Matt vs Shaggy

This is a tribute to Digimon Adventure Tri:Future as well as the 13th Ghost of Scooby Doo. Shaggy definitely isn’t the bravest guy around but even for him it’s definitely not a good move to lock away someone’s emergency phone for years. Meanwhile Matt did the best he could to lead the team in trying times so you gotta give him some props there. In a fight the outcome is certainly clear from the start. There is really nothing that Shaggy can do to try and take the win here. Matt wins.


Shazam vs Broly

This is a tribute to the Shazam film as well as the Broly title. Shazam spent most of the film running away which definitely hurt his chances of taking home the gold. Meanwhile Broly was able to surpass his limits and fought two of the strongest characters in history. That was certainly not an easy feat and it was certainly one of his best appearances yet. In terms of physical abilities there is a huge gap between these two fighters and that’s not even counting energy attacks. Broly wins.

Meiko vs Kale

This is a tribute to Digimon Coexistence. In this one Meiko spent a lot of time feeling sorry for herself and ultimately never really had a moment where she made a great decision. Meanwhile Kale is also not the kind of person to jump into action, but when needed she steps in. She looked really good in the Super manga and shows how you can be subtly supportive of someone. Meiko could learn a thing or two from her, but either way Kale’s got this one in the bag. Once she turns Super Saiyan the match is over. Kale wins.

Howard Aguello vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman Ninja. Batman definitely looked pretty solid through and through here. He came up with good plans and adapted to this older world pretty quick. I somehow don’t think Howard would have been able to do much adapting at all. These two are polar opposites and Batman’s built a career out of putting guys like Howard away. There’s nothing Howard can throw at Batman that would intimidate the Dark Knight in the slightest. Batman wins.

Ralph vs Kirito

This is a tribute to the film: Ralph Breaks The Internet. Ralph may have finally learned how to fix things in the first film, but he lasted long enough to lose sight of his goals. He isn’t nearly as determined or powerful as Kirito and that will ultimately be his downfall here. He doesn’t have enough speed to keep up with the swordsman either so there’s just nothing he can do. Kirito wins.

Newt Scamander vs Kirito

This is a tribute to the second Fantastic Beasts film. Newt Scamander may know some basic spells, but he isn’t particularly quick witted and doesn’t have the reaction times needed to even begin to challenge Kirito’s techniques. Kirito would be able to dash in and end this match before Newt can fire off a single spell. The best spells in the book are meaningless if you can’t hit your target. Kirito wins.

Grotesk vs Ms Marvel

This is a tribute to the recent Captain Marvel film. Ms Marvel definitely looked really good there as she got to show off her super speed and strength. She’s certainly one of the most powerful Avengers out there and would easily be able to take Grotesk down. He’s a fairly obscure villain, but certainly one who is still worth remembering. The guy’s a tough fighter so maybe he could take one punch before he goes down. Either way it’s still a one sided battle. Ms Marvel wins.

Spiderman (Miles) vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Into The Spider Verse. Miles looked pretty good for the most part. He conquered his fears and was able to master his abilities. I’d call that a win in my book. The One Above All may be a cosmic being of limitless power, but I don’t think he will be able to do a whole lot against Miles. Miles is faster and stronger, not to mention that he has his electric zaps. That will spell the end for TOAA. Spiderman (Miles) wins.

Bumblebee vs Kurama

This is a tribute to the Bumblebee film. While the movie was actually pretty good, I can’t say that the lead was quite as solid. After losing his memory he also lost a lot of his composure and nerve which ended up hurting him quite a lot in the climax. He wasn’t even really fighting back throughout the battles which was a little iffy. While he eventually found his footing it was too late. Just as it will be here since Kurama has the massive sped advantage and will easily be able to ensnare the Autobot with his whip. Bumblebee will fall to pieces. Kurama wins.

Michael Myers vs Bass

This is a tribute to Halloween 2. Well, Myers definitely seemed more like your classic horror villain here as the movie basically confirmed that he was bulletproof. We got a little more supernatural here, but that still isn’t nearly enough to get him to match someone like Bass. Bass can easily destroy the planet in an instant and there’s no way that Michael Myers can hope to survive such an attack. He is simply outmatched. Bass wins.