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Train vs Daken

Daken is a pretty savage hand to hand fighter and he’s given some guys a tough fight in the past, but he’s out of his leagues against Train. Daken may have gotten a new power up recently, but that’s just not going to be enough to take on someone like Train. Train has his gun at the ready and he’s a perfect shot. Train wins.

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Ironman vs Daken

Daken has his claws which are pretty useful, but Ironman is a better fighter and with his armor he’s also a lot stronger. Ironman’s definitely got the speed advantage as well so Daken’s basically doomed. There’s just not much that he can do to try and stop Ironman. Ironman wins.

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Spiderman vs Daken

Spiderman has taken out many opponents over the years so it’s only natural that he’d get some more. Daken is a pretty….sharp fighter, but in the end he’s not quite powerful enough to take down Spiderman. Spiderman has had more power ups through the years than Daken. That gives Spiderman the edge. Daken drops down the ranks with this loss. Spiderman wins.

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Gemini Saga vs Daken

Gemini Saga is back and this time he’s up against Daken! Daken has some pretty good regeneration going for him, but Gemini Saga is just far faster and much more powerful. With one good blast Gemini Saga can take down Daken. Gemini Saga rises up the ranks with this win and will be back. Gemini Saga wins.

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Wolverine vs Daken

Wolverine and Daken are natural rivals since Daken is Wolverine’s son and will never surpass him. It probably depresses Daken that he can never surpass Wolverine. Wolverine’s skills are on a far higher league than Daken. Daken is skilled, but not nearly as skilled as Wolverine.

Wolverine has his anime form which is far superior to Daken. He also has the Phoenix Force. Finally he has his claws and would take down Daken fast. Daken has fought many times and might not come back for a long time. Wolverine may also not come back for a bit after this fight….but then again…maybe he will be back soon. Wolverine wins.