Gon vs Tsuna

Suggested by Destroyer Gon is a pretty strong kid but I don’t think he can hope to take on someone as fast as Tsuna. Tsuna has been getting consistently stronger over the various arcs of Reborn and he actually made it to Goku level by the end. Gon may have his adult form but I don’t think it will be enough here. Tsuna’s X Burner will steal the win. Tsuna wins.

Gon vs Phinxs

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Suggested by Patrick Phinxs is a powerful member of the Spiders and is physically one of their strongest. He also possesses a good deal of speed so his abilities complement each other perfectly. That being said, Gon has achieved new levels of power since the last time they confronted each other and it would definitely be enough to win. He rose to being at the level of some of the strongest Chimera fighters and while it may have had dire consequences, it won him the match. Gon wins.

Godzilla vs Gon

Suggested by iKnowledge Godzilla is very powerful but I don’t think he is quite ready to handle someone like Gon. Gon has a lot of natural abilities which give him an edge over other fighters and he did master Nen. He can now strike from long distances or hit hard in close quarter combat. Godzilla just won’t be able to land a hit on this speedy kid and you can’t win if you don’t deal damage. Gon wins.

Ungoliant vs Gon

Suggested by iKnowledge Ungoliant is a pretty tough character, but she is completely outmatched against Gon. Gon has the massive edge in speed and I would also give him the edge in strength. His Nen really amps up his physical abilities while also giving him a good long range option in his paper blast. Ungoliant can’t take too many hits from Gon and she can’t catch the kid either. It’s quite possible that Ungoliant is the strongest spider in all of media, but that is just not enough. Gon wins.

Superman Prime vs Gon

Superman Prime is another DC Heavy Hitter and he has also taken on Superman in the past. That’s definitely something to be proud of and he should definitely not be underestimated, no matter who the opponent is! That being said, I don’t think that he’ll be able to handle someone like Gon. Gon may not have the explosive abilities of Goku or Ichigo, but his nen abilities still make him a very lethal opponent. Gon wins.

Darkseid vs Gon

Darkseid is one of DC’s strongest fighters and he should not be underestimated for any reason! His abilities are pretty fierce and he has traded blows with Superman in the past! That’s definitely no easy feat and Gon will have a pretty big match! That being said, Darkseid just won’t be able to get past Gon’s nen abilities and he’ll have to take a tough loss. Gon continues to get more and more wins as he fights on the blog! Gon wins.

Lex Luthor vs Gon

Gon has been winning quite a lot lately and the DC heroes/villains have been unable to stop him. Can Lex snap Gon’s win streak or shall he be the next victim? It would appear that the latter is the case since his abilities just aren’t enough to take Gon down for the count. Lex Luthor has great abilities, but they just aren’t enough against Gon’s nen powers. Gon wins.

Bizarro vs Gon

Bizarro is a pretty tough fighter, but will he be able to win this round? Gon has a pretty intense level of speed and strength, but his main advantage is his Nen abilities. Bizarro is a powerful fighter, but he doesn’t have impressive energy attacks like that, so it will be tough for him to counter those. This is one match that he just won’t be able to win. Gon wins.

Snow White vs Gon

Snow White once lived past her fairy tale and in the Fables comic series, she moves on to better things. Unfortunately, this didn’t really help her in the strength department and she doesn’t stand a chance against Gon. Gon has a high degree of super strength and speed so taking the win in this round shouldn’t be very difficult for him. Gon wins.

Wolf (Animal) vs Gon

Anyone remember the Big Bad Wolf of legends? Well, in Fables he got to turn over a new leaf, but it won’t be enough to stop Gon. Wolves are ferocious creatures that can also be really epic, but not this guy. Either way, this guy doesn’t stand a chance against Gon’s incredible abilities and he’ll be down for the count. Gon wins.