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Pac Man vs Pretty Boy

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Pac Man to go on a roll. He may not be known as a big powerhouse in the world of gaming, but he’s a lot tougher than you’d expect. Pac Man has elemental powers at his disposal and a reasonable amount of super strength. Pretty Boy’s laser blasts would likely deal some serious damage if they were to land, but I don’t think he’ll be landing quite as many shots as he would like. Pac Man is simply too fast. Pac Man wins.

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Pretty Boy vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer Pretty Boy may have a cool name but that is no substitute for actual skill and finesse. Pyrrha will quickly show Pretty Boy why she is in a completely different league from him. A single hit from her shield or spear will likely take him down for the count and he may not even be able to react to the quick attack. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

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Pretty Boy vs Cinnamon

Pretty Boy may have a gun, but that’s not enough to stop Cinnamon. While Cinnamon’s mostly a healer she can still fight well enough to take Pretty Boy down. Pretty Boy has lost a lot of battles over the years because he’s just too weak to win against tough opponents. That’s why Cinnamon gets a win. Cinnamon wins.

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Mephiles vs Pretty Boy

Uh oh Spagetti O Drop Back and Jump Ahead Lazerman vs Air Rider the big match……….NO instead Mephiles is back to take on Pretty Boy. Pretty Boy is a guy who couldn’t think of a better name and that’s why in this blog he’s as good as dead. At 0-2 that’s not good for him. Mephiles wins.