Whitebeard vs Doflamingo

Suggested by Anonymous This onem’s probably going to be a bit of a hot take but Doflamingo has always seemed way more impressive to me than Whitebeard. Whitebeard has the strength to be sure but he is severely lacking in speed. There’s no way for him to keep up with Doflamingo to really use his power. Doflamingo’s strings are also impressive enough to where he could stop a whole city’s worth of the strongest One Piece characters. This will slow Whitebeard down for sure and now the speed difference is just insane. Doflamingo wins.


6 thoughts on “Whitebeard vs Doflamingo

  1. Doflamingo, the guy who attacked Issho, who casually blocked the blow way back in Dressrosa? Issho is at least on the level of the other admirals including Borsalino, Kuzan, and so on. The admirals are comfortably above the level of the warlords, who Doflamingo was a member of. And you think that Doffy is taking on Prime Whitebeard and is gonna win? Now, that’s a hot take if I ever saw one. Not to mention that old and sick Whitebeard was capable of keeping up with all of the admirals plus Akainu during Marineford, with very little haki use at that. The very same old Whitebeard who beat Akainu in two hits, mind you. Sorry, but the Heavenly Demon is nowhere near the level of the World’s Strongest Man. I seriously doubt Doffy’s Parasite strings would have any effect on the guy who stalemated Roger, who also kneeled to the throne.

    • This definitely is a bit of a hot take for sure but I feel like he has the feats to back it up. Doflamingo took out Gear 4 Luffy and was keeping Zoro and an admiral at bay for a long time. Prime Whitebeard is fast but he’s still just one guy and I have a hard time seeing him keep up here. I think his strings would be able to block Whitebeard’s attacks and then his aerial mobility would do the rest. Doflamingo is one of the best all around fighters in the series

      • Versatility does not equal power. Sure, Doffy has lots of options at his disposal, but can that compensate for raw might? No. No, not at all.
        You do realize that as of Dressrosa, Luffy was far, far weaker than Whitebeard in his prime, right? So Doffy taking out Gear 4th Boundman is nothing spectacular in the least. Doffy had years and years of experience with his devil fruit to back him up anyway, which Luffy didn’t really have. Sure, Luffy had Gear 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, but not awakening. So I’m not really sure how it’s so impressive that Doffy beat a character (Luffy) who is far, far beneath Whitebeard’s caliber. That logic breaks down effortlessly. If Doffy could contend with current Gear 5th Luffy, which is fairly doubtful, then yeah, you could make an argument for him taking out Whitebeard. I personally believe Gear 5th is still slightly weaker than prime Whitebeard, Roger, and Kaido, but that’s just me.
        Doffy’s strings are strong, but not strong enough to take on Whitebeard with. Armament haki and his signature tremor fruit both pretty much take away any advantage Doffy’s strings could have. Brute strength should take care of them easily as well.
        And to end things off, do you consider Doflamingo to have parity with Roger? Or Kaido? Because that’s basically what you’re saying. I’m not throwing any insults at you in the least, I’m just curious as to what your stance is on top tiers in One Piece.

      • I agree that versatility won’t always beat power but I’d say it is enough in this case. Okay think about it this way. Mingo’s strings were strong enough to stop Fujitora, Law, and Zoro with ease. They would be able to pierce Whitebeard and the guy isn’t fast enough to dodge forever, even in his prime. So the hits would add up.

        I have Doflamingo over Roger as well but definitely way under Kaido. (I have Whitebeard as being over Roger as well tbh) That said, I consider Kaido to be wayyyyyyy more powerful than either of those two. Not sure if you saw my top 30 list but it wouldn’t change much even when counting the dead characters and prime forms. Currently Kaido, Mihawk, Zoro, Luffy, and Shanks are the true top tiers of the verse and any one of them would wash Mingo in an instant for sure.

        After that you generally have Yamato, the admirals, and the rest of the Yonkou.

