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Road Runner vs Nemu

Suggested by Destroyer I didn’t expect Road Runner to take so many losses but here we are. Nemu has super strength as well as speed and that makes her a very dangerous opponent. She can actually move faster than Road Runner in a fight and that is going to be pretty hard to overcome. You can’t beat someone who is faster and stronger than you. Nemu wins.

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Spongebob vs Nemu

Spongebob is back once again and he’s definitely not going to go down without a fight! Unfortunately for Spongebob…he doesn’t really have any cool abilities at his disposal. Nemu could quickly dispatch him with a single strike and that would be the end for our famous underwater hero. Hopefully his losing streak will end here. Nemu wins.

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Count Olaf vs Nemu

Nemu is a pretty decent fighter in the world of Bleach and she can certainly hold her own against Count Olaf. She has the speed advantage in this round and she’s also a better hand to hand fighter. Count Olaf would be wise to remember how powerful she is and to quickly surrender as soon as the match begins. Nemu wins.