Mecha Sonic vs Chunk

Mecha Sonic is pretty fast and one good punch is all he needs to take on the Chunk. The Chunk has his gun, but I don’t think that it will be able to pierce Mecha Sonic’s armor. Mecha Sonic has lasers and they’re pretty hard to dodge. The Chunk takes a hard loss in this round, but he put up a decent fight. Mecha Sonic wins.

Shadow Android vs Mecha Sonic

Shadow Android is back and he’s back to pwn. Mecha Sonic’s pretty tough and he has his golden super form, but in the end it’s not enough to take down Shadow Android. Shadow Android has super speed and a large variety of skills at his disposal. He’s pretty good at hand to hand and knows how to pwn. Shadow Android wins.

Mecha Sonic vs Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic wins this fight for obvious reasons. First of all he’s more high tech and advanced than Mecha Sonic seeing as how Mecha Sonic was easily defeated by Sonic, or Knuckles in the Sonic and Knuckles game. Metal Sonic’s super form however took all 12 characters to beat. Plus 3 had super forms. Metal Sonic wins.