Piccolo vs Pikkon

This is a tribute to Dragon Ball: SuperHero. The rivalry and comparisons between Piccolo and Pikkon have always been pretty solid. Pikkon was able to hold his own against Goku at near SSJ2 levels for a while there so the guy is extremely tough and you could make a decent case for him holding his own or maybe having the advantage against Piccolo for a while there. Nowadays the comparisons are fairly one sided as Piccolo will always be the strongest Namekian going forward but he needed to symbolically confirm this with a victory here. Piccolo wins.

Dominic Toretto vs Sakharine

This is a tribute to The Fate of the Furious. Dominic Toretto did look a little tricky here with turning on everybody but ultimately he looked strong the whole time and did come out on top at the end. I don’t think Sakharine is ready to go fist to fist with this guy and if they both get into vehicles, my money’s on Dom. Dominic Toretto wins.

Davey Gordon vs Dominic Toretto

This is a tribute to the 7th Fast and the Furious film. As always Dominic looked pretty good in this one. He was out for vengeance and wasn’t going to let anybody stop him. Davey may be a boxer but let me tell you that he won’t want to trade blows with Dom. The difference in their respective physical strength is absolutely insane. Dominic Toretto wins.

Vince Everett vs Owen Grady

This is a tribute to Jurassic World:Dominion. Owen did good in this film. He had to share the main character role a lot but never lost sight of his mission and knocked out anybody who got in his way. He’s absolutely the guy that you want on your side when the going gets tough. Vince Everett can throw a mean punch but he doesn’t nearly have the skills that Owen has. There’s a world of difference between them and Owen should win this every time. Owen Grady wins.

Wesley Gibson vs Predator

This is a tribute to Wanted. Wesley Gibson is a talented fighter who unlocked his true potential early on. He can land a shot from impossible angles thanks to how he can curve the bullets and so the Predator won’t have anywhere to run. Predators are savage creatures who always have a lot of combat options but at the same time I still don’t see one doing a lot here. Their durability isn’t much better than that of an ordinary person and so Wesley will pepper him with lots of bullets. Wesley Gibson wins.

Maverick (Top Gun) vs Nancy Drew

This is a tribute to Top Gun Maverick and Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. Maverick did good here throughout the movie. He rose to every challenge and even learned what it meant to be a good instructor. Going from being a solo act to a leader isn’t easy and it’s something Nancy Drew could have learned during her missing staircase adventure. She really didn’t do things the right way and ultimately didn’t seem to learn any lessons by the end. She’s not beating someone like Maverick. Maverick (Top Gun) wins.

Thor vs Creeper

This is a tribute to Thor:Love and Thunder as well as Creeper 2. The Creeper has a lot of abilities but still can’t manage to beat a bus of teens without a whole lot of trouble. He’s not going to scare Thor who could end him in a single strike. Thor may have had his off moments in the movie to be sure but ultimately he would go on to win the fights that mattered and didn’t let vengeance cloud his mind. The Creeper wishes he had Thor’s combat experience. Thor wins.

King Jellyfish vs Punisher

This is a tribute to the Punisher. He did well in avenging his family and really making a name for himself as he took out members of the underworld. Ultimately he moved past vengeance and just went about trying to enact his own form of Justice. King Jellyfish isn’t fast enough to dodge Punisher’s attacks and isn’t durable enough to take them for long so he definitely goes down here. Punisher wins.

Ryo Hazuki vs Punisher

This is a tribute to Punisher Warzone. I was on the fence on if he would win this with how I felt he was really pushing the line towards being more of a sadistic villain but either way he scored a lot of wins and did well in combat so he takes this one. While Ryo Hazuki is a better martial artist, Punisher’s guns won’t let him come close and the Punisher has gotten many augmentations over the years. He’s not going down. Punisher wins.

Judge Dredd vs Nancy Drew

This is a tribute to Dredd as well as Nancy Drew….Sharpshooter. . Judge Dredd definitely looked good here as he took out tons of fighters and wasn’t even breaking a sweat. Nobody could take him down and Nancy won’t be pulling this off either. Ultimately she gets distracted from her mission too much and doesn’t have the level of discipline that he has. Detective skills can only take you so far in a fight. Judge Dredd wins.