Hercule Poirot vs Tsumugi

This is a tribute to the Alphabet Murders. Poirot was mostly getting wrecked in every scene and that shows that his detective skills will not be enough to overwhelm Tsumugi here. Her Lollipop abilities are much too versatile and a single strike should be enough to take Poirot down for the count. He isn’t fast enough to dodge her attacks. Tsumugi wins.

Harry Benson vs Jack Ryan

This is a tribute to Clear and Present Danger. Jack is back for some more action and Harry is definitely not going to be able to keep up with this guy. Jack would be able to quickly overwhelm him with pure gun skills. Harry has a gun as well which he can use in a pinch but you wouldn’t call him a professional or anything like that. Jack Ryan wins.

Jack Ryan vs Louis Bloom

This is a tribute to Patriot Games. Louis Bloom may be good at getting up close with the action but he’s not ready for a gun fight like this. Jack would be able to take him out really quick. In a hand to hand fight it gets closer. I want to say Jack would win but that could potentially go either way. Louis will definitely need a sequel to get some more weapons to take this. Jack Ryan wins.

The Lone Ranger vs Lagss

This is a tribute to the next classic Lone Ranger film. He had some confident moments in his alter ego but overall I had to question the Lone Ranger’s decision making a few times like when he sent his partner into enemy territory by himself and didn’t even check on him. You can only do that if your partner has overwhelming power like Lagss who was even able to take on Ultra Instinct Goku. The Lone Ranger isn’t going to be doing much in this battle. Lagss wins.

Dory vs Woody

This is a tribute to Toy Story 4. Woody may have ultimately flipped on his final decision last time but he did well to survive the gauntlet of horrors with everyone after his voice box. Dory probably wouldn’t have been able to have stayed cool under pressure like that and I think she would have eventually gone down. That’s why I have to put Woody above her in a fight. Woody wins.

Norman Bates vs Dominic Toretto

This is a tribute to Fast & The Furious 6. Dominic hasn’t slowed down as the films go on and that’s bad news for Norman who is definitely out of his league here. Norman is good when he can land a sneak attack on his opponents but otherwise he won’t be doing a whole lot in a straight fight. He would just end up getting shot as soon as the match begins. Dominic Toretto wins.

Dominic Toretto vs Luke Benson


This is a tribute to Fast Five. Dominic looked good again as he was even able to stay one step ahead of Hobbs for most of the film. That takes a lot of skill and it’s more than what we have ever seen Luke show off in the past. Luke Benson has a gun but that’s about it. At the end of the day that isn’t going to do a whole lot against a guy like Dominic. Dominic has his car and it never lets him down. Dominic Toretto wins.

Dominic Toretto vs Howard Aguello

This is a tribute to the 4th Fast and the Furious film. Dominic Toretto always ends up looking rather solid and this movie was no exception. He jumped in and really started dishing out the pain to anyone who got in his way. Howard has a gun but that’s about it and he isn’t exactly trained. The guy would panic the instant that he got near Dominic and that’s why he would lose here. You have to keep a cool head if you want to prevail. Dominic Toretto wins.

Snake Eyes vs Woody

This is a tribute to the Snake Eyes film. While he may not have looked as good as anticipated, I would say he still did well overall. Woody’s definitely not going to be able to take this guy on in a fair fight. Snake Eyes just has far too much speed and skill with a blade to be taken down. He has the advantage for sure. Snake Eyes wins.

Ichigo Momomiya vs Tom

This is a tribute to the new Tom & Jerry film. Tom’s a likable guy but he spent most of the battle getting absolutely wrecked by Jerry. It wasn’t his most victorious moment while Ichigo would definitely be able to seal a win rather quickly. One attack from her energy scepter and there’s no way Tom’s getting back up. Ichigo Momomiya wins.