Guts vs Superman

Suggested by iKnowledge This is definitely a tough fight. Guts isn’t typically seen as such a high end fighter to be able to deal with Superman like this, but in his armored form his speed increases quite drastically. Superman is a powerful opponent, but I just don’t think he will be able to cope here. It’s a fight that is quite close though and we’ll see if Guts can actually hold onto the lead for very long. Guts wins.


Nel vs Superman

Suggested by iKnowledge Nel is a very fast fighter and one who can hold her own against top tier fighters in power as well. Superman’s attacks pack a punch of course, but I do think he is a little outmatched here. He won’t be able to keep up with her speed and the energy blasts will also be too much for him. That’s not even counting her released form. Nel wins.

Snagriff vs Superman

A Snagriff is a powerful Kryptonian dragon that not too many people are familiar with. It’s a shame because this creature doesn’t go down very easily. That being said, against Superman your only option is to hold an L. Superman is faster and stronger than a Snagriff so it stands to reason that he would take the win quite easily here. He’s just at a different level compared to this dragon. Superman wins.

Commander Gor vs Superman

Commander Gor is sort of like General Zod. He is a very prideful Kryptonian who definitely likes his high status. However, Superman quickly put him in his place the last time they fought and the same would surely happen in a rematch. Superman just has way more experience with his abilities and proves once again that skills are just as important as powers. Gor will need a lifetime of training to catch up. Superman wins.

Mr Majestic vs Superman

Majestic 3
Mr Majestic is back, but this will be a much tougher fight. While Mr Majestic and Superman have met in the past, surprisingly it does not seem like they got to fight. Majestic is strong enough to restructure a whole universe in a matter of years, but Superman has juggled planets. Both fighters are incredibly strong, but I would give Superman the decisive edge when it comes to speed and strength. Superman has also got more experience and is a master of hand to hand combat. They are similar fighters, but their abilities are definitely not equal. Superman wins.

Superman vs Despero

Despero is one of the strongest DC villains out there. He has been shown to have enough power to take on the combined might of Superman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman in the past. That being said, at Superman’s best he will be more than a match for Despero. I’d give Superman the edge in strength and speed. His abilities really have no limits and that is exactly what makes Superman the best. He will always prove to be faster and stronger than his opponents. Superman wins.

Superman vs Manwe

Suggested by iKnowledge Manwe is going to have to back it up a bit now that Superman is here. Let’s put it this way, Superman is the strongest comic book character out there. At this point that is probably barely debatable. Manwe is strong as well but he simply doesn’t have the speed to keep up with Superman. Superman can land thousands of shots in an instant. There are few opponents who can stand up to such a barrage and Superman’s defense is no less impressive. Superman wins.

Shaggy Man vs Superman

The Shaggy Man has returned, but now he is up against the Man of Steel. If you thought that the last battle was tough for Shaggy, then this one is even more brutal. Superman can end the planet with a single punch and then there wouldn’t be much left for Shaggy Man. He can’t hope to win a battle in space so I’m afraid that it’s over for this android. Better luck next time. Superman wins.

Superman vs Jiren


Suggested by Random Superman is a very powerful comic book character. He has juggled whole planets in the past and his speed isn’t bad either. Let’s be honest here, nobody goes into a fight with Superman and walks away unscathed. Well most don’t anyway, but Jiren would be able to. He just doesn’t get hurt very easily and he would be able to speedblitz Superman from all sides. That would be the end for the Man of Steel. Jiren wins.

Caulifla vs Superman

maxresdefault (1)
Suggested by Random Caulifla is a powerful Saiyan so she will have no trouble dealing with Superman. Her speed and power surpassed his a long time ago. A single energy blast would likely give him a lot of damage or even a total knockout. Superman will have a hard time countering with any blow that’ll deal damage since Caulifla can just catch his punches or even endure them for minimal damage to launch a powerful counter. The last son of Krypton just doesn’t stand a chance here. Caulifla wins.