Beatrix Kiddo vs Luke Benson

This is a tribute to Kill Bill Volume 2. Beatrix still cleaned up shop and did well in this film so it’s time for another win. Luke Benson has a gun but he has absolutely 0 combat experience and that’s really something that will work against him here. He won’t be able to properly aim or react to Beatrix’s strikes in time which means that he is going to be completely out of luck here. Just no shot to take her down. Beatrix Kiddo wins.

Harry Callahan vs Luke Benson

This is a tribute to Dirty Harry. Harry was put in a rather tough spot throughout the film but he always ended up doing what had to be done and making the right moves. He’s an excellent shot with a gun and has a lot of stamina. Luke Benson has a gun but he isn’t quite used to using it and so he would quickly be taken down by Harry in this fight. There’s no way he is able to stand up to the guy. Harry Callahan wins.

Rooster Cogburn vs Luke Benson

This is a tribute to True Grit. Rooster Cogburn is a fairly tough sheriff and he gets the job done. Benson isn’t nearly fast enough to counter his shots and doesn’t have as much experience with a gun. No matter how you slice it, Benson is absolutely doomed here. He’s just not ready to tangle with ole Rooster and I don’t think he will be ready for a long time. The gap in their abilities is too extensive. Rooster Cogburn wins.

Road Runner vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Luke Benson is a tough guy who really wanted to give Superman the hands but ultimately he fell short. The guy just didn’t have what it takes! Sometimes that just tends to happen in the end. Well, the Road Runner will be defeating this guy too. Benson’s best technique here is absolutely the fact that he has a gun with real bullets but Road Runner is easily a bullet timer. That creature can outrun the bullet without even breaking a sweat. That’s what it means to have true power. Benson has no other options. Road Runner wins.

Dominic Toretto vs Luke Benson


This is a tribute to Fast Five. Dominic looked good again as he was even able to stay one step ahead of Hobbs for most of the film. That takes a lot of skill and it’s more than what we have ever seen Luke show off in the past. Luke Benson has a gun but that’s about it. At the end of the day that isn’t going to do a whole lot against a guy like Dominic. Dominic has his car and it never lets him down. Dominic Toretto wins.

John Shepard vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer John is back once again and this is another quick win for him. Luke has a gun but if we’re being honest there isn’t a whole lot that he can do with it. He can fire it but John’s armor has him covered there. So that means at the end of the day Luke has no real way to injure John so that’s game over here. One blast from John and that’s it. John Shepard wins.

Eric Reibel vs Luke Benson


Suggested by Destroyer Luke Benson and Eric both have a lot of similarities in their character arcs. They are both average thugs with a gun who tried to attack Superman and failed epicly. I would expect Eric to have a little more combat experience though. Luke cracked and became a villain while Eric was a villain from the start. That’s going to be the deciding factor here. Eric Reibel wins.

Axel Stone vs Luke Benson


Luke Benson and Axel are both guys who aren’t afraid to operate outside of the law when they see fit. That makes them pretty unpredictable to the masses. The main difference is Luke was being unreasonable while Axel was trying to save his city. In a fist fight there is no doubt that Axel would crush Luke. Having a gun won’t be enough to give Luke the edge over Axel either. Axel is too fast to be defeated so directly and will definitely end up claiming victory here. Axel Stone wins.

Status Quo vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer The Status Quo is a man of ideals but he doesn’t have a lot of skills. In fact, I don’t believe the man has even used a gun before. That’s bad news for him. Luke isn’t really a fighter either, but he does have a gun at the ready so automatically that gives him a pretty big edge in this fight. You can’t really hope to win a fight when your opponent has the weapon like that unless you have some kind of special abilities or plot armor on your side. Luke Benson wins.

Count Orlok vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Count Orlok is an old horror icon from nearly 100 years ago. He is a fairly powerful vampire who can crush a man with ease. That being said, a few good bullets may do some damage. I don’t know if Orlok is really bulletproof here, but his enhanced physical stats will deliver him victory anyway. Luke just isn’t ready to contend with such a sinister foe and has no battle experience. Count Orlok wins.