Road Runner vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Luke Benson is a tough guy who really wanted to give Superman the hands but ultimately he fell short. The guy just didn’t have what it takes! Sometimes that just tends to happen in the end. Well, the Road Runner will be defeating this guy too. Benson’s best technique here is absolutely the fact that he has a gun with real bullets but Road Runner is easily a bullet timer. That creature can outrun the bullet without even breaking a sweat. That’s what it means to have true power. Benson has no other options. Road Runner wins.

Road Runner vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer The Road Runner has a solid amount of speed. Howard can’t hope to land a single shot with his bullets on a foe like this. Everything he tries will get absolutely blasted back in his face which doesn’t bode well for his chances of survival here. While the Road Runner may be lacking in offensive moves, you don’t need much when you have this level of speed. Even a normal attack will get amplified to a high level if delivered with enough force. Road Runner wins.

Road Runner vs L

Suggested by Destroyer It looks like L is going to have to take an L here. I don’t see how he can keep up with Road Runner’s speed. This is the kind of fight where intellect is ultimately thwarted by the fact that L is completely outmatched in every physical area. At that point what more can the detective even hope to accomplish? He’s simply out of his league and he knows it. Road Runner wins.

Road Runner vs Nemu

Suggested by Destroyer I didn’t expect Road Runner to take so many losses but here we are. Nemu has super strength as well as speed and that makes her a very dangerous opponent. She can actually move faster than Road Runner in a fight and that is going to be pretty hard to overcome. You can’t beat someone who is faster and stronger than you. Nemu wins.

Road Runner vs Battra

Suggested by Destroyer Battra is a tough Kaiju and can fire off some energy blasts. That is already enough to give him a pretty good edge over Road Runner. Road Runner just doesn’t have any attacks that can really deal any damage. Battra could endure all of the charges and kicks and will eventually land a hit. That one hit is enough to claim victory and will be the end of the match. Battra wins.

Road Runner vs Lust

Suggested by Destroyer Road Runner is a pretty fast bird and that has worked out pretty well for him over the years. That being said, Lust would have an easy time catching him. Her spikes are quite lethal and she also has a solid regeneration ability. Road Runner will have to approach at some point to deal damage and that is when Lust will be able to quickly counter. The Runner has no chance here. Lust wins.

Road Runner vs Pride

Suggested by Destroyer Pride has control over the shadows and can easily throw a bunch of stab attacks at Road Runner until one lands. Road Runner can run and dodge for a while but eventually he will be caught. Defense can work for a while but eventually it will run out and you will be tagged. Game over. Pride wins.

Spinosaurus vs Road Runner

Road runner is a very fast little guy and some would probably call him the most likable speedster. Speed can only get you so far though and he is lucky to have acquired a sword during his travels or the Spinosaurus would have won, simply because of his defense. The sword helps to negate that factor as solid steel can definitely pierce the beast. Road Runner wins.

Woody Woodpecker vs Road Runner

Woody Woodpecker is a pretty tough guy, but in the end he won’t be able to win this round. Road Runner is just too fast and his hand to hand skills aren’t that bad either. Road Runner is one of those guys that you don’t want to mess with and now we know why! Road Runner wins.

Road Runner vs Spica

Road Runner has speed that’s so great he can even take down Spica. Spica may know some hand to hand skills and can use them to take down other opponents, but it’s not enough to take down Road Runner. Spica drops down the ranks with this loss, but maybe one day she’ll be back. Road Runner wins.