Kobachi Osaragi vs Grace Harper

This is a tribute to Terminator: Dark Fate. Grace has super strength and can fight against a Terminator for a while thanks to her enhancements. The time limit is a bit of a drawback but it won’t come into play here since she should beat Osaragi way before that becomes an issue. Kobachi isn’t able to really fight so she wouldn’t have a chance to take down an opponent like this. Grace Harper wins.

Harvester Queen vs Dr Strange

This is a tribute to Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Dr Strange looked pretty good here as he always had a plan and kept on fighting through to the end. A barrier will not be a big deal for him to get across and he definitely has the firepower to pull it off. The Harvester Queen is quite large but in this case that is a disadvantage as Dr Strange can just light her up with energy attacks and she will have no way to dodge. Dr Strange wins.

Joe West vs Flash (Barry)

This is a tribute to the Justice Society: World War II film. The Flash is the fastest man alive except for when he isn’t but there aren’t a lot of fighters who can even come close to taking him on. Joe is good with his gun but that won’t be enough to stop the Flash here. Joe is a good ally who has helped Barry come a long way but ultimately in a fight that’s where it ends. Flash (Barry) wins.

Lan Di vs Kharis

This is a tribute to The Mummy’s Curse. Kharis is a strong Mummy and definitely knows how to take some good wins when he needs to, but the guy is way too slow to fight a martial artist. Lan Di would easily crush the guy with a few well placed blows. It would not be hard to land those hits at all and Kharis does not have the durability to tank them either. All in all, he’s fresh out of options here. Lan Di wins.

Muhyo vs Kharis

This is a tribute to The Mummy’s Ghost. As expected Kharis looked pretty bad in this film again as he was manipulated the whole time. You’d think that someone this well known and powerful would be able to do a little better but I suppose it just wasn’t in the cards. A bit of a shame but Muhyo will see to it that this guy is taken down and fast. There’s no way for Kharis to keep up and one spell will take him out. Muhyo wins.

Ryo Hazuki vs Kharis

This is a tribute to The Mummy’s Tomb. Kharis may seem like a reasonably tough Mummy but he’s incredibly slow which is a huge disadvantage in a fight. He would not be able to keep up with Ryo at all and would just end up getting steamrolled at every turn. This guy would get absolutely devastated before he even knew he was in a fight. Kharis may act like a big shot but he’s always taking orders and ultimately doesn’t have the combat experience to win this fight. Ryo Hazuki wins.

Yomogi Asanaka vs Creeper

This is a tribute to the first Jeeper’s Creepers film. The Creeper has regeneration and he’s reasonably strong but ultimately he doesn’t have that flair a villain needs to really go into the next level. The guy barely has any real goals beyond general destruction and so Yomogi would show him a thing or too. Yomogi is a capable warrior and he’s not afraid to push his limits. Creeper won’t be doing much against him here. Yomogi Asanaka wins.

Yuta Okkotsu vs Damon Dran

This is a tribute to the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 film. Yuta definitely looked really good as the lead and proved to be as powerful as his reputation. He is certainly the kind of guy that you don’t want to go up against and even Damon’s enhanced durability will not be enough to stop him here. Yuta can easily speedblitz the guy and one good slash would probably be enough to take the win here. Yuta Okkotsu wins.

Deangelo Vickers vs Barney Ross

This is a tribute to the third Expendables film. While Barney did not look nearly as good as he did in the first two movies, I would still say that he could take down Vickers here. Deangelo may have done a decent job of leading the team when it came time to make sales in The Office, he has no real weapons at the ready. As a result he would get absolutely crushed here as Barney will not be holding back. Not this time, Barney’s going for the win! Barney Ross wins.

Barney Ross vs Luffy

This is a tribute to the Episode of Alabasta. Barney may be good with guns but those won’t be very useful against Luffy. In fact, no weapon that Barney has will be of any use here because Luffy’s haki will absolutely be enough to block every move. There’s just no defeating a fighter this powerful and Barney’s about to learn that the hard way. Good luck trying to defeat the man who will become King of the Pirates! Luffy wins.