Saitama vs Goku

Suggested by Son Goruto Uzumaki Saitama is a very powerful fighter who can destroy most opponents with a single attack. That is indeed impressive but I don’t think it will be enough to defeat Goku. Goku is on a whole other level. Once he activates Super Saiyan Blue then the match is all over. Saitama isn’t nearly as fast as Goku nor is his destructive power as high. Goku has got a serious advantage here and his superior martial arts will help as well. Goku wins.


Mercenary Tao vs Goku

Tao isn’t quite ready to handle someone like Goku quite yet. The Mercenary’s hand to hand skills are actually pretty decent but he can’t blow away an entire solar system the way that Goku can. The difference in their abilities is quite evident and I can’t see any possible way for Tao to last very long in this fight. Goku wins.

Goku vs Shallot

Shallot is the main character of the recent Dragon Ball Legends game. He definitely seems like he will be a tough opponent down the road, but at the moment he can’t hope to compete with a fighter as powerful as this Saiyan. Goku can transform and shatter his limits many times over. As of this moment, Shallot can’t even go Super Saiyan. Goku wins.

Zamasu vs Goku

Zamasu is one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters of all time! His power is unprecedented and the same goes for all of his other stats. There are very few fighters in all of the cosmos who can stand up to him. Fortunately for Goku he is one of them. Goku’s power level is almost infinite and he grows stronger with each new arc. He has his Vegito and Gogeta forms at the ready as well so while Zamasu will put up a good fight, Goku will be able to win this round. Goku wins.

Goku vs Botamo

maxresdefault (11)
Botamo is a plot hax character who was actually able to take hits from Goku. The whole fight is a huge stretch of disbelief, but I suppose the important thing to take note of here is that Goku still won in the end. A rematch would end no differently as Goku would be in the driver seat of the match the entire time. There’s just nothing Botamo can do to even make this a close fight as none of his attacks would actually injure a serious Goku. Goku wins.

Enrico Pucci vs Goku


Suggested by Random Enrico Pucci is another foe with time hax who will quickly be taken down a peg or two once Goku steps up to the plate. A quick Kamehameha wave will take Enrico down for he count and he doesn’t have the durability to endure it nor does he have the speed to dodge. With his speeding up time he can try to get fast enough to land a hit on Goku but obtaining that level of speed will simply be too much for him. Goku wins.

Diavolo vs Goku

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Suggested by Random Diavolo won’t stand a chance against someone like Goku. Let me put it this way, Goku is in the top tier among all fighters when it comes to both speed and strength. He can destroy whole universes with a single blast. That’s the kind of power that will scare anyone and this includes Diavolo. He has no means of defending himself here. While deleting 10 seconds of time and seeing the future is handy, Goku is too strong for this to affect him. He can also keep up his Kamehameha for over 10 seconds and the instant it lands then it’s game over. Goku wins.

Funny Valentine vs Goku


Suggested by Random Funny Valentine may have a fairly unique name but that isn’t enough to stop someone like Goku. Goku has the powers of a Super Saiyan at his disposal which allows him to destroy worlds at will. His speed is enough to outmatch at least 99% of other characters in media so he won’t be getting hit unless he allows it. This is the power of Son Goku. Goku wins.

Vanilla Ice vs Goku

Suggested by Random Vanilla Ice continues with the tradition of interesting names from the JoJo series. I certainly wouldn’t mind an Ice Cream right about now. That being said, he can’t hope to stand against Goku for long. Goku is a whole lot stronger than Vanilla and that’s before using any of his transformations. You can’t even compare the two fighters at this point and one MUI powered Kamehameha will certainly win the match. Goku wins.

Mr Mxyzptlk vs Goku

Suggested by iKnowledge Mr. Mxy may have a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but I wouldn’t count on him lasting very long against Goku. A single punch would be enough to take the guy out for the count but Goku could probably just power up to get the same effect. The Saiyan wouldn’t even need any of his Super Saiyan abilities to win here. All Mr. Mxy can do is cause a lot of chaos to at least try and buy some time. That’s his only viable tactic here. Goku wins.