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Road Runner vs L

Suggested by Destroyer It looks like L is going to have to take an L here. I don’t see how he can keep up with Road Runner’s speed. This is the kind of fight where intellect is ultimately thwarted by the fact that L is completely outmatched in every physical area. At that point what more can the detective even hope to accomplish? He’s simply out of his league and he knows it. Road Runner wins.

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One Above All vs L

Suggested by Anonymous One Above All is probably one of the most intimidating characters in history. Even his name helps to foreshadow the incredible amount of hype that he brings to the table. Still, it will not be enough to stop L. L may not have seen too much action over the years bit he is a great detective and did take Light to a stand still in fisticuffs. I’d take his practical experience over TOAA’s hype and vague sayings any day. L is just the kind of guy who delivers when it counts. L wins.

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L vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Anon L is a great detective but that doesn’t mean much against an opponent like Yami Yugi. Yugi is already a very tactical fighter who knows how to be ten steps ahead of the opponent. While L may be more of a genius in the conventional sense, Yami can certainly keep up and make this a very close competition. Throw in his monsters and it isn’t even fair. Even without the legion of beasts at his disposal, Yami’s supernatural abilities would be too much for L. Yami Yugi wins

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Kiva vs L

L is another great detective to face off against Kiva, but he doesn’t have any superhuman abilities that will let him keep up with Kiva’s speed. As it stands, a single blow from Kiva would end the fight here as L simply could not survive that amount of destructive force. L will be sure to make a lot of deductions during the fight, but those insights will not be enough to grant him the win. Kiva wins.