Shadow vs Zoro

Suggested by Destroyer Zoro is a skilled swordsman and his speed is no joke. The guy was able to keep up with Straw Hat Luffy after all and can also use the 6 swords style. That being said, Shadow is still way faster. In his super powered form this won’t even be much of a match as Shadow will simply fly rings around Zoro. Shadow wins.

Kemura vs Zoro

Kemura is back and now he’s up against the mighty Zoro! Zoro’s sword skills are pretty impressive and they would easily be enough for him to cur through Kemura’s monsters. Kemura would not be able to properly defend himself against the sword attacks and Zoro’s speed is also superior. It’s time for Kemura to drop down the blog ranks once again. Zoro wins.

Duncan MacLeod vs Zoro

Duncan MacLeod makes his debut in this round, but his sword won’t do him a whole lot of good. Zoro is just too skilled for Duncan and he has Haki to back up his swordsmanship. A single strike from his sword would be able to break Duncan’s and end the match. Zoro is aiming to become the best swordsman out there and he may succeed! Zoro wins.

Goten vs Zoro

Zoro is a master swordsman and his skills should definitely not be underestimated. Unfortunately for him, that won’t be enough to stop a Super Saiyan. Goten’s abilities transcend what we thought could be possible for such a young fighter. One good planet busting energy blast would be enough to end this match in an instant. Goten wins.

Zoro vs Afro Samurai

The Afro Samurai is pretty skilled with a blade, but he hasn’t dealt with as many powerful opponents as Zoro. Zoro has faced guys with incredible powers and he even challenged a Rubber Man! Zoro uses the 3 Blade Style, which increases his range of attack. Not to mention that his attacks also become very lethal. I don’t think that Afro Samurai will be able to keep up with him. Zoro wins.

Zoro vs Mr 9

Mr 9 may be pretty acrobatic, but he’s no match for Zoro. Zoro has some pretty intense sword abilities and his speed will prove to be a great advantage. Mr 9 won’t be able to keep up for long and one slash may end the match. Zoro has taken a solid win and moved up in the blog ranks! Zoro wins.

Zoro vs Daz Bones

Daz Bones is pretty hard to cut since his body can turn as sharp (and as hard) as steel. Of course Zoro can casually cut steel now, so this wouldn’t be much of a match if they were fight at their current states. Daz Bones won’t be able to keep up with Zoro’s speed or power. Zoro wins.

Zoro vs Kuina

Kuina was a pretty skilled swordswoman, but Zoro has surpassed her at this point. His 3 Sword Style is legendary and he is feared across the East Blue. Zoro keeps on getting stronger and stronger as he hones his skills and even learned haki. Since Kuina may never appear again, it could be tough to catch up. Zoro wins.

Zoro vs Cabaji

Cabaji was able to put up a decent fight against Zoro at the beginning of their fight, but Zoro was injured so it wasn’t a very fair fight. (Zoro still managed to win) If they were able to have a rematch, the result wouldn’t be that close. Zoro has gotten much stronger while Cabaji hasn’t improved by a significant amount. Zoro wins.

Hachi vs Zoro

Zoro has always been a master of the 3 swords style and not even Hachi’s 6 sword style could match him. Zoro has gotten very powerful since then and his durability is intense. Hachi’s a good warrior in his own right, but I wouldn’t put him in quite the same league as Zoro. Zoro is just the better fighter. Zoro wins.