        I think where we differ here is mainly that I already had Luffy above Whitebeard by Dressrosa. To me he surpassed old man Whitebeard back in Marineford and then he passed prime Whitebeard at the start of the timeskip. I don’t have Whitebeard nearly as high as the other bigshots and Yonkouin the verse. He just never really impressed me like that. So I don’t think Whitebeard’s haki would be enough to block the strings and because of that it would be a case of him being worn down the whole time

      • I fail to see how Doffy stopping Zoro, Fujitora, and Law makes for much of a feat. Correct me if I’m wrong, but none of these characters were able to fight and hold their ground against Roger, who is, ya know… portrayed as the strongest of them all? Well, I guess you could mention Rocks too, but for the most part, Roger is the true top tier, aside from maybe Joy Boy. Whitebeard was able to fight equally with Roger, and might have even been stronger than him with the tremor fruit. I’d like to place Whitebeard above Roger too, but only because I like his character more than Roger, but that would just be personal bias that goes against the cannon.
        Doffy OVER Roger? Wow. I have no words to match that, really. If Doffy was that powerful, he could’ve sneezed on Luffy (gear 4th) in Dressrosa and he’d be history. That power scaling is so wonky I don’t understand it.
        So, Luffy surpassed the Strongest Man in the World by the time he went to Marineford? Well then, he’s now as strong as Mihawk I guess. If that’s the case, then he could’ve low diffed Kaido with little to no effort, gear 5 or not. And no, Luffy did not surpass Whitebeard during the war. If he did, then why didn’t he one-shot all of the Admirals in his way? Kuzan effortlessly beat Luffy way back in the story well before Marineford, and Luffy was powerless to do anything. Yet, Whitebeard could stop him, plus the other admirals, and even after being encased in ice, Whitebeard could counter it. Yet, apparently, Luffy is stronger than that. If you legitimately believe that Luffy surpassed Whitebeard as of Dressrosa, then Luffy no longer needs any gears to get stronger. That is some of the most outlandish power scaling I have ever seen to date, and yes, I’ve seen your top 30 and personally I think it’s mostly on point but still wrong. I also would prefer real, concrete evidence as to how Doffy would harm and keep up with Whitebeard, as opposed to saying, “well, I think he would win because he did this, this, and that to these guys way back in Dressrosa.” Yet, not one, not even one single character in Dressrosa was stronger than old Whitebeard, let alone prime Whitebeard.
        Also, I’m not really sure how the string-string fruit is stronger than the tremor-tremor fruit, when the latter is considered to be the strongest of the paramecia class. I guess my reading comprehension skills are a little lacking, given that strings seem to be far weaker to earthquakes in my opinion. I also seem to forget where it was stated that a warlord of the sea was stronger than the Pirate King’s peer, who holds the second highest bounty in the story.

      • I’m just not sold on Roger though. Zoro and Law should both be able to beat him although I agree that for now Prime Roger is above Fujitora. Roger is the Pirate King but I would argue he was never the strongest or among the strongest in the pirate realm. Whitebeard has the strongest title and I feel like Roger would have had it if he was more powerful.

        Gear 4 Luffy was incredibly broken. It wasn’t so much an anti feat for Doffy as just a big feat for Luffy. I consider Mihawk to be significantly stronger than Whitebeard though. He singlehandily walked up to Shanks and talked trash back in the day without fear. The implication is that he could have beaten Shanks and the whole crew if he wanted too. That guy is top 2 in the verse right now and there’s a massive gap until 3rd place.

        The Admirals were also stronger than Whitebeard. Keep in mind that Marineford Whitebeard was really weak. Comparatively speaking of course but he was under all the admirals and safely below Luffy as well. He was too old and broken to put up much of a fight because he was absolutely devastated and on life support. When Kuzan beat Luffy that was even before Gear 2 so it doesn’t mean much. It also took all 3 admirals to take Luffy on when he wanted to climb which already hints at his power. Luffy is easily the most underrated character in all of One Piece except for maybe Yamato. Until Luffy beat Kaido nobody gave him respect as one of the top fighters in the verse.

        The reason the string fruit is better than the tremor fruit is because it’s more versatile. There is just so much that you can do with strings like attacking and blocking while the Tremor fruit has no subtlety and you always know what to expect. Earthquakea are good but give me strings that can rip someone to shreds instead in an instant. It’s not about raw power in this case but in terms of which one is more useful and that’s the strings.

        I say Mingo would win this because he’s also a lot faster. all he has to do is point a lot of attacks at Whitebeard and overwhelm him. WB’s haki isn’t enough to protect him from the string strikes and his defense will quickly be whittled away into nothing. That would be the end of him.

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