Jack Torrance vs Norman Bates


Suggested by Destroyer Jack may be famous for his axe skills in the Shining but Norman Bates is pretty good at using a dagger against opponent who can’t actually fight back. Norman isn’t as physically strong as Jack and he has less battle experience. There’s a reasonable chance that Norman can just get the first hit and claim victory but I don’t think it’s likely. Jack Torrance wins.


Jason Lee Scott vs Misaka

This is a tribute to the Power Rangers film. Jason didn’t look all that good in this movie as he made quite a lot of mistakes and never really came off as a sympathetic guy. You just couldn’t feel all that bad for him since he really created the situations that he got himself into. He has some decent super strength and speed, but nothing that Misaka hasn’t dealt with before. She will be able to overwhelm him with ease. No Ranger can handle an electromaster. Misaka wins.

Motoko Kusanagi vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Ghost in the Shell movie. Motoko Kusanagi handled herself pretty well the whole time as she found out the truth about her past and took on all of the lackeys who were sent after her. She reminds me of Train Heartnet back in his organization days. Needless to say, it’ll be easy for her to shoot down the One Above All since he isn’t exactly a bullet timer when it comes to reaction speed. He would be easy pickings for her. Motoko Kusanagi wins.

Spiderman vs Ezekiel

This is a tribute to Spider-Man Homecoming. Spiderman looked pretty good in the film overall as he made a lot of the right calls and did his best to stop the Vulture. He may have looked a little weak, but at least he tried his best. Ezekiel is one of those guys who is always cracking and making the wrong decisions despite his best justifications as to why they’re necessary. He’s completely outmatched against someone like Spiderman in terms of personality and physical ability. Spiderman wins.

Heracles vs Bambi

This is a tribute to the Bambi movie. I’m afraid that Bambi wasn’t all that likable so he has to take a loss. I was originally going to put him up against the Deer King from Toriko but admittedly that monster never did a whole lot and I wasn’t much of a fan. Horses are similar anyway right? Heracles can easily win this round in a single hit as just breathing in will suck all of the oxygen away from Bambi. I’m sorry, but the little guy can’t claim victory this time. Heracles wins.

Misaki Suzuhara vs Cade Yeager

This is a tribute to the recent Transformers film. While Cade isn’t a terrible main character for the most part…that isn’t saying much. He’s fairly bland and tends to panic a lot. He doesn’t live up to the Yeager name. Misaki is his polar opposite as she is usually calm under pressure and always stays cheerful. Her Hikaru could easily dodge Cade’s attacks and deliver the finishing blow. Cade just doesn’t have any defenses that can stand up to her and he’d be getting speed blitzed from all sides. Misaki Suzuhara wins.

Wonder Woman vs Nick Morton

This is a tribute to the Mummy film. Considering that these two films opened next to each other, I thought it would be fitting to have the two main characters fight. Nick’s not exactly the greatest character in the world as he has some Kirk qualities, low will power, and gets tempted a little too easily. Even though he now has some pretty impressive super powers at the ready, he’s not ready to fight an Amazon warrior like Wonder Woman. She could defeat Nick with or without her sword. He just isn’t ready to fight in the big leagues yet. Wonder Woman wins.

Wonder Woman vs Doctor Poison

This is a tribute to the Wonder Woman film. As she looked quite good in the movie, it’s time to give Wonder Woman a win. What more fitting way than to use one of the villains who appeared in the movie? I’ve read quite a few comics with Doctor Poison back in the Golden Age of Wonder Woman and I can safely say that she never did very well. Her mind games just aren’t up to snuff when pitted against Wonder Woman’s superior intellect and raw strength. Poison will have a hard time earning wins on this battle site. Wonder Woman wins.

Newt Scamander vs Bayonetta

maxresdefault (1)
This is a tribute to the Fantastic Beasts film! Newt wasn’t a very good spell caster and I highly doubt that he’ll be taking down any really strong foes in the near future. On the other hand, Bayonetta has defeated many global threats. She may be a witch, but Bayonetta will be the one doing the hunting this time. Newt is far too slow to escape and too weak to put up a struggle. He’s just completely doomed so it’s game over for him. Bayonetta wins.

Shaggy vs Ash

This is a tribute to Shaggy’s showdown. The fact that Shaggy is still scared of everything has been pretty much played out. Now it’s always tough to see him on screen so Ash is here to set him straight. Lets face it, Shaggy just can’t handle such a powerful Pikachu or even Ash’s Charizard. Ash could unleash his Pokemon army on Shaggy and that would be the end of the match. Good games, but it’s over. Ash wins.