Shadow Android vs Searchman

Suggested by Sonic Searchman is an excellent shot and has good reaction times, but his raw speed isn’t anywhere near the level of most EXE characters. That’s what is really going to cost him in this match since he just won’t be able to keep up with the android. Shadow Android can run rings around Searchman with ease What this means is that at the end of the day Searchman is really going to be in a world of trouble here and will eventually go down. Shadow Android wins.

Shadow Android vs Hirudegarn

Suggested by Destroyer Hirudegarn was the final big DBZ villain so he definitely gets a lot of respect on that front. He makes for a large target but in this case he is fast enough where the Android won’t be able to speedblitz him. Additionally, the gap in their power is insane as Hirudegarn could end the entire solar system with a single blast. His durability will void all of the Android’s attacks so that’s game over. Hirudegarn wins.

Shadow Android vs Sailor Saturn

Suggested by Destroyer Sailor Saturn returns but she is no match against the Shadow Android. He’s just too fast and while he may not have as much destructive power as Saturn, the blows will still be enough to take down her defenses and ultimately win him the match. The difference in speed makes the raw power irrelevant in the end. Shadow Android wins.

Shadow Android vs Sailor Mars

Suggested by Destroyer The Shadow Android is a pretty cool character even if he wasn’t explored quite as much as I would have liked. Sailor Mars has some fire abilities which could be dangerous if they are hot enough to melt his armor, but it won’t be enough. The first reason why it won’t suffice is that the Shadow Android is too fast to be hit. The second is that I’m not even sure if it could melt his armor, but that point it moot thanks to the first. The Shadow Android may not have been around for long, but he left an impact. Shadow Android wins.

Shadow Android vs Mecha Sonic

Shadow Android is back and he’s back to pwn. Mecha Sonic’s pretty tough and he has his golden super form, but in the end it’s not enough to take down Shadow Android. Shadow Android has super speed and a large variety of skills at his disposal. He’s pretty good at hand to hand and knows how to pwn. Shadow Android wins.

Shadow Android vs Shadow

Well the clone is here to fight the original. Well this fight is pretty easy. Shadow proved who would win a long time ago. Shadow Android is just not at his level. Shadow is faster and has mastery over the famed Chaos Control. With that he would win. Shadow wins.

Shadow Android vs Maria

Well I’m afraid that Maria doesn’t quite have what it takes to defeat Shadow Android. Shadow Android is like Shadow, just not as fast or strong. He does still put up a good fight, but he can never beat the original. Maria on the other hand is a weak human. Shadow Android wins.