Flash (Barry) vs Amazo

Suggested by Sonic The Flash is known as the fastest man alive and that’s likely true among all humans in the DC universe. You really just can’t stop this guy. That being said, Amazo has absorbed the Flash’s speed as well as Superman’s strength. Mix in the rest of the Justice League abilities and the Flash is going to be in a bit of trouble here. It’s hard to see him being able to keep up. Amazo wins.

Broly vs Flash (Barry)

Suggested by Random Flash (Barry) is the fastest man alive except for all of the guys who are faster than him. He’s won his share of battles and has quite a lot of combat experience. That being said, none of it will be enough to take down Broly. Broly can take anything that Barry can dish out and then some. His abilities are just on a completely different level and just by powering up he can create enough pressure to knock Flash off his feet. Broly wins.

Serpico vs Flash (Barry)

Suggested by iKnowledge Serpico is a very quick fighter who is good at fighting multiple opponents. That being said, his speed doesn’t seem to be all that greater than super human. In fact, he seems rather weak compared to many of the other characters in the series. Flash will be able to run rings around him without breaking a sweat. You can’t really compare their levels of speed at the moment. Flash (Barry) wins.

Flash (Barry) vs Bass

Suggested by DarkLK Barry Allen is a very fast fighter but even he is a little too slow to deal with Bass. Bass would be running rings around him during the fight and a single move will be enough to end the fight. Bass is just too powerful and Barry has historically not been known for his great defense. He won’t know what hit him. Bass wins.

One Above All vs Flash (Barry)

Suggested by Anon The One Above All is back, but he won’t fare any better against this iconic Flash. Barry Allen is easily my favorite incarnation of the Flash as he does a good job of being a genius while also cracking one liners and getting the job done. He’s a great all around hero and when he’s on the job, you can bet that the villains will be on the defensive. The One Above All may talk a good game, but he has no answer for Barry’s speed so this will be the end of the line for him. Flash (Barry) wins.

Cyclops vs Flash (Barry)

Originally, I never thought of The Flash as a very powerful character. I liked his super speed, but just felt that it was not enough. It would be several years until I finally accepted him as a heavyweight contender. His speed is immensely impressive to the point that he makes Cyclops (Phoenix Mode) look slow. Cyclops has the massive edge in firepower, but the Flash is no slouch with his speed infused punches and Blue Lantern abilities. Fights like this one can be quite tough as it is a battle of extreme speed vs power. That being said, the flight is really what wins Flash the match. Flash (Barry) wins.

Dracula (Batman) vs Flash (Barry)

Dracula is pretty fast, but he’s nowhere near Flash’s level of speed. Flash could run rings around him all day without even breaking a sweat! Dracula is severely out of his league in this match and he may as well throw in the towel now. A few dozen light speed punches will take him out of the fight and secure Flash’s victory. Flash (Barry) wins.

Batman vs Flash (Barry)

This is an insanely hard match as I can think of dozens of scenarios where either one of these fighters can win. Batman has obtained Superman’s abilities in the past, which is always amazing while the Flash has his incredible speed as well as a GL Power Ring so that he can fly. It’s definitely a match that you wouldn’t forget anytime soon and I believe that I will have to give it to Batman. Flash may have the edge in speed, but Superman’s speed isn’t bad and Batman’s other power ups such as Black Canary’s screech and the Yellow Lantern Ring should help to negate Flash’s speed advantage. Batman wins.

Elongated Man vs Flash (Barry)

The Elongated Man is back, but he’s no match for the Flash. Barry is a pretty smart fighter and his amazing super speed gives him a massive advantage over any opponent. The Elongated Man just doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with this speedster. Elongated Man takes another loss and this doesn’t seem to be the end. Flash (Barry) wins.

Graves vs Flash (Barry)

Flash (Barry) is very fast and Graves will have a very tough time keeping up with him. Graves just doesn’t have the light speed reactions needed to take down the Flash or even the durability to stay in the fight. Flash (Barry) takes another win and he shows why the Justice League should definitely not be underestimated. Flash (Barry) wins.