Goku vs Ken Kaneki


Suggested by Anime Slip Stream Ken Kaneki is a strong fighter and excels at close quarters combat. His bite would certainly be fatal to many opponents. However, I wonder if he could bite through Goku’s aura. Even if he could, landing that hit will be nearly impossible. Goku’s speed is far greater than that of Ken’s and his attack power is also on another level. Ken would need a crazy boost to even come close to stopping this Saiyan. Goku wins.


Ragyo vs Goku


Suggested by Random Ragyo is a very intimidating figure. One look at her design and you know that she can fight. That being said, Goku knows a thing or two about combat as well. I reckon he can pull ahead in this round with some well placed energy blasts and fisticuffs. One of Goku’s greatest assets is his incredible speed which makes even his normal attacks quite lethal. Goku wins.

Goku vs Toppo

Toppo is a pretty strong fighter but I definitely wouldn’t take him over the legendary Son Goku. Goku has always been known as one of the strongest fighters in all of media. While he has temporarily been surpassed at times, he always trains and gets right back on the saddle. Goku can quickly use his Super Saiyan 4 or Ultra Instinct forms to quickly take Toppa down for the count. Goku wins.

Goku vs Esdeath

Suggested by Random Esdeath can control ice with great precision. Fighting her is a chilling experience for the average fighter but Goku is no stranger to the cold. He once took on Android 13 in frigid conditions after all ad still appeared to be able to fight normally Esdeath is strong but the fact of the matter is that Goku is just a lot stronger and faster. He could end the whole star system with a single shot. Goku wins.

Goku vs Monaka

Monaka may be known as the world’s strongest warrior but his abilities are highly overrated. Goku was able to land a surprise blow on him after all and that was without even going Super Saiyan. I predict the battle will be over in mere moments. One Kamehameha or energy punch will suffice. Maybe Monaka will realize his true power some day, but I wouldn’t count on it. Goku wins.

Ash vs Goku

This is a tribute to the recent Pokemon movie. Ash didn’t look very good this time around so as you can expect he was due for a loss. Goku is one of the strongest warriors out there and I don’t think many doubt that at this point. With the powers of a Super Saiyan at his disposal, I’m afraid that Ash just doesn’t stand a chance. His army of Pokemon will all fall in line as soon as Goku powers up. Goku wins.

Tatsumi vs Goku

Suggested by Random Tatsumi is a tough guy but to defeat Goku you have to be at a far higher level. You have to be able to move massively faster than the speed of light. Tatsumi would also need to be able to destroy planets on a whim which doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. No matter how you slice it, he is no match for Goku but maybe he will be someday. Goku wins.

Akame vs Goku

Suggested by Random Akame is a talented sword fighter and her speed is quite impressive. She has won many battles with her impressive talents. That being said, she is outmatched against an opponent as formidable as Goku. He can end the whole solar system in a single shot if he so desires. There really isn’t much Akame can do to combat that. Goku wins.

Marcus vs Goku

Suggested by Destroyer Marcus is an awesome character and his punches are even able to hurt Mega level Digimon. That is no small feat but Goku is still quite a bit stronger. Moreover, Goku has many transformations and can also teleport. Marcus doesn’t have an answer for these options and won’t be able to keep up with Goku for long. This is the true power of a saiyan. Goku wins.

Phantomon vs Goku

Suggested by Patrick Moore The title may say Phantomon, but lets face it, he’ll need his Dynasmon evolution to keep up with Goku. Now the question is…will it be enough? I don’t think so because Goku’s stats are on another level. His Super Saiyan 2 mode was able to blow up Solar Systems and we have to multiply that by almost infinity with all of the boosts that he has gotten since then. Dynasmon is fairly quick and has a lot of destructive power, but he is simply outmatched in all of the relevant combat areas. Goku will be speedblitzing him for days. Goku wins.