Woltekamui vs Goku

Now we’ve made it to a milestone as this is Goku’s 200th win on the site! Only a handful of other fighters have ever made it this far so it really is quite impressive. Woltekamui always wants a worthy fight and who better than the living legend himself right? Goku is a legacy class character at this point with how everyone acknowledges him as one of the all time greats. He’s absolutely going to take the win rather handily here. Woltekamui can move faster than light but Goku’s been doing that for ages. Goku wins.

Goku vs Aeos

Aeos is one of the strongest characters in all of Dragon Ball. She achieved this strength the instant she was able to hold her own against Goku’s initial Ultra Instinct stage. It’s a very impressive feat on her end but that being said, Goku still has the edge here. If he enters his mastered form or a fusion of some kind then that will be curtains for Aeos. There won’t be any coming back from that and at the end of the day nobody is taking Goku down. Goku wins.

Yujiro Hanma vs Goku

Yujiro Hanma is all about raw power and has the muscles to prove it. The guy is a beast in combat but ultimately Goku would still have this. Goku learned a long time ago that in addition to developing your body to its physical peak that you also needed to hone your battle instincts and fight with a lot of strategy. He would be able to use Yujiro’s strength against him and dominate this fight. Goku wins.

Yato vs Goku

Goku is the kind of character who surpasses the gods in his verse with sheer training and ability. So Yato’s title won’t scare him in the slightest. Goku’s not the kind of guy to back down at all and he continues to grow stronger and stronger. Yato will have his hands full just trying to keep up with him. Once Goku goes all out then even that much will be impossible. Goku wins.

Pisces Albafica vs Goku

Pisces Albafica is a Gold Saint and as a result he’s definitely not someone that you want to underestimate. If you make contact with his blood then you will instantly die, at least this is true for many characters. Goku is protected by his aura and at the end of the day he’s also a whole lot stronger and faster than Pisces. There is no Gold Saint who would be able to defeat him in combat. It’s just not happening. Goku wins.

Veldora vs Goku

Now this is a fight that had to happen since these are two fighters who have both mastered the Kamehameha technique to a high level. A single blow from that attack can destroy a whole lot and it’s why the ability is so feared. Goku can certainly overpower him in the inevitable beam struggle though and that will be the end of the storm dragon. There are very few who can match Goku. Goku wins.

Tonkachi vs Goku

Tonkachi may be a good builder and has a degree of super strength, but I don’t think that’s enough to put him on Goku’s level. Ultimately Goku is the kind of guy who can destroy whole universes and move faster than light. Tonkachi hasn’t shown that he has anywhere near that level of ability and that’s why he will have to hold this L. Building houses didn’t prepare him to fight a Saiyan. Goku wins.

Goku vs Hearts

Hearts is one of the most powerful opponents that Goku has ever fought. This is the man who wasn’t even afraid of Zeno and that means a lot. Still, Goku will ultimately be able to triumph here with his Ultra Instinct mode. Hearts is powerful and can read the heart but it’s a lot more difficult to read pure instinct. Throw in the fact that Goku is more of a veteran in combat and that’s a wrap. Goku wins.

Lagss vs Goku

Lagss is a character we still don’t know a whole lot about. She was able to best Goku at one point but just how strong is she? Either way, as considerable as her abilities are, I don’t see her beating a well rested Goku. With his full abilities at the ready there are very few who can hope to defeat him. Lagss isn’t one of them at the moment. Goku wins.

Mori Jin vs Goku

Mori Jin and Goku are both characters based on the famous journey story from ages ago. It only makes sense that they should fight. As powerful as Jin is with his cool feat of beating 200 quadrillion planet busters in a single shot, he’s not going to do much to Goku. Goku is still faster and stronger. There are very few opponents who can take Goku down and Jin isn’t one of them. He still has chances to get more powerful but I don’t love his odds of surpassing Goku. Goku wins.