning. Green Lantern wins.

Liu Kang vs Sub Zero

Liu Kang and Sub Zero are both pretty evenly matched. Liu Kang can fire immensely powerful blasts of fire, but Sub Zero has complete mastery over ice. They are both masters of hand to hand combat, but Liu Kang is superior in that regard. This will prove to be the edge that Liu Kang needed to win this battle. Liu Kang wins.

Liu Kang vs Darkseid

Liu Kang is good at martial arts, but he won’t be a match for Darkseid. Darkseid has his intense energy blasts that would be enough to take down Liu Kang in a single shot. Things get even more drastic once we bring in Darkseid’s super strength and incredible speed. Liu Kang is just out of his league in this battle. Darkseid wins.

Gemini Saga vs Liu Kang

Gemini Saga is pretty powerful and with his intense speed/power, Liu Kang just never had a chance. He’s more of a hand to hand fighter. He wasn’t meant to fight opponents as powerful as Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga gets a win and rises up the ranks. Liu Kang just couldn’t win. Gemini Saga wins.