Doflamingo vs Luffy

Doflamingo is a very powerful fighter but Luffy has certainly surpassed him at this point. His string abilities just won’t be enough to break through Luffy’s haki or deal enough meaningful damage to put him down. At this point Luffy is in a completely different league and wouldn’t need any gears to win this. A few haki infused punches would be enough to take Doflamingo down for the count. Luffy wins.

Whitebeard vs Doflamingo

Suggested by Anonymous This onem’s probably going to be a bit of a hot take but Doflamingo has always seemed way more impressive to me than Whitebeard. Whitebeard has the strength to be sure but he is severely lacking in speed. There’s no way for him to keep up with Doflamingo to really use his power. Doflamingo’s strings are also impressive enough to where he could stop a whole city’s worth of the strongest One Piece characters. This will slow Whitebeard down for sure and now the speed difference is just insane. Doflamingo wins.