Dharuriser vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Dharuriser film. The main guy looked pretty good in the end as he made all the right calls and kept on fighting to the end. He may not have any special powers but he does have basic hand to hand techniques which always come in handy. He was able to draw out the costume and then played a role in bringing it to life. While the One Above All may be good at creating things too, he hasn’t shown that he knows basic hand to hand combat. Dharuriser wins.

Hyperman (Chester) vs Superman

This is a tribute to Superman: Man of Tomorrow. It was definitely a great showing for the Man of Steel. Now in the image below it may seem a little odd that Superman would rat a fellow hero out like this but I’m sure he has his reasons. Hyperman was able to fight him to a standstill when they met which is impressive but if Superman went all out I’m sure he would win. Hyperman just doesn’t have the same level of experience at his disposal. Superman wins.

Warbat vs King Kong

This is a tribute to Godzilla vs King Kong. Kong definitely did well for his share of the screen time. He did have an awfully close encounter with the Warbat that was nearly fatal though. In a rematch where he doesn’t lower his guard I don’t see Kong losing though. His power is still just at way too high of a level for him to go down like that. Warbat just saw his opportunity and took it but it was a once in a lifetime kind of chance. King Kong wins.

Godman vs Superman

This is a tribute to Superman: Red Son. Definitely a different take on the Man of Steel, but a great one where his character ultimately shone through. Godman is a confident guy who has taken down many Kaiju over the years. He can shoot acid and use shockwaves as well as his incredible strength to win the day. That being said, it will not be nearly enough to take Superman down here. Superman has dealt with more powerful opponents and always comes out on top.

Sherlock Holmes vs Ricky Ricardo

This is a tribute to Hound of the Baskervilles (1959). Holmes may not have appeared a whole ton but when he did show up he got the job done. He was able to stay one step ahead of the other characters. Ricky is a nice guy but he’s not really known as a fighter. Holmes can fight surprisingly well for a genius too so he should be able to quickly take Ricky down with either his sword or his gun. Even in a fist fight to be honest. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Karate Kid vs Wildcat

This is a tribute to the JLA Trapped in Time film. Karate Kid looked really good in that movie. He showed that his skills were the deal deal and he got a lot of wins by the end. Wildcat is a seasoned fighter as well but not at the same level. Karate Kid’s ability to see weaknesses in his opponents gives him a leg up over almost any other fighter in hand to hand combat. No way Wildcat is able to get the upper hand. Karate Kid wins.

Ritsuka Fujimaru vs Willie

This is a tribute to Fate/Grand Order- First Order. Ritsuka Fujimaru did a good job of adapting to the situation and quickly doing his best to foil the plans of his opponents. He’s always ready to jump into action. Willie’s more about being subtle and getting opponents to lower their guard down. Ritsuka won’t even need any backup to take Willie down. He’s physically a lot tougher than Willie is even when you account for the human body. A few good punches will end this fairly quick. Never underestimate a mage! Ritsuka Fujimaru wins.

Simba vs Bambi

This is a tribute to the Lion King remake. Simba may not have looked good at the start to be honest as he was pretty gullible and everything but I would say he made up for it enough to get a win by the end. It was pretty close but at least he won when it counted. Bambi was not a character I was a big fan of in the Bambi film and I definitely would not consider Simba to be in any real danger here. Bambi’s best attacks are in close quarters where Simba will always have the advantage. Simba wins.

Silver Swan vs Wonder Woman

This is a tribute to Wonder Woman Bloodlines. Wonder Woman looked pretty good and was taking down all challengers. Silver Swan has some skills but in a straight fight there is no way she is going to beat Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman outranks her in power, speed, and pretty much every stat that matters. Silver Swan won’t last very long in a direct battle here and even if she tries to use her agility to stay one step ahead of the battle, it won’t be enough. Wonder Woman wins.

Maxwell Lord vs Wonder Woman

This is a tribute to WW 84. Wonder Woman continued to take on all challengers and foil plans left and right. Maxwell actually looked pretty good here compared to his usual paths, but in the end there’s no way for him to beat Wonder Woman or even come close in a fight. He’s completely outmatched and she wouldn’t even need her lasso or any time to end this battle. A quick punch will remind Maxwell Lord that he is no lord at all. Wonder Woman wins.