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Black Doom vs Mephiles

Both of these fighters are some of Sonic’s strongest opponents! It actually may be more accurate to say “Shadow enemies” but either one works. Black Doom and Mephiles both have stronger forms at their disposal and can easily destroy whole planets. Black Doom is more of a completely offensive fighter while Mephiles has a mix of attack and defense. Mephiles can create force fields which will minimize the damage that Black Doom can deal, while draining his health with the occasional energy blast. After a hard fought battle, Black Doom will go down. Mephiles wins.

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Scourge vs Mephiles

Scourge makes his blog debut. He’s up against the undefeated Mephiles. Super Scourge was able to fend off Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, and many more teaming up…and even beat them! That’s a pretty big feat, of course Mephiles won’t lose to him. Mephiles is unbeatable and can take down anyone in his way. Mephiles wins.

Scourge seems like a tougher character. Scourge wins.

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Bionic Bunny vs Mephiles

Bionic Bunny is back, but this time he will experience his first ever loss. Not even he can take down Mephiles. Mephiles is a being of pure power and can defeat anyone. Bionic Bunny takes a loss, but overall is still doing pretty good in the blog. Maybe someday he’ll come back for more fights. Mephiles wins.