Cassandra Nova vs Superman

Suggested by iKnowledge Cassandra Nova is very powerful, one of the top telepaths around and she even got the Phoenix Force at one point. So it’s safe to say that she is one of the fighters that you want to watch out for. Still, Superman has the edge here. Not only is he the most powerful superhero of all time but he should be able to completely overwhelm her with pure speed here. Superman wins.

Superman vs Gon

Suggested by Destroyer Superman is a powerful guy but I don’t think he would be a match for Gon’s final form. In that mode Gon should have the absolute edge in power as well as combat speed. Superman can dash around but he isn’t going to be doing anything to this guy. The powers of Nen are also very versatile and not to be underestimated. Gon wins.

Superman vs Rogue

Suggested by X Man Fan Rogue is very powerful and one of the most impressive X-Men out there. That being said, she isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Superman just yet. He’s still one of the absolute strongest fighters in all of comic books. He would be fast enough to evade her touch and can also win this from long-range with his heat vision. Rogue has a lot of good feats of her own but they’re just a step below his. Superman wins.

Superman vs Saitama

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Superman is incredibly powerful to the point where I would say he is the strongest comic book character of all time. That being said, he just isn’t ready for someone on Saitama’s level. This guy is known as the One Punch Man for good reason after all. His stats are in a different dimension and there’s no way for Superman to land any hits. Even if Superman were to get a good hit in, it’s very unlikely that the attack would deal any kind of damage. That’s the kind of difference in power we are talking about here. Saitama wins.

Superman vs Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam’s an interesting character but in a world where Superman exists, he almost does feel a little unnecessary. Even here Superman is the one teaching Uncle Sam some more values instead of the other way around. They’re both powerful combatants but I think there is no doubt when I say that Superman would absolutely crush him in a fight. Superman wins.

Shiklah vs Superman

Suggested by iKnowledge Shiklah is a powerful vampire in Marvel who has even been able to defeat Blade in the past. Her speed and strength are far greater than a normal vampire’s, however she is still not going to be able to do a lot against Superman. He can easily use his heat vision to keep her at bay and his speed is also greater than anything she can use to attack him with. Ultimately his stats are too good. Superman wins.

Ancient Ogre vs Superman

Suggested by iKnowledge The Ancient Ogre is a powerful Tekken villain who has had to defeat many opponents in his day. His hand to hand skills are pretty impressive and he also has a powerful laser. If he were to land this attack it may deal a lot of damage to Superman but the main issue is that I don’t see how it could possibly land. Superman is just wayyyyy too fast for that to even be an option. Superman wins.

Hirudegarn vs Superman

Suggested by Destroyer Superman is the famous Man of Steel. An incredibly powerful fighter who has won more fights than I can count. That said, he is really out of his league here. Hirudegarn has the power to end planets on a whim and enough speed to even surprise Goku. Superman’s hits aren’t going to do a whole lot against him. I’m not sure if it will even deal any damage to be honest. Hirudegarn wins.

Hyperman (Chester) vs Superman

This is a tribute to Superman: Man of Tomorrow. It was definitely a great showing for the Man of Steel. Now in the image below it may seem a little odd that Superman would rat a fellow hero out like this but I’m sure he has his reasons. Hyperman was able to fight him to a standstill when they met which is impressive but if Superman went all out I’m sure he would win. Hyperman just doesn’t have the same level of experience at his disposal. Superman wins.

Godman vs Superman

This is a tribute to Superman: Red Son. Definitely a different take on the Man of Steel, but a great one where his character ultimately shone through. Godman is a confident guy who has taken down many Kaiju over the years. He can shoot acid and use shockwaves as well as his incredible strength to win the day. That being said, it will not be nearly enough to take Superman down here. Superman has dealt with more powerful opponents and always comes out on top.