Broly vs Shadow

Suggested by Destroyer Broly is way too fast and strong for Shadow to handle. Shadow has his Super Shadow form and has always made for an intense rival to Sonic, but Broly has taken on multiple Super Saiyans in the past. He has speed as well as power to back him up. It makes him a better all around fighter in the end. While Shadow can dodge the planets that will blow up in the process, he will eventually be tagged and taken down for the count. Broly wins.

Ginta vs Shadow

Suggested by Destroyer Ginta is a nice kid. While he may not seem like a huge fighter at first glance, the guy can definitely fight. He has great physical abilities and his ARM has quite a few forms to his sleeve. That being said, Shadow is a top tier fighter as well and his speed is greater than Ginta’s. This will nullify Ginta’s offensive options for the most part as it will simply take too long to land enough meaningful hits on Shadow. Shadow wins.

Shadow vs Zoro

Suggested by Destroyer Zoro is a skilled swordsman and his speed is no joke. The guy was able to keep up with Straw Hat Luffy after all and can also use the 6 swords style. That being said, Shadow is still way faster. In his super powered form this won’t even be much of a match as Shadow will simply fly rings around Zoro. Shadow wins.

Shadow vs Infinite

Infinite is a tough fighter but one that Shadow even called weak. That was the Gap between their abilities so it’s clear who would win here. If you notice, Infinite never actually attacked Shadow and stuck to mind games. Now why would he do that? Well he feared Shadow and what The Ultimate Life Form was capable of. He isn’t an opponent that you want to underestimate. One good Super Shadow blast and it’s all over. Shadow wins.

Hibito vs Shadow

Hibito is pretty skilled with his fire sword, but that’s just not enough to match Shadow’s overall ability. Shadow has mastered the art of Chaos Control and he can ascend into his Super Shadow form. In that mode, Shadow easily surpasses Hibito in speed and raw power. A single Chaos Blast will end the round. Shadow wins.

Tenguman vs Shadow

Tenguman is a very fast fighter, but Shadow easily surpasses him in that area. Shadow’s attack power is also on a different level and a single Chaos Blast should knock Tenguman out of the fight. Tenguman has been at a pretty high rank on the blog thus far, but this loss is really going to hurt his record. This could be Shadow’s big chance to make a dash for the top! Shadow wins.

Shadow vs Shade

Shade may be a formidable opponent, but Shadow has fought stronger enemies before. Not even Sonic The Hedgehog could match Shadow’s skill when they first fought in Adventure 2 Battle. Shadow’s chaos abilities give him the edge over most opponents and I don’t believe that Shade would be able to stop him. Shadow wins.

Shadow vs Zeena

Zeena may be one of the new opponents that Sonic had to deal with in Lost World, but I don’t believe that this makers her a match for Shadow. Shadow is far too fast for her and his chaos abilities can be used to make his speed appear even more impressive through teleportation. His Chaos Spear has a lot of range so he can spam it from afar. Shadow wins.

Johnny Test vs Shadow

Johnny Test may have his own TV show, but that won’t be enough to take Shadow down for the count. Shadow has his Chaos Control abilities to slow Johnny down and then he can finish things up with a speedblitz. Johnny isn’t fast enough to dodge Shadow’s attacks and he’s not strong enough to get through them. Shadow wins.

Judgeman vs Shadow

Judgeman is a decently tough Megaman villain and he’s pretty good from mid range. His defensive capabilities are decent and he doesn’t panic too quickly. That won’t be enough to stop Shadow The Hedgehog due to his large array of guns as well as his super speed. Judgeman will have a very tough time trying to land a single hit on this fighter. Shadow wins.