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Severus Snape vs Desertman

Suggested by Megapot Network Snape is certainly a popular Harry Potter character and a good fighter as well. He’s definitely not someone that you want to underestimate. Still, I don’t think that he will be quite ready to handle someone like Desertman. Desertman is hard to handle thanks to the fact that he can turn into sand. Good luck hitting him with a spell and his Sand Lions are very quick. Snape can’t block them all and will eventually be defeated. Desertman wins.

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Imhotep vs Desertman

Sand users don’t get much cooler than Desertman! He really captures the image of how one would expect a sand user to look. It should also be noted that Desertman is pretty powerful and he’s way above Imhotep’s league. Imhotep seriously wouldn’t stand a chance against someone like Desertman. Desertman is immortal after all! Desertman wins.

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Megaman vs Desertman

Desertman is definitely a strong netnavi. With his regenrative powers and overall skills he can fight with the best of them! Of course Megaman’s still in another league. With one Hubstyle Blast he can take out nearly any opponent! Desertman drops down the ranks with this loss, but he’ll be back. Megaman wins.

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Cloud vs Desertman

Desertman is a navi that’s hard to beat. With his sand powers if he’s slashed he just breaks and comes back together. It’s near impossible to stop him for long. Of course Cloud is an extremely powerful swordsman so it’s no great feat for him to completely eradicate Desertman. Desertman won’t be able to come back together. Cloud wins.

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Desertman vs Groundman

Groundman is back but this just isn’t his match. Desertman is not quite strong as Pharohman but he’s strong enough to finish Groundman off. One good thing for Groundman is that once all of the strong people have passed he can beat the weak people. Hopefully it happens soon. Desertman wins.

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Desertman vs Gutsman

Desertman is a navi that is potentialy FATAL for Gutsman. Desertman is just too powerful. Gutsman has his gutshammer which worked on Greenman…..but let’s face it, anything could have beaten Greenman. A lot of people have never even heard of a Greenman. Also Megaman stopped Gutsman’s biggest punch with one hand. Desertman wins.