R (GOH) vs Mori Jin

These two went at it in the very first chapter of the series. It was certainly an effective way to introduce both characters even if it would be almost 200 chapters before R would get a serious fight. He’s definitely very strong to be sure but wouldn’t be doing a whole lot against Mori. Mori’s just on a different level. Mori Jin wins.

Mori Jin vs Goku

Mori Jin and Goku are both characters based on the famous journey story from ages ago. It only makes sense that they should fight. As powerful as Jin is with his cool feat of beating 200 quadrillion planet busters in a single shot, he’s not going to do much to Goku. Goku is still faster and stronger. There are very few opponents who can take Goku down and Jin isn’t one of them. He still has chances to get more powerful but I don’t love his odds of surpassing Goku. Goku wins.

Sujin Lee vs Mori Jin

Sujin Lee is a character who I liked a lot in the earlier seasons but she dropped off hard towards the end. All you need to know is that she has slacked off a lot and is addicted to cheeseburgers. Nothing wrong with the latter I suppose but she is no longer on Mori’s level in the slightest. He would have no problem taking her down in a fight even when she activates her ability to block his powers. Mori’s speed and pure technique would still give him the advantage every time. Mori Jin wins.

Ilpyo Park vs Mori Jin

Ilpyo was my favorite character in the show but in the Webtoon he ultimately ended up falling quite hard. I’m not sure if I would even have him in my top 10 anymore. Still, he is powerful so there aren’t too many characters in the verse who could hope to defeat him. Naturally Mori is still one of those fighters though. A few quick combos would take Ilpyo down for the count. Mori Jin wins.

Mori Jin vs Baki Hanma

Mori Jin is an exceptional hand to hand fighter who has mastered many different combat skills. Baki is an expert grappler with super strength, but it’s fair to say that he’s not quite in the same league as Mori. At the end of the day, Mori has seen a lot more action than Baki and has always lived to tell the tale. His feats are at a much higher tier to the point where he could possibly end this in a single blow. Mori Jin wins.