Deangelo Vickers vs Barney Ross

This is a tribute to the third Expendables film. While Barney did not look nearly as good as he did in the first two movies, I would still say that he could take down Vickers here. Deangelo may have done a decent job of leading the team when it came time to make sales in The Office, he has no real weapons at the ready. As a result he would get absolutely crushed here as Barney will not be holding back. Not this time, Barney’s going for the win! Barney Ross wins.

Barney Ross vs Luffy

This is a tribute to the Episode of Alabasta. Barney may be good with guns but those won’t be very useful against Luffy. In fact, no weapon that Barney has will be of any use here because Luffy’s haki will absolutely be enough to block every move. There’s just no defeating a fighter this powerful and Barney’s about to learn that the hard way. Good luck trying to defeat the man who will become King of the Pirates! Luffy wins.

James Rankin (Haunted Strangler) vs Barney Ross

This is a tribute to the Expendables 2. James may have a degree of super strength with his one armed choking technique but that’s not going to be enough to stop Barney here. First off, James isn’t bullet proof so he still has no counter to Barney’s array of guns. Additionally, Barney is just a better fighter and I’m confident that he would quickly take James down in a fist fight. So there you have it, there’s no avenue where James can claim victory here. Barney Ross wins.

Alex Le Domas vs Barney Ross

This is a tribute to the Expendables. Barney did well in fighting off all of the villains and always being ready for another round. Alex is the kind of guy who definitely would not win a fight straight up. He would always need the element of surprise at the bare minimum and a whole lot of weapons by his side. Even with that there’s no way he could beat Barney. Barney Ross wins.