Tatsumi vs Goku

Suggested by Random Tatsumi is a tough guy but to defeat Goku you have to be at a far higher level. You have to be able to move massively faster than the speed of light. Tatsumi would also need to be able to destroy planets on a whim which doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. No matter how you slice it, he is no match for Goku but maybe he will be someday. Goku wins.


Akame vs Goku

Suggested by Random Akame is a talented sword fighter and her speed is quite impressive. She has won many battles with her impressive talents. That being said, she is outmatched against an opponent as formidable as Goku. He can end the whole solar system in a single shot if he so desires. There really isn’t much Akame can do to combat that. Goku wins.

Marcus vs Goku

Suggested by Destroyer Marcus is an awesome character and his punches are even able to hurt Mega level Digimon. That is no small feat but Goku is still quite a bit stronger. Moreover, Goku has many transformations and can also teleport. Marcus doesn’t have an answer for these options and won’t be able to keep up with Goku for long. This is the true power of a saiyan. Goku wins.

Phantomon vs Goku

Suggested by Patrick Moore The title may say Phantomon, but lets face it, he’ll need his Dynasmon evolution to keep up with Goku. Now the question is…will it be enough? I don’t think so because Goku’s stats are on another level. His Super Saiyan 2 mode was able to blow up Solar Systems and we have to multiply that by almost infinity with all of the boosts that he has gotten since then. Dynasmon is fairly quick and has a lot of destructive power, but he is simply outmatched in all of the relevant combat areas. Goku will be speedblitzing him for days. Goku wins.

Star Lord vs Goku

This is a tribute to Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2. Star Lord didn’t look so great this time as he kept getting hit by the same attack over and over again. He’s gotta learn to keep his shield up and prepare for these hits. I’ll give him some mild points for effort though. Still, Goku could just end the planet and that would be it. Nothing Star Lord can do about that. Goku wins.

Goku vs Hit

Hit may have won his first round, but it’s time to remind the world who the strongest Dragon Ball character is. Goku cannot be defeated and his power continues to rise. He may face off against opponents who can temporarily hold their own and those who test his limits, but Goku is never surpassed. His Saiyan abilities are just unparalleled and with each new form he gets, the more everyone else is left in the dust. Hit is a cool villain though and it’ll be cool to see him stick around. Goku wins.

Gregory vs Goku

Gregory is a very fast little guy and even Goku had a tough time catching him. That being said, the difference in striking power will be decisive here. Gregory can land thousands of blows on Goku and they would have no effect. On the other hand, Goku could just power up and his aura should be enough to blow Gregory away. I don’t see how the little guy could ever hope to win the round and for those reasons…he’s out. Goku wins.

King Piccolo vs Goku

King Piccolo returns once again, but it’s for his second straight loss as he goes up against the Saiyan of Legend! Goku has gotten much stronger through training and his many clashes. King Piccolo can’t say the same so he’s really been left in the dust at this point. It’s been a rough two battles for him, but sometimes that’s just how it goes. Maybe he’ll get a film where he returns someday. Goku wins.

Goku vs Frieza

This is a tribute to the latest DBZ film, Resurrection ‘F’! Goku vs Frieza is a fan favorite fight from the classic days of DBZ and it really helped many people enter the world of anime. Adding Frieza back into the series was pretty awesome and the villain even gained some new abilities to make him a threat once more. The power levels were a little wonky, but the fight was a lot of fun and these two will always make for great rivals. I’d say that it’s clear who the stronger fighter is and Goku will never let himself be defeated by Frieza, but it’s a good match up all the same and even a little surprising that this fight had not happened yet. I still consider Goku to be the second strongest non high above character of all time and those wins continue to accumulate for him! Goku wins!

Goku vs Beyonder

The Beyonder is one of Marvel’s stronger beings and especially before the retcon. His powers were just about unstoppable for the heroes. That being said, he never faced someone quite like Goku. Goku’s speed will suffice for him to evade the Beyonder’s attacks and a good Kamehameha would get through his defenses. The Beyonder does well when he’s in control of the battle, but the tide will quickly shift once Goku starts to get serious. The Beyonder just won’t be able to dodge Goku’s unrelenting attacks. Goku wins.