Megaman vs Goku

Now this is a close match! Megaman and Goku are some of the strongest beings in existence! Megaman is usually not seen as Goku level, but the manga changed all of that! Now we’ve got a Megaman who’s extremely fast and easily a planet buster! Now that’d power! For this battle we’ll go one attribute at a time.

Speed. Megaman wins this category. In Gogeta SSJ4 Goku is definitely fast and much faster than light, but I’d say Megaman’s definitely faster. It’s close, but not extremely close, Megaman has shown that he could keep up with an ultimately powerful Bass in the past!

Energy Blasts. This one’s a lot tougher than deciding the speed. Both Megaman and Goku have shown extremely destructive beams. Goku is easily a Solar System buster and Megaman’s easily a planet buster. The question is….Could Megaman blow up a solar system? I like to think so! Still Goku may have the slight advantage in this area.

Finally, let’s go with raw power! Yeah, I’m going with Megaman on this. He was able to punch Bass into the ground so fast you couldn’t even see the punch! Goku’s also extremely powerful, but not quite as powerful.

Overall normal Megaman could beat base Goku pretty easily. Hubstyle takes down SSJ1, SSJ2, and SSJ3. And Bass Soul takes down the rest. Goku’s strong, but it seems that he finally met his match! Megaman wins.

Fanfic version below

Battle Time!

44 thoughts on “Megaman vs Goku

    • Gogeta is incredibly powerful and fast. But Megaman is even faster. His speed is so fast it’s impossible to measure! Not even Gogeta could keep up with his speed, plus his power is also extreme. These are two of the strongest beings in all of media so it would make for a great fight!

  1. The way you portray MegaMan is way too much. He couldn’t even destroy the planet alone without being on Bass’s level. Bass alone at the end of the Manga could do it but at the point when Bass was fighting Proto-Soul MegaMan he was only, at best in reality, as strong as a Super Nuke. He could destroy a country at best. But a planet is only being generous. Goku when he first fought Vegeta was about as strong as Bass would have been at the end of the NT Warrior Manga. These levels are outrageously exaggerated for MegaMan characters. Except for Bass. He is a rare exception but only about as strong as Goku when Goku first fought Vegeta.

    • When Bass first appeared in volume 3 he was already much faster than light and a casual planet buster. By the end of the series it’s scary how powerful he was! No being in all of media could have taken him down! Trust me, Megaman is one of the few franchises that can keep up with DBZ!

  2. this is poo you said goku is only faster than light in ssj4 NOO at ssj4 he could go from earth to a different planet if he could breathe in space i a second. In energy blast u said solar system buster, no he’s a universe buster in ssj3, he’s a galaxy buster i ssj4, what’s megaman a planet yes, but galaxy please. Then it was about goku not strong enough, who can punch a planet and make it blow up, GOKU that’s who. I mean i admit bass soul is strong but i just don’t see it beating ssj4 ok that’s just my opinion.

    • Wait, I never said he wasn’t a Galaxy Buster or far faster than light. Goku’s one of the strongest beings in all of media! I completely agree with that. It’s just that Megaman is so powerful. With Hubstyle he was already catching up too Goku in speed. Maybe not power, but then he got Beast Out and Bass Soul. With those his speed went even more up and likewise with his power. I just don’t think Goku would be fast enough to defeat him. Speed is Megaman’s greatest advantage. Still, I think it would be a great fight!

  3. Yeah, ssj1 is a planet buster because when fighting frieza who was a planet buster, he defeated him, ssj2 is solar system because of gohan and cell ssj3 ismust better and faster plus his kio ken im not so sure ssj 4could destroy rhe universe, but maybe a dimmension
    Megaman vs sasuke
    Everyone knows megaman could kill him he has his bass fusion form so if he looses that means he could kill bass (he being sasuke)

    • Well, Goku was a Planet Buster back when he was way weaker than that. Maybe even 50X weaker. Planet Busting was done back with power levels of only around 18000. Goku’s is over 1 mil in Super saiyan 1.

      Megaman vs Sasuke accepted!

      We’ll see who wins I guess eh? Still, having Bass form isn’t being Bass B)

      • Master roschi can destroy moon, probably krillin can destroy planet. He has 150 power leve – goku have hundreds millions

      • Yeah, Goku is incredibly powerful and one of the strongest characters in fiction, but I don’t think he could take Megaman down

  4. Dbz is the 3rd most powerfull series next to megaman and the golden saint saga

  5. Its my x box live username and my cousins playstation network username. Howd u come up with dreager?

  6. No duh Megaman can’t fuse into BassCrossMegaMan if Bass isn’t there, and knowing his pride, I don’t think he would allow it.

  7. For once, I agree with dreager. Despite everyone’s opinion, goku at ssj4 is only a solar system buster. Those who think he is a universe buster think about this, a universe buster is a character that can COMPLETELY obliterate an entire universe with only one attack. The only way goku can win is if dreager allows the fusion of gogeta and vegito to create gogito!

  8. Just My Opinion, Goku Is Way Stronger Than Hub Style Megaman.EXE. Not Saying Megaman.EXE Is Weak, I Just Think Goku Is Stronger Due To His Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan X10 Kaioken! With That Much Power At His Disposal, He Could Beat Almost Anyone In Media, With The Exception Of Darkseid, Unicron, The One Above All, The Phoenix Force, Galactus, And Zeno. Still A Great Fight!

    • Fair enough. I’d actually put Goku at 3rd myself, right behind Megaman and Bass. He is exceptionally strong and I look forward to seeing him get more and more super forms over the years

  9. Also, I Agree Gogeta Is NOT A Universe Buster, I Think He Is Multi-Galaxy At Best, But With The Kaioken, Who Knows? Maybe He Could Be A Universe Buster.

  10. What If Gogeta Used Something Like A Full Power X100 Kamehameha WITH The Kaioken X10? Now That Could Destroy A Universe I Think.

      • Mastered Ultra Instinct takes Bass.EXE down anytime, anywhere. He can auto-dodge anything, counter anything, and move like 10,000X times the speed of light.

      • Well you’re not wrong about Goku’s abilities here. At the same time I think I must point out that as strong as Goku is, he still hasn’t dealt with anyone nearly as powerful as Bass.

  11. To be honest, we can include the updated transformations that Goku now has. That is the super saiyan god(ssjg) to mastered ultra instinct(mui). That would surpass megaman in terms of speed and power. Considering the ultra instinct’s speed and the dodgings which are a last minute’s ones, megaman may not comprehend the power of ultra instinct, including the offense output. Even with the energy beams that Kefla shot at Goku, Goku is still able to dodge it. This hints to us that no matter the attacks that megaman can come like that of Kefla, Goku would still dodge those incoming ones. The only problem is that the strain ultra instinct puts on user, which Goku only could output to this long only. But I had like to see the outcome though.

    • Well, that’s true. With Goku’s new forms this match is always one of those really tough ones. Surely at this point he would be able to take down Megaman right? It’s a much tougher matchup than you would think at first glance though just because at these higher levels of power it becomes super hard to scale. Megaman was holding his own against Bass and Goku with Jiren. Both are in the top 10 fighters of all time. I think this is a match that could possibly end up tipping and then Goku would be the 2nd strongest character in media but I definitely have to think about it a bit.

      • Hello. Those megaman powers are they from some manga or some game? I did not know that megaman possessed those powers

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