Cloud vs Zoro

Suggested by Destroyer This is definitely a close one. Both Cloud and Zoro are tremendously powerful and have more tools up their sleeve than simple sword strikes. Zoro has advanced haki and Cloud has his limit abilities and elemental spells. Ultimately I would give this to Zoro though. His skills have kept on improving at a rapid pace while Cloud has had to mostly remain still for a while. By Wano Zoro’s speed and power appear to both be superior to Cloud’s. I don’t think he would be able to keep up in this fight. Zoro wins.

Tashigi vs Zoro

Tashigi is a good swordswoman but she’s not quite ready to take on Zoro just yet. Zoro’s just way too powerful and continues to get stronger in each arc. At this point he should be able to run rings around her and once he takes out his swords then it’s really all over. There just won’t be a whole lot that she could do to stop him and at the very least will need a more powerful sword. Zoro wins.

Captain Morgan vs Zoro

Captain Morgan may have been a tough guy back in the day but even he wasn’t a match for a swordsman who was as skilled as Zoro. Zoro’s three sword style is just way too difficult to get past. He has speed and Haki as well which will allow him to block any of Morgan’s hits with ease. As skilled as Morgan may have been, he’s severely outclassed in every single attribute. That’s why he will be doomed here. Zoro wins.

Zoro vs Pica

Pica is a fairly powerful fighter who is hard to pin down since he can merge into the rocks to escape. As long as there is any Earth around him, he will be tough to stop. That said, Zoro is still a lot stronger here and can slice through just about anything. That means Pica will have no true hiding spots and ultimately he will fall to Zoro’s immense power. Pica just isn’t fast enough to have any alternate path to victory. Zoro wins.

Zane vs Zoro

Suggested by Destroyer Zane has a lot of monsters but at this point I would say that Zoro is just too fast to be taken down by them. He has really mastered the Three Swords style and can even strike from long range. Zane’s dragons will buy him some time but ultimately he would just be postponing the inevitable. They don’t have any way to really damage Zoro. Zoro wins.

Shadow vs Zoro

Suggested by Destroyer Zoro is a skilled swordsman and his speed is no joke. The guy was able to keep up with Straw Hat Luffy after all and can also use the 6 swords style. That being said, Shadow is still way faster. In his super powered form this won’t even be much of a match as Shadow will simply fly rings around Zoro. Shadow wins.

Kemura vs Zoro

Kemura is back and now he’s up against the mighty Zoro! Zoro’s sword skills are pretty impressive and they would easily be enough for him to cur through Kemura’s monsters. Kemura would not be able to properly defend himself against the sword attacks and Zoro’s speed is also superior. It’s time for Kemura to drop down the blog ranks once again. Zoro wins.

Duncan MacLeod vs Zoro

Duncan MacLeod makes his debut in this round, but his sword won’t do him a whole lot of good. Zoro is just too skilled for Duncan and he has Haki to back up his swordsmanship. A single strike from his sword would be able to break Duncan’s and end the match. Zoro is aiming to become the best swordsman out there and he may succeed! Zoro wins.

Goten vs Zoro

Zoro is a master swordsman and his skills should definitely not be underestimated. Unfortunately for him, that won’t be enough to stop a Super Saiyan. Goten’s abilities transcend what we thought could be possible for such a young fighter. One good planet busting energy blast would be enough to end this match in an instant. Goten wins.

Zoro vs Afro Samurai

The Afro Samurai is pretty skilled with a blade, but he hasn’t dealt with as many powerful opponents as Zoro. Zoro has faced guys with incredible powers and he even challenged a Rubber Man! Zoro uses the 3 Blade Style, which increases his range of attack. Not to mention that his attacks also become very lethal. I don’t think that Afro Samurai will be able to keep up with him. Zoro wins.