Dr Doom vs Thor

Thor is back, but now he must face his toughest opponent in a while! Dr Doom is pretty smart and has built many impressive devices. He once took control of the Destroyer armor for starts! Not to mention that he gained Odin’s power and his standard armor was enough to let him fight with the Avengers! Thor has obtained those abilities naturally so while they should be comparable in strength, Thor should have the advantage. Thor wins.

6 thoughts on “Dr Doom vs Thor

      • You’re probably right, under normal circumstances Thor would have this one but due to composite rules Doctor Doom has a lot of powerful additional powers

      • Yeah, Dr Doom has gotten so many powers over the years. Aside from Odin, Beyonder, and Destroyer, he’s also gotten the Surfer’s powers. He’s definitely an opponent to be feared

  1. Normally, Thor stomps Doom. However, if Doom has his power ups, then the only versions of Thor that will last one second are Rune and Necro King Thors

    • True, Dr Doom has obtained the Beyonder’s powers as well as Odin’s so he can definitely put up a good fight. It’s definitely good that Thor has his power ups at the ready.

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