Gecko Moria vs Luffy

Gecko Moria is a pretty powerful fighter but you could argue that Luffy surpassed him early on. Gear 4 would likely make short work of him in the modern day. Gecko’s no slouch in the power department by any means but at this point in the story Luffy is both faster and stronger than Moria. When that’s the case it can always be very hard to overturn that. Gecko would need a significant power up in order to even start the discussion and good luck with that. Luffy certainly won’t stop growing stronger either. Luffy wins.

Luffy vs Apoo

This is a tribute to Film: Z. While Luffy may have been getting wrecked in most of the fights here at least he kept on getting up over and over again. I’ll give him points for persistence. It’s what should have happened instead of him getting completely wrecked by Apoo. Definitely one of Luffy’s worst moments in recent history. That being said, I suppose Apoo is reasonably strong in his own rights and sound related abilities are tough to deal with. Luffy’s sheer speed and overwhelming power will ultimately be enough to keep him going though. Power will outweigh sonic waves here. You just can’t stop this guy. Luffy wins.

Luffy vs Akainu

Akainu is a powerful One Piece villain and I think he has a real chance to be Luffy’s final opponent in the series. It’ll likely be between him and Blackbeard at the very least. While he was definitely shown to be more powerful than Luffy back in part 1, I would say that Luffy has surpassed him. Armament Haki means that Luffy can now deal solid blows and he was always faster than Akainu in the past. The lava just won’t be enough to keep Akainu on top. I have no doubt that he has improved as well, but to Luffy’s level? I don’t think so. Luffy wins.

Shiki vs Luffy

This is a tribute to One Piece Strong World. While Luffy definitely took a lot of losses here, I would still make the case that he looked good as a character. He went all in to try and save Nami from Shiki and just kept getting up until it happened. While Shiki was definitely stronger than Luffy here, if they were to have a rematch right now there would be no contest. He just wouldn’t be able to keep up with Luffy’s speed or haki abilities. It would be game over for him. Luffy wins.

Luffy vs Cthulhu

maxresdefault (2)
Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for the mythical Cthulhu to take center stage. He gets a lot of hype in the mythos, but I’ve never been too impressed with the monster. I like the design and all, but is he really a match against someone like Luffy? Luffy has unlocked the second Gear and with that he can easily speed blitz just about any foe. I don’t think Cthulhu will be able to keep up with him nor will be able to endure Luffy’s punishing attacks. Luffy wins.

Zanya Kisaragi vs Luffy

This is a tribute to One Piece Film: Gold. Luffy may not have looked all that tough this time around, but he scored the win when it counted and was as determined as ever. Zanya could use some of that determination as he’s all but quit Buddyfight lately. He really needs to put in the work if he wants to continue to get stronger as a duelist and he’ll need to get much stronger to take Luffy down. Right now, Zanya would lose almost as soon as the match has begun and none of his cards are strong enough to take this rubber man down. Luffy wins.

Colossal Titan vs Luffy

unnamed (1)
The Colossal Titan is pretty big, but that just means that Luffy has a bigger target to hit! Any true One Piece fan will remember that Luffy doesn’t back down from any opponent. His unwavering determination and courage have helped him win most of his matches so far and I don’t see that stopping now. The Colossal Titan will have a tough time trying to hit Luffy. Luffy wins.

Enel vs Luffy

Enel makes his debut onto the blog with this fight! He’s a pretty powerful thunder user and it’s tough to even make contact with him thanks to this fact. Unfortunately, that’s where his advantage ends against Luffy. Rubber has always been good against thunder and Luffy is miles ahead of Enel physically. Luffy only needs one good hit and his Haki almost guarantees one. Luffy wins.

Luffy vs Vile

Vile has his Shoulder Cannon at the ready and he’s a powerful maverick, but he’s nowhere near Luffy’s level. Luffy has his Gum Gum Punch and his speed is also on a different level. Vile can definitely take some tough hits thanks to his armor, but Luffy’s attacks will quickly overwhelm him. Vile just wasn’t ready to take on the future Pirate King! Luffy wins.

Caesar Clown vs Luffy

Caesar Clown is a skilled fighter, but it’s mostly thanks to the fact that he has a very powerful Devil Fruit. Luffy is easily superior in terms of battle experience and he’s a better hand to hand fighter. Once he lands a solid hit on Caesar Clown, the match will essentially be over. Caesar’s durability isn’t great so it will be tough for him to get up from such an attack and his speed isn’t as impressive as Luffy’s either. Luffy wins.