Shadow Android vs Searchman

Suggested by Sonic Searchman is an excellent shot and has good reaction times, but his raw speed isn’t anywhere near the level of most EXE characters. That’s what is really going to cost him in this match since he just won’t be able to keep up with the android. Shadow Android can run rings around Searchman with ease What this means is that at the end of the day Searchman is really going to be in a world of trouble here and will eventually go down. Shadow Android wins.

Voldemort vs Searchman

Suggested by Megapot Network It’s time for another Megaman BN vs Harry Potter verse battle. Voldemort has a lot of spells, but he has earned the nickname Moldy Voldy for a reason. He simply isn’t very fast so Searchman can easily snipe him from afar. Voldemort can’t move quick enough to dodge and even launching an attack in time will be difficult. He’s just really outmatched in this fight and won’t be able to do much. Searchman wins.

Searchman vs Dialga

Searchman is definitely a good shot and the odds of him missing any shot without foul play is very small. Searchman is a professional after all, but that won’t allow him to beat a monster on this level. Dialga has mastery over time and his energy blasts pack a serious punch. It is hard to imagine Searchman evading his hits for long and speed will play a pivotal role in this match. Dialga’s large array of attacks shall lead him to victory. Dialga wins.

Gemini Saga vs Searchman

Gemini Saga is back and now he’s up against Searchman! Searchman is definitely a good shot, but his speed won’t be up to snuff in this round. Gemini Saga is too powerful and he can launch his attacks at incredibly high speeds. His destructive power is also off the charts. Gemini Saga wins.

Searchman vs Goten

Searchman has his gun and with it he’s extremely accurate! Of course he’s never faced a Super Saiyan in the field of battle. With Goten’s impressive speed and explosive energy blasts Searchman wouldn’t last too long against him. Goten rises up the ranks with this win and shows why he’s so powerful. Goten wins.

Searchman vs Protoman

Searchman has his guns and with them has done some massive damage. Of course Protoman’s always a step ahead of him. Protoman’s much faster and stronger than Searchman. Searchman may be very accurate, but in the end he won’t be able to land a shot on Protoman. Protoman’s just too fast. Protoman wins.

Dark Megaman vs Searchman

Dark Megaman has proven that he’s out of Searchman’s league many times in the past. He can heal himself faster than Searchman could possibly injure him! Searchman is a strong navi, but in the end he just wasn’t up too Dark Megaman’s level. Dark Megaman is also a lot faster than Searchman. Dark Megaman wins.