Jack Frost vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Rise of the Guardians. Jack Frost actually looked really good in this one. Certainly power wise as his Ice Lightning was most impressive. I don’t think that the One Above All is ready to take on such a formidable opponent. He may have some mean dance moves and decent durability but that just isn’t enough to let him hang on in this round. He needs something more in order to take the win and he just doesn’t have that It factor. Jack Frost wins.


Ash vs Goku

This is a tribute to the recent Pokemon movie. Ash didn’t look very good this time around so as you can expect he was due for a loss. Goku is one of the strongest warriors out there and I don’t think many doubt that at this point. With the powers of a Super Saiyan at his disposal, I’m afraid that Ash just doesn’t stand a chance. His army of Pokemon will all fall in line as soon as Goku powers up. Goku wins.

Phantom vs Kirito

This is a tribute to The Phantom. The Phantom does his bit in making the world a safer place but he isn’t very strong. He is basically just a human wearing tights and while he is stronger in the comics, you never see the guy going too far in the long run. He certainly isn’t ready to take down an opponent as skilled as Kirito. Kirito has more sword skills at his disposal than most people’s array of normal skills. His legend will continue to grow with this victory. Kirito wins.

Batman vs Swagman

This is a tribute to the new Justice League film. At the end of the day, Batman was critical in saving the world and keeping everyone in line so naturally a win is in order. Batman always manages to be a pretty tough combatant while also having a lot of swab so this seemed like a perfect match. Swagman has fought on the blog before, but he got stomped rather easily. This round won’t be any different so you almost feel bad for the guy. Swagman still has a cool name, but he’ll need some actual abilities if he ever wants to take down a more powerful foe. Having a cool helmet just isn’t good enough. Batman wins.

Thor vs The Crusader

This is a tribute to Thor:Ragnarok. Thor looked quite good in this movie as you already know from my review. His strength is completely out of The Crusader’s league and his speed is also far greater. The only reason why the villain lasted so long in the comics was because Thor never goes all out against mere mortals. Crusader’s spirit will be broken as easily as his sword and so he stands no chance in this round. Thor wins.

Twilight Sparkle vs Sparkleface

This is a tribute to the My Little Pony film. Twilight Sparkle wasn’t at her best here as she got defeated fairly early in the film. Still, at least she made the tough calls like attempting to steal the water ponies source of magic. That took guts and leadership skills. Sparkleface is a strong Pegasus, but she’s not quite ready to take on an Alicorn yet. That’s just too tall of a task especially when the Pony in question has significant magical abilities. Twilight Sparkle wins.

Rokuro vs Michael Myers

maxresdefault (3)

This is a tribute to the first Halloween film. Myers only got so far because of plot convenience and random super strength. He wouldn’t last long against a real fighter like Rokuro. Rokuro’s attack and speed are so high that he is one of the strongest unknown fighters out there. He can give just about anyone a good fight and could certainly end Michael Myers in a single hit. No time to get scared this way. Rokuro wins.

Dracula vs Vegeta

This is a tribute to Dracula: Prince of Darkness. He may be a strong vampire, but this is Vegeta we’re talking about. When it comes to strength and ability he is on a whole other level. A single blast of his would decimate the planet and Dracula simply wouldn’t be able to block or redirect such an attack. Dracula wouldn’t even be able to see it coming to be honest. Vegeta wins.

Jack Sparrow vs Kirito

This is a tribute to Dead Men Tell No Tales. Jack Sparrow didn’t look very good throughout the film, but what else is new? He lets his guard down so often that just about anyone can take him down and his swordsmanship isn’t all that great. Kirito could take him down quite easily with the skills and experience that he has acquired over the years. The match won’t even be close and that’s why I almost feel bad for Jack. It’s back to the bar for him. Kirito wins.

Jack Torrance vs Norman Bates


Suggested by Destroyer Jack may be famous for his axe skills in the Shining but Norman Bates is pretty good at using a dagger against opponent who can’t actually fight back. Norman isn’t as physically strong as Jack and he has less battle experience. There’s a reasonable chance that Norman can just get the first hit and claim victory but I don’t think it’s likely. Jack Torrance wins.