Arno Stark vs Megaman

Suggested by Jman Arno Stark may not be as popular as the main Ironman, but he’s got some pretty good armors too. This one is likely his most iconic one. It’s got a pretty sinister look to it and could even give Megaman’s Metal Soul a run for its money. Megaman ultimately has the more versatile array of attacks and forms though. His physical stats are also on a completely different league next to Arno’s which is what really seals the deal here. Arno just won’t be able to keep up. Megaman wins.

Megaman vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman vs Robin! Oh no, I’m not about to say that Megaman can defeat Batman am I? Well…..yeah, that’s basically what I’m about to say. Megaman is even stronger than the mighty Son Goku thanks to his manga series and there’s no way that Batman could hope to keep up with Megaman’s speed or power. Megaman is simply too powerful and he has many super forms that increase his abilities even further. Megaman wins.

Megaman Trigger vs Megaman

MegaMan EXE Trigger
Megaman Trigger may have a Mega Buster at the ready, but he’s no match for the true Megaman. Megaman EXE is easily the most dangerous fighter on the playing field as far as his various versions are concerned. Megaman EXE has just about all of Megaman Trigger’s abilities, but they have all been amped up to new heights. Megaman Trigger wouldn’t stand a chance and not even Legends 3 would have saved him. Megaman wins.

Megaman vs Vegeta

Megaman is one of the strongest characters in all of media. He even took out Goku in an earlier match! Unfortunately for Goku, he is dealing with a Saiyan Prince this time! Vegeta has access to SSJ4 Gogeta so his stats should be enough to keep Megaman at bay. Not even Hubstyle would be able to halt Vegeta’s fury. Vegeta wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Vegeta is powerful but like Goku I’m afraid that he has to take the slight loss here. Megaman will just prove to be too powerful. Megaman wins.

Quest vs Megaman

Megaman is known as one of the ultimate fighters on the blog and he even managed to defeat Goku! That’s definitely a true feat and it shows just how skilled he has become. Quest may give every match his all, but it just won’t be enough to defeat the Blue Bomber. Megaman continues to improve his impressive record. Megaman wins.

Megaman vs Mega Man

Megaman is one of the strongest characters in existence and he’s one of the few beings to be able to fight Bass and actually live. That being said, he wouldn’t exist if not for the classic Mega Man! Mega Man was pretty impressive back in his day and he does have a lot of strength and speed at his disposal. Unfortunately, it just won’t be enough to stop one of the highest ranked characters in all of media. Hubstyle is just too powerful! Megaman wins.

Kamina vs Megaman

Kamina is back yet again. He may have some mild sword skills, but Megaman is his superior in all areas. Kamina just can’t hope to match up against such natural skill. Megaman has Hubstyle mode and one good blast will incinerate everything that’s around him. Kamina takes a tough loss with this round. Megaman wins.

Rossiu vs Megaman

Megaman has Hubstyle at his side and one good punch could likely take out a planet. Rossiu is easily out of his league in this round and he just doesn’t have what it takes to defeat this guy. Rossiu drops down the ranks once again with this loss. He’s definitely nowhere near Megaman level and takes a big loss. Megaman wins.

Dark Schneider vs Megaman

Dark Schneider has faced some pretty tough opponents and it seems like he is destined to keep fighting high ranked opponents. As you know from the Megaman vs Goku match, I place his skills in high regard. Megaman’s speed is out of this world and his power is basically limitless. Megaman has a large variety of super forms and special abilities at his disposal.

Dark Schneider has a lot of abilities of his own and his power/speed are some of the best in media. He has regeneration and barriers that would stop most attacks. In this round, Megaman’s best option is to ditch his tricks and just engage Dark Schneider in a close range combat fight. Megaman’s speed may be the (2nd) greatest in all of media and I don’t think anyone could keep up. As long as he has his Cyber Sword out, he can do some major slashing while speed blitzing. Of course, if he enters Hubstyle, then it’s all over. Megaman wins.

Alex Hopper vs Megaman

Alex Hopper is back, but his gun won’t be able to do any damage to someone as powerful as Megaman. One blast from Megaman could shatter whole planets. His speed is enough to circle the planet many times in an instant. Alex Hopper won’t be able to comprehend such abilities and he would just lose. Megaman wins.