Foreman Spike vs Mario

This is a tribute to the Super Mario Bros movie. I think everyone in theatres was probably shocked when Foreman Spike walked up slowly and knocked Mario down for the count. In a rematch with his composite abilities available though my money would be on Mario every step of the way. There is a reason why Mario is known as the best after all and it all comes down to the fact that he is an expert fighter. He’s not just going to roll over and admit defeat in this fight. No! One good fireball punch and Spike is out of there. Mario wins.

Sky Captain vs Nemo

This is a tribute to the Sky Captain movie. Is that the Sky Captain I see? Yeah this guy was a solid hero and he did a good job in fighting to save the day. In a battle of air vs sea it can always be tricky but I trust him a lot more than I do Nemo in a close quarters brawl. Nemo’s size and lack of experience really work against him here. He just won’t be able to do a whole lot against the Sky Captain and will be going down quickly. Sky Captain wins.

Johnny Rico vs Nemona

This is a tribute to Starship Troopers. Johnny Rico may have gotten his share of wins over the aliens but honestly I wasn’t super impressed with him. He went for the rebound right away and panicked under pressure while making the wrong calls on some occasions as well. Nemona is a fiery character but one who always keeps a cool head and she would have done better in his situation. Her team of Pokemon are also very powerful so she should win this one really quickly. Nemona wins.

Beatrix Kiddo vs Luke Benson

This is a tribute to Kill Bill Volume 2. Beatrix still cleaned up shop and did well in this film so it’s time for another win. Luke Benson has a gun but he has absolutely 0 combat experience and that’s really something that will work against him here. He won’t be able to properly aim or react to Beatrix’s strikes in time which means that he is going to be completely out of luck here. Just no shot to take her down. Beatrix Kiddo wins.

Beatrix Kiddo vs Howard Aguello

This is a tribute to Kill Bill Volume 1. Beatrix is a good fighter and definitely did well in handling so many opponents at once. Howard would just be another foot soldier for her to defeat so I don’t see this taking very long. She’s on a completely different league at this point and would be able to handle him with her own gun or a well placed sword strike. Beatrix Kiddo wins.

Jack Ryan vs Nemo

This is a tribute to the Shadow Recruit. Jack did a good job of rising to the occasion and taking out any foes who got in his way. The guy will do whatever it takes to achieve his objective and not even a foe like Nemo could stand in his way. Jack has some good hand to hand skills in addition to his gunplay so ultimately this will be a very quick win for him. The guy’s efficient. Jack Ryan wins.

Chun Li vs Yamai Ren

This is a tribute to the Chun Li spinoff film. Yamai Ren is one of those characters who can be quite obsessive at times and is an obstacle for several characters. She isn’t really much of a fighter though and that’s why Chun Li would still crush her in a fight. The difference in their respective power levels is quite large and it’s a gap that can’t really be bridged right now. Yamai would need massive power ups in order to do that and I don’t see it happening. Chun Li wins.

Harry Callahan vs Luke Benson

This is a tribute to Dirty Harry. Harry was put in a rather tough spot throughout the film but he always ended up doing what had to be done and making the right moves. He’s an excellent shot with a gun and has a lot of stamina. Luke Benson has a gun but he isn’t quite used to using it and so he would quickly be taken down by Harry in this fight. There’s no way he is able to stand up to the guy. Harry Callahan wins.

Elsa vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Frozen II. Elsa looked really good in the sequel and now has true mastery over her abilities. Elsa may have had a bit of a difficult time with the water spirit but she would definitely be able to crush Nemo without much effort. Nemo isn’t fast enough to dodge the attacks nor is he durable enough to tank them. So in the end that puts him in a very dicey situation where there just isn’t a whole lot that he can do. Ultimately he will be facing complete defeat at every turn. Elsa wins.

Krypto vs Daxter

This is a tribute to the DC Superpets film. Krypto did a good job of always taking command and showing why he’s a power player. He may have needed some help at times but even in a weakened state I’d pick him to defeat Daxter anytime. Daxter just isn’t brave enough to stand in there and go blow for blow with someone like this. Krypto has the massive advantage in both speed and power. Let me tell you, when you win in both of those areas it is difficult to be defeated. Krypto wins.