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Dragon Ball Super

It’s good to finally have the show dubbed! Now I can officially say that I’ve seen the hit sequel to DBZ. Good things are to come! I shall have a review for this series when it is finished in America.

Overall 7/10

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Goten vs Zoro

Zoro is a master swordsman and his skills should definitely not be underestimated. Unfortunately for him, that won’t be enough to stop a Super Saiyan. Goten’s abilities transcend what we thought could be possible for such a young fighter. One good planet busting energy blast would be enough to end this match in an instant. Goten wins.

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Goten vs Buu

Goten and Buu have fought a few times in the past. As Goten he’s hopelessly outmatched, but in SSJ3 Gotenks form he’s not a bad fighter. Still, I wouldn’t say he’s quite Buu level. Buu has the power of Mystic Gohan and SSJ3 Gotenks at his disposal! Not to mention Piccolo since he still helps in the end.

Gotenks SSJ3 is strong, but another advantage that Buu has is his regeneration. He can regenerate many times. So while Goten starts to get tired, Buu will still be up and kicking. Goten is strong, but I’m afraid he just couldn’t win this round. Buu wins.

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Searchman vs Goten

Searchman has his gun and with it he’s extremely accurate! Of course he’s never faced a Super Saiyan in the field of battle. With Goten’s impressive speed and explosive energy blasts Searchman wouldn’t last too long against him. Goten rises up the ranks with this win and shows why he’s so powerful. Goten wins.

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Goten vs Goku

Goten is a powerful warrior, but in the end he’s not exactly Goku level. Goku has the legendary SSJ4 and can take down Goten in one shot! Goten has fought guys like Buu in the past, but Goku’s fought people even stronger like Vegeta! Goten’s outmatched, outranked, and outgunned. Goku rises up the ranks after this easy win. Goku wins.

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Goten vs Trunks

Trunks and Goten are pretty evenly matched fighters. They both have the Gotenks SSJ3 form which can help a lot in a fight. Of course Trunks’s future form has SSJ3 and so does GT! Goten has……..well Gotenks is enough for him!

Goten just lacks the skills that Trunks has. Trunks did win when they fought in DBZ after all. If they were to have a rematch I have little doubt that Trunks would come out on top. Goten takes his first loss, but he’ll be back one of these days. Trunks wins.