Dr Doom vs Shadow

Suggested by Destroyer Shadow is known as the Ultimate Life Form. A being of such immense abilities that nobody can ever hope to defeat him. Dr Doom had the Power Cosmic and the Odin Force which he can use to try and get past Shadow’s defenses, but that doesn’t help get around the speed angle and that’s really where Shadow will shine. He’ll be able to speed blitz his way to victory. Shadow wins.

Superman vs Dr Doom

Suggested by Destroyer Dr Doom is one of the strongest Marvel villains out there, but now he is up against the strongest comic book hero of them all. Superman is definitely not a foe who will go down very easily. His strength is off the charts and he has speed to match. Dr Doom just won’t be able to keep up with him and Superman has decades of fighting experience to further seal the deal. Superman wins.

Accelerator vs Dr Doom

Suggested by Destroyer Accelerator has been through quite a lot over the years. Despite having his mind crushed and physically taking a beating his powers have only improved. He can send most opponents away with a glance or a single movement. While Dr Doom has a lot of abilities and gadgets of his own they won’t ultimately be enough to stop Accelerator. As long as the kid can envision a way to win it’ll ultimately happen. Accelerator wins.

Dr Doom vs Captain Cold

Suggested by Destroyer Doom is back, but going up against Captain Cold is no free win. Cold has developed actual ice abilities so he no longer has to rely on a gun. This is actually a really good upgrade but certainly not enough to tip the scales his way. Doom’s armor is sure to be well insulated and his jet packs give him better mobility. His offensive capabilities are alarming very high so one good hit could end things. Dr Doom wins.

Dr Doom vs Cooler

Suggested by Destroyer Cooler is a pretty impressive DBZ villain who was able to take on Goku and Vegeta. While he never got to Super Saiyan 2 level, this is more than enough to take down Dr Doom. Doom may have obtained the Odin Force and even the Beyonder’s abilities but they are not enough to take on this level of threat. Cooler could speed blitz the good doctor as soon as the match has started. Cooler wins.

Dr Doom vs Wolverine

Dr Doom has recently become just about all powerful in the Secret Wars. He’s no stranger to that level of cosmic ability as he once absorbed Odin’s power and he also got the Beyonder’s at another point in time. Wolverine has his Phoenix Force and X Mode to counter that, but Dr Doom also has an X Mode so it’s really the Phoenix Force against the other unlimited power. This is definitely a tricky matchup, but I’m probably going to give Dr Doom the edge thanks to his energy attacks, which will help to keep Wolverine at bay. It’ll be hard for Wolverine to get in close and he’s not much of a long range fighter. Dr Doom wins.

Dr Doom vs Vent

Vent is easily one of the least popular “Megamen” but he’s still a very tough opponent. His speed is on a different level than anything you would find in Marvel or DC and his power is considerable. Dr Doom has gotten many power ups over the years, but they simply won’t be enough here. His armor won’t be superior to Vent’s and his projectiles will simply be overpowered by Vent’s charged shot. Vent wins.

Green Lantern vs Dr Doom

Green Lantern has his constructs which can deal some impressive damage to just about anyone. He’s one of DC’s strongest heroes and one good shot would be enough to end everything in an instant. Dr Doom has a lot of energy blasts at his disposal, but they won’t be able to break through Green Lantern’s barrier. Green Lantern wins.

Space Godzilla vs Dr Doom

Space Godzilla is powerful to be sure, but now he’s up against Dr Doom! We’ve seen how powerful Dr Doom’s armor has been in the past. It can stand up to a lot of damage, so Space Godzilla won’t be taking out. Dr Doom’s lasers should take Space Godzilla down pretty easily. Dr Doom wins.

Sebastien Michelis vs Dr Doom

Sebastien Michelis is back, but this time he’s up against Dr Doom! Dr Doom has obtained the powers of the Beyonder, Odin, and the Destroyer armor. Sebastien Michelis is a pretty hardcore butler and his abilities are definitely in the super range, but I’d say Dr Doom has the edge. Dr Doom wins.