Metro Man vs Superman

The Metro Man is one of those guys who’s tough yet fast. Likewise Superman has incredible speed and is faster than a speeding bullet! He’s more powerful than a locomotive! Basically, while Metro Man is definitely a tough guy, Superman is much tougher and also a lot faster. Metro Man doesn’t stand a chance. Superman wins.

2 thoughts on “Metro Man vs Superman

  1. Unless you’re talking about Superman from the movies Metro Man is really outmatched here. The only thing going for him here is speed, Metro Man is so fast to the point where it looks like time has frozen, but Superman has shown to be just as fast, if not faster. Metro Man just stands no chance here. Superman wins.

    • Yeah, it would be really hard for Metro Man to do much of anything here. He’s definitely not a match for Superman. The Man of Steel may be old at this point but his powers haven’t waned

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