Eric Reibel vs Luke Benson


Suggested by Destroyer Luke Benson and Eric both have a lot of similarities in their character arcs. They are both average thugs with a gun who tried to attack Superman and failed epicly. I would expect Eric to have a little more combat experience though. Luke cracked and became a villain while Eric was a villain from the start. That’s going to be the deciding factor here. Eric Reibel wins.

Axel Stone vs Luke Benson


Luke Benson and Axel are both guys who aren’t afraid to operate outside of the law when they see fit. That makes them pretty unpredictable to the masses. The main difference is Luke was being unreasonable while Axel was trying to save his city. In a fist fight there is no doubt that Axel would crush Luke. Having a gun won’t be enough to give Luke the edge over Axel either. Axel is too fast to be defeated so directly and will definitely end up claiming victory here. Axel Stone wins.

Status Quo vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer The Status Quo is a man of ideals but he doesn’t have a lot of skills. In fact, I don’t believe the man has even used a gun before. That’s bad news for him. Luke isn’t really a fighter either, but he does have a gun at the ready so automatically that gives him a pretty big edge in this fight. You can’t really hope to win a fight when your opponent has the weapon like that unless you have some kind of special abilities or plot armor on your side. Luke Benson wins.

Count Orlok vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Count Orlok is an old horror icon from nearly 100 years ago. He is a fairly powerful vampire who can crush a man with ease. That being said, a few good bullets may do some damage. I don’t know if Orlok is really bulletproof here, but his enhanced physical stats will deliver him victory anyway. Luke just isn’t ready to contend with such a sinister foe and has no battle experience. Count Orlok wins.

Howard Aguello vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Howard and Luke are both guys with guns which means that a single shot could end either of these guys. The key is in who would be able to land the shot first or who is in a better position to dodge a shot. I’d have to go with Howard here. Luke was bold enough to shoot at Superman, but he’s really not used to being in a combat situation at all. Howard is a crook who goes around robbing people so he’s at least got experience and seems to be more athletic. This is a fight he’s got in the bag. Howard Aguello wins.

Martin Riggs vs Luke Benson


This is a tribute to Lethal Weapon. Martin looked pretty good here. He made the shots when needed and was critical in stopping the villains. Without him the heroes would have been absolutely doomed. Luke is a decent shot and can hit people right in front of him, but that’s really all we know. Luke also doesn’t have Martin’s expert hand to hand training so that’s another strike against him. Luke’s gonna have to hit the gym if he wants to win this one. Martin Riggs wins.

Luke Benson vs Predator

This is a tribute to the Predator movie. While the Predator was up against tough odds he was still able to go through with his usual hunt. His shoulder cannon is definitely useful and I also did enjoy the laugh. Luke may have a gun of his own, but it’s not going to do a whole lot of good for him here. This Predator is simply too tough and would win the match in an instant. Predator wins.

Discord vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Discord is the embodiment of chaos and his abilities are quite impressive. It’ll be very hard to take him down with a bullet. While Discord’s reality manipulation is mainly just good for buying time, he’s still got enough offensive power to take down someone like Luke. There really isn’t much of anything that Luke can do to fight his way back against Discord here. He’s just completely out of his league and as his world literally turns upside down he’s just gonna get confused. Discord wins.

Frank Moses vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Luke is definitely one of those guys who is ready to cause a scene no matter where he is at. In a way he’s fairly brave yet that’s just a cover. In actuality he is quite frightened and that’s why he tries to stand up to guys like Superman. He wouldn’t last a minute against a real fighter like Frank. Frank’s an excellent gunman and won’t back down no matter who his opponent is. Frank Moses wins.

Daniel LaRusso vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel LaRusso is a pretty tough kid. In fact, he could beat Luke Benson in a fight at this point since he had time to grow up and knows martial arts. However, he will still taste defeat in this round since Benson has a gun. I don’t care how great of a fighter you are, you just aren’t going to beat someone with a gun unless you have some kind of super abilities or are in a convenient situation. Luke Benson wins.