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Maximum vs Alice

This is a tribute to Resident Evil: Retribution. Alice may have lost her powers, but she certainly didn’t lose her will to keep on fighting. She definitely goes through quite a lot in these adventures, but never gives up. Meanwhile Maximum tends to lose her way a lot and gets distracted rather easily. She’s not even close to having Alice’s levels of mental fortitude and in a straight fight she would get clobbered very quickly. Demon hunters tend to outrank bird fighters. Alice wins.

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Cris Johnson vs Isaac

This is a tribute to Next. Cris has some really cool abilities for sure, but as a character I wouldn’t say that he was all that great. Even with the incredibly awesome ability to see into the future he made quite a few mis-steps. He wouldn’t be able to stop Isaac because even if you know what’s going to happen, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to stop it. Isaac is simply on a whole different level. Isaac wins.

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Shiki vs Luffy

This is a tribute to One Piece Strong World. While Luffy definitely took a lot of losses here, I would still make the case that he looked good as a character. He went all in to try and save Nami from Shiki and just kept getting up until it happened. While Shiki was definitely stronger than Luffy here, if they were to have a rematch right now there would be no contest. He just wouldn’t be able to keep up with Luffy’s speed or haki abilities. It would be game over for him. Luffy wins.

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Meteor Man vs Saitama

This is a tribute to the film Meteor Man. This guy lucked into his powers but never really got the hang of them and ultimately squandered every opportunity. In comparison Saitama immediately took his new skills in stride and started taking down all of the nearby monsters. He’s a hero for fun, but one who certainly does get a lot of results. It won’t take long for him to claim victory. Saitama wins.

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Tris vs Alice

This is a tribute to Allegiant. Unfortunately Tris did not look so good here. She lost a lot of her spark and got tricked by everybody a little too easily. Alice certainly wouldn’t have fallen for these tricks. While Tris is a great shot and she has her drones, they won’t be able to do much against Alice. Alice’s superhuman abilities will allow her to dodge the shots with ease and end this with a few blows. Tris is about as tough as a human can get, but that isn’t tough enough. Alice wins.

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Thomas (Maze Runner) vs Tris

This is a tribute to Insurgent. Tris continued to make the right choices at the right times here and shows the tactical leadership that Thomas doesn’t quite have. Thomas is a decent fighter and planner, but he’s not quite at Tris’ level yet. I have my doubts on if he could even beat her in a straight fight, but no way he beats her in a gun match. Tris has the overwhelming edge in skill here and will definitely take him down for the count. Tris wins.

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Tris vs Katniss

This is a tribute to Divergent. Tris did a good job of adapting to the situation and getting right into the center of the action. She may not be amazing at close quarters combat, but in this round that won’t matter. Katniss has her arrows and Tris has her gun skills, but the big deciding factor here are the drones that Tris got by the end of the third film. She can block Katniss’ arrows with ease and then counter with a game ending gun shot. Katniss has no defense against her. Tris wins.

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Spiderman vs Walrus

This is a tribute to the recent Far From Home film. Spiderman looked pretty good there and at the end of the day he proved that spider sense is still one of the greatest techniques in Marvel. The Walrus is pretty strong, but he’s definitely not ready to take on one of the all time greats like this. Walrus would be better off running as soon as the match starts because there is no way he can hope to even land a hit against this hero. Spiderman wins.

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Sunny Skies vs Rainbow Dash

This is a tribute to the Rainbow Roadtrip. Rainbow Dash may not have been invited to the celebration that she was expecting, but she managed to adapt to the situation. Sunny Skies doesn’t have a whole lot of field experience in comparison so it was a lot harder for him to get on with the program. He doesn’t have any fancy super powers either so there’s no way he can stop Equestria’s fastest flyer. Rainbow Dash won’t be going down so easily. Rainbow Dash wins.

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Batman vs Leopold Fitz

This is a tribute to the Batman vs TMNT film that came out recently. Batman definitely handled his business pretty well and showed why he is one of the most skilled martial artists out there. Leopold Fitz is pretty intelligent in his own right, but he’s not the genius that Batman is, nor does he have the dark knight’s hand to hand expertise. When you combine both factors into the equation there is just no way that Leopold can hope to win this battle. Batman wins.