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Maleficent vs Aurora

This is a tribute to the second Maleficent film. While she did lower her guard a little too often Maleficent still looked pretty solid on the whole. Her magical abilities were definitely on a higher tier than the rest of the members of her group. Aurora took a lot of losses in the meantime as she lacked a strong will and always made the wrong decisions. In a fight I don’t see her lasting very long at all against Aurora. I believe she would quickly be defeated in a straight fight and has no real way to defend herself. Maleficent wins.

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Dr. Jekyll vs Adam Taurus

This is a tribute to the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde film. Jekyll definitely doesn’t have much will power and his physical strength isn’t anything to write home about. Adam definitely has the edge in a fight. He’s faster and significantly stronger than Jekyll. There wouldn’t even be much of a fight and it would be over as soon as Adam gets serious. Jekyll may even have a better shot if he doesn’t go into his Hyde form. Adam Taurus wins.

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Roy Miller vs Bama McCall

This is a tribute to Knight and Day. Roy Miller is an exceptional agent who is skilled with a gun as well as in close quarters combat. He would be able to easily outmaneuver Bama in any kind of confrontation. Bama won’t even be able to execute a sneak attack since Roy is known for always being one step ahead of his opponent. I can’t envision a scenario where Roy loses. Roy Miller wins.

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Zack (Asdivine Hearts) vs Reptil

This is a tribute to the Avengers Frost Fight film. Reptil may have been new to the hero game, but he still should have done way better in combat if he really wanted to get booted up to the A team. Zack certainly wasn’t prepared for an inter dimensional war, but when the time came he stepped up to the plate. Zack is a quick study and is exactly the kind of guy you want in your corner. Zack (Asdivine Hearts) wins.

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Robin vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans. Robin definitely looked pretty good here. He may not have won every fight, but he never lost his confidence and stood up to the bigger heroes time and time again. Nemo is used to standing up to bigger opponents as well, but he doesn’t have the combat skills needed to pull off a win. What Nemo needs is a bunch of gadgets, now that would put him back into the conversation. Robin wins.

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John McClane vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Die Hard 2. John McClane continues to foil terrorist plots left and right so he definitely earned another win. Nemo can swim really well which is always handy, but all it’s going to do in the end is buy time. Nemo can’t actually land any real hits here so his swimming abilities won’t really be a factor. The difference in power and size is too vast. John McClane wins.

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Shaggy vs Weiss

This is a tribute to Return to Zombie Island. Shaggy is so determined to get away from cases that he is now even getting the rest of the gang to sign a contract so they won’t get into the ring. I dare say that this makes him even worse than usual here since he even forgets about the contract. He’s not ready to fight a seasoned vet like Weiss. She would quickly be able to take care of him with or without her dust crystals. Weiss wins.

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Ghostface (Mickey) vs Daisy

This is a tribute to Scream 2. This time we got a new Ghostface and out of the first three he was certainly the toughest one. That being said, he still wouldn’t last long against Daisy. All Ghostface has going for him is his gun skills and those can only take you so far. Daisy has experience in all sports and has super powers of her own like hearts that can block projectiles. Once she gets up close her hand to hand skills will deliver her a quick victory. Daisy wins.

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Ghostface (Roman) vs Ruby Rose

This is a tribute to Scream 3. This Ghostface definitely wasn’t the toughest one and he wouldn’t last a second against a huntress. Ruby could defeat him in hand to hand combat real quick or she can just fire off a shot. Either way there just isn’t anything that he could hope to do against her. Ruby is on a completely different level in every area. Roman will quickly become a ghost for real. Ruby Rose wins.

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Ghostface (Loomis) vs Daisy

This is a tribute to the first Scream film. Ghostface is definitely one of those villains who only wins because his opponents aren’t great at fighting back or he gets a cheap shot in. Daisy is an experienced driver and as a result she is always ready for a fight. She won’t run out the door or up the stairs. Daisy would take the fight straight to Ghostface and would knock him out for the count pretty quickly. Ghostface just wouldn’t know what hit him and she would be earning the win rather easily. Daisy wins.