Veldora vs Goku

Now this is a fight that had to happen since these are two fighters who have both mastered the Kamehameha technique to a high level. A single blow from that attack can destroy a whole lot and it’s why the ability is so feared. Goku can certainly overpower him in the inevitable beam struggle though and that will be the end of the storm dragon. There are very few who can match Goku. Goku wins.

Tonkachi vs Goku

Tonkachi may be a good builder and has a degree of super strength, but I don’t think that’s enough to put him on Goku’s level. Ultimately Goku is the kind of guy who can destroy whole universes and move faster than light. Tonkachi hasn’t shown that he has anywhere near that level of ability and that’s why he will have to hold this L. Building houses didn’t prepare him to fight a Saiyan. Goku wins.

Goku vs Hearts

Hearts is one of the most powerful opponents that Goku has ever fought. This is the man who wasn’t even afraid of Zeno and that means a lot. Still, Goku will ultimately be able to triumph here with his Ultra Instinct mode. Hearts is powerful and can read the heart but it’s a lot more difficult to read pure instinct. Throw in the fact that Goku is more of a veteran in combat and that’s a wrap. Goku wins.

Lagss vs Goku

Lagss is a character we still don’t know a whole lot about. She was able to best Goku at one point but just how strong is she? Either way, as considerable as her abilities are, I don’t see her beating a well rested Goku. With his full abilities at the ready there are very few who can hope to defeat him. Lagss isn’t one of them at the moment. Goku wins.

Mori Jin vs Goku

Mori Jin and Goku are both characters based on the famous journey story from ages ago. It only makes sense that they should fight. As powerful as Jin is with his cool feat of beating 200 quadrillion planet busters in a single shot, he’s not going to do much to Goku. Goku is still faster and stronger. There are very few opponents who can take Goku down and Jin isn’t one of them. He still has chances to get more powerful but I don’t love his odds of surpassing Goku. Goku wins.

Jinsung Ha vs Goku

Jinsung Ha is a pretty excellent hand to hand fighter and is all about training the next generation. That said, he would not stand a chance against Goku in any physical aspects. Goku is on a completely different level although he would enjoy the chance to have a good spar for a while there. Goku wins.

Monster Carrot vs Goku

The Monster Carrot is a pretty small villain in Dragon Ball to the point where I didn’t even remember hearing about the guy. He was recently brought up in some interesting reddit threads so I had to look the guy up and feature him on the blog. Considering that he’s an early stage Dragon Ball villain he won’t be able to do anything to current Goku though. This match would be over as soon as it started. Goku wins.

Steel Massimo vs Goku

Suggested by Dende Steel Massimo is a pretty tough guy. In Command Mission he was always a valuable guy to have on your squad because of how he could end anyone with an energy blast from his axe. He’s not anywhere close to being fast enough to keep up with Goku here though. His power just won’t make a difference if he can’t even land a hit on the Saiyan after all. Goku’s just on a completely different level and it shows here. Goku wins.

Goku vs Deku

Deku wants to be the world’s number one hero, but he definitely isn’t ready for that title yet. He would need to aspire to be someone like Goku who has held the mantle for a very long time in his universe. Deku is pretty strong but definitely not in quite the same league. Goku can end whole universes in a single shot while Deku would likely still be country level at the moment. Nothing to sneeze at mind you, but still not on Goku’s level quite yet. Goku wins.

Cumber vs Goku

Cumber is one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters of all time and I was definitely impressed with him. It took everything Goku had in order to take him on and then some. Cumber would ultimately fall to him even in a rematch but the fact that it is so close is what’s truly impressive here. Both of these fighters will only continue to grow stronger from here and remain among the top 1% of all fictional characters in terms of power and ability. It’s just really hard to take them down for the count. Goku wins.