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Frank Martin vs Lloyd

This is a tribute to Transporter 3. I’m afraid that Frank wasn’t quite tough enough to win. Not only was he basically blackmailed into getting into an affair but he got defeated a fair amount here. He wasn’t able to keep to his professional level quite as much as in the first two films and so his character had a noticeable drop. Meanwhile you have Lloyd who is as heroic as a person can get. He uses his unique abilities and elemental blows to take out any enemy in his path. I don’t see Frank lasting very long against him. Lloyd wins.

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Luffy vs Apoo

This is a tribute to Film: Z. While Luffy may have been getting wrecked in most of the fights here at least he kept on getting up over and over again. I’ll give him points for persistence. It’s what should have happened instead of him getting completely wrecked by Apoo. Definitely one of Luffy’s worst moments in recent history. That being said, I suppose Apoo is reasonably strong in his own rights and sound related abilities are tough to deal with. Luffy’s sheer speed and overwhelming power will ultimately be enough to keep him going though. Power will outweigh sonic waves here. You just can’t stop this guy. Luffy wins.

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Jef Costello vs John Wick

This is a tribute to the first John Wick film. While I had my issues with the film, you can’t deny that John Wick looked quite good in it. He took care of business and quickly avenged his dog. Jef may be a hitman as well, but he’s got nothing on John Wick. Wick is able to take on a full squad of opponents with ease. He’s an expert hand to hand fighter as well as gunman. Definitely not someone you want to mess with and especially in a one on one fight. There’s no way Costello lasts more than a minute. John Wick wins.

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The Lone Ranger vs Laharl

This is a tribute to the Legend of the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger may be a pretty good shot and a decent hand to hand fighter but neither one of those skills will mean anything in combat against the Overlord! Laharl is completely out of the Lone Ranger’s league and that will become more and more apparent as the match goes on. There just isn’t anything that the Ranger can hope to accomplish against a demon like Laharl. Laharl wins.

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Doyle Johnson vs Sinbad

This is a tribute to the 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Sinbad looks pretty good even if he may not be the smartest main character out there. He gets his business handled and ultimately steps up for any battle that needs his attention. He’s a captain that you can count on and that kind of trust definitely goes a long way. I wouldn’t trust Doyle as far as I can throw him. He always fails to meet his assigned task and that’s why you don’t want to count on him for anything. He will always leave you in the ditch and has no combat experience so he can’t defend against this captain. Sinbad wins.

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Bud Macintosh vs Zorro

This is a tribute to The Mask of Zorro. Zorro is a pretty decent fighter although he certainly got old and started losing more fights. I’d say he still looked good enough to earn himself a win. Bud Macintosh is one of the more unlikable film protagonists. The guy doesn’t know when to get serious and he certainly can’t fight. Even an elderly Zorro would likely be able to beat him quite easily. Zorro is a fencing master after all so he’s used to taking on all manner of opponents. Zorro wins.

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Edison vs Frank Martin

This is a tribute to Transporter 2. Frank continues to show why he’s a professional who gets things done. He’s the polar opposite of Edison in that respect as this guy certainly was not fit to be chairman of the board. Frank would defeat him in hand to hand combat or with his pocket gun. Either way Edison really stands no chance of claiming victory here at all. He’s just completely outgunned and none of his crazy inventions will be enough to turn the tides here. He’ll just have to accept the loss right away. Frank Martin wins.

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Frank Martin vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Transporter film. Frank was a pretty solid villain in that movie, just don’t forget the fact that he’s no hero. His hand to hand skills were very impressive, I dare say that in a fist fight he may have even proven that he would defeat James Bond or Ethan Hunt. He’s definitely more than a match for someone like the One Above All. The One Above All has yet to prove that he can really fight and that will definitely hurt in a battle like this. You gotta be ready to battle at any time. Frank Martin wins.

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Kevin Wendell Crumb vs Sonic

This is a tribute to the films Glass and Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic is definitely a pretty cool character and it’s hard to get his character wrong. I’m happy to say that the film definitely did him justice. Sonic absolutely steals the show here and that’s not surprising in the slightest. Meanwhile Kevin was no good in Split and he wasn’t any better in Glass. Sonic would absolutely speedblitz this guy with no real effort and that would be the end of that. Sonic wins.

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Abby Anderson vs Alice

This is a tribute to Resident Evil: Extinction. While the film may have been a pretty bad way to end off, I thought Alice looked pretty good in her appearances. She is still ready to slay all of the demons and that’s even more impressive now that she doesn’t have her powers. Even if Abby has a pretty powerful golf club that’s not going to be enough to stop Alice. Alice has better speed feats and is a much stronger fighter in general. I expect that she will take this round rather easily and continues her pretty impressive run on the blog. Alice wins.