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Abo vs Trunks

Abo is back, but it’s not a good thing in his case. Trunks just needs one good shot to take down Abo. Trunks has access to the legendary Super Saiyan 3 form! With that kind of power Abo would be lucky to last an instant against him! Trunks rises up the ranks with this win and reminds us why he’s hardcore! Trunks wins.

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Abo vs Goten

Goten is back for another win. Abo is pretty similar to Kado. He’s also not fast or strong enough to take down Goten. Abo may have his merged form, but even with that it’s not enough to take down Goten. Goten is far too strong and in Gotenks SSJ3 form he’s pretty near unbeatable! Goten wins.

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Abo vs Goku

Abo makes his blog debut, but it’s not for a win. This match is all Goku! After re watching Goku’s exploits during the Super Android era, I remembered why Goku is one of the strongest characters out there! Defeating Abo would be an incredibly easy feat for Goku! One good punch/blast and Abo would be taken down for good. Goku wins.