Bumblebee vs Kurama

This is a tribute to the Bumblebee film. While the movie was actually pretty good, I can’t say that the lead was quite as solid. After losing his memory he also lost a lot of his composure and nerve which ended up hurting him quite a lot in the climax. He wasn’t even really fighting back throughout the battles which was a little iffy. While he eventually found his footing it was too late. Just as it will be here since Kurama has the massive sped advantage and will easily be able to ensnare the Autobot with his whip. Bumblebee will fall to pieces. Kurama wins.


Michael Myers vs Bass

This is a tribute to Halloween 2. Well, Myers definitely seemed more like your classic horror villain here as the movie basically confirmed that he was bulletproof. We got a little more supernatural here, but that still isn’t nearly enough to get him to match someone like Bass. Bass can easily destroy the planet in an instant and there’s no way that Michael Myers can hope to survive such an attack. He is simply outmatched. Bass wins.

AntiVenom vs Sludge

This is a tribute to the Venom movie. Eddie Brock is labeled on the blog as AntiVenom which is why he gets the tribute. While Eddie wasn’t perfect, I suppose he handled himself better in enough scenes to handle his lower moments. At the very least he is definitely a more likable guy than Sludge. Sludge is one of those characters who screams “One shot villain” when he shows up and also can’t fight too well. Eddie will be able to take him down a peg without even trying. That’s just one of the perks of having a symbiote. AntiVenom wins.

Deku vs Mineta

This is a tribute to the recent MHA movie. While Deku may not have been at his best at times, he ultimately stepped up to save the day. His Full Cowl ensures that he is always the strongest guy in the room. His speed is far too great for him to be hit by Mineta. The gap in their abilities is considerable and I don’t expect it to shrink anytime soon. These two are just in two completely different leagues. The sooner Mineta accepts this, the sooner he will be able to move on. Deku wins.

Sora (Digimon) vs Asta

maxresdefault (4)
This is a tribute to the 4th Digimon Tri film. Sora’s dilemma was unfortunately not handled quite as well as some of the others. It’s hard to feel quite as bad for her and maybe that’s because her issue is about getting recognition from someone else. As they said in Madoka Magica, you have to be careful when fighting for someone else because then things get tricky. Asta fights for everyone, but he does it for himself at the end of the day. He can easily speedblitz Sora and her Digimon. Asta wins.

Mimi vs Waluigi

maxresdefault (5)
This is a tribute to the 2nd Digimon Tri film. While I wasn’t 100% on Mimi’s side the way I was on TK’s I would say that she did a good job overall. She jumped into battle even while everyone else was running scared. I’d expect to see the same courage from Waluigi, but unfortunately he hasn’t had much to do off the tennis court lately. I fear that his time has basically run out. One good hit from Rosemon would probably take him down for the count. Mimi wins.

TK vs Waluigi


This is a tribute for the third Digimon Tri film! We’re about to have 3 of these in a row so get ready. A common theme in each of the films is that 1-2 of the Digidestined have to make a tough choice and you have to see if you agree with it. Well, TK made the right choice in his as he protected Patamon from his friends. If you have to choose between your best friend and the other friends, the choice should always be clear. I like Waluigi, but his chances of being in Smash prior to DLC are fading fast so he may as well sink down the charts. TK wins.

Swamp Thing vs Batman

This is a tribute to both the Swamp Thing film and the 2nd Batman Unlimited title. It ended up working out as a double tribute because Swamp Thing looked pretty bad in his film while Batman was giving people the work in his. Swamp Thing is pretty tough since he works with the Green and has a good amount of super strength. Still, it won’t be enough against Batman and his many gadgets. Once Batman pops on his GL Power Ring then the match is really over. Batman wins.

Howard Aguello vs Ethan Hunt


This is a tribute to Mission Impossible Fallout. Ethan’s overcome many challenges over the years and has proven time and time again that he is one of the best agents there is. Still, he shouldn’t underestimate Howard. Technically one shot is all that Howard would need to turn the tables here and grab a win. I’m confident that Ethan would land the first bullet here though and if it did come to a hand to hand fight then it’s an easy win for the guy. Ethan Hunt wins.

Lara Croft vs Kirito

This is a tribute to the recent Tomb Raider film. While the movie was fairly good, Lara was a little lacking as a protagonist. She simply wasn’t the tough adventurer that I was expecting and didn’t rack up as high of a body count as you would expect. I’m sure she’ll be ready for the sequel but meanwhile Kirito is always ready! That swordsman doesn’t hold back which is definitely bad news for her! Kirito wins.