Ra Mu vs Chaos

Suggested by Sonic Ra Mu has the powers of thunder at his disposal. He was the final boss of a Star Force game for good reason after all. His raw power is crazy and while Chaos has his Perfect mode, I wouldn’t say it is comparable in this case. Ra Mu still has the absolute advantage in just about every stat and also has the natural elemental advantage here. Chaos won’t be staying up for long. Ra Mu wins.

Totodile vs Chaos

Suggested by Sonic This one is close because Perfect Chaos is an absolute beast in combat. That said, I still don’t think he will be doing a whole lot to Totodile here with his water attacks so he has to rely on energy attacks completely. Totodile has more attack options than I can count and is durable enough to withstand Perfect Chaos’ energy attacks for a while. It will be a close fight than you may think at first but I do think Chaos should ultimately have the advantage here. Chaos wins.

Chaos vs Jet

Suggested by Destroyer Chaos is a powerful fighter and while Jet may have the edge in speed, I’m not confident that he would be be able to do much to damage Chaos. Chaos is just too resilient and he has an incredible amount of forms at his disposal. In his Perfect Chaos mode he will really be untouchable here. Your best bet is to just try to run away and get to a safe distance and even that’s not a surefire tactic. Jet will be swept away in the end. Chaos wins.

Shadowman vs Chaos

Suggested by Sonic Chaos has a lot of forms at his disposal. You could make the case that his most powerful form is either Chaos 5 or Perfect Chaos. Either way Shadowman is too fast to lose this one. Not only is he skilled with a blast but he can move silently and with precision. Chaos will have a difficult time landing any kind of blow on him. Meanwhile Shadowman’s attacks will deal a lot of damage and the damage will quickly add up. There’s no way Chaos can endure the attacks long enough to land a counter. Shadowman wins.

Jason Voorhees vs Chaos

Suggested by Destroyer Jason Voorhees is good at attacking people in their dreams and causing a lot of trouble but he’s not really going to be doing anything against Chaos. All of Jason’s best attacks will just go through Chaos. Additionally this water monster will be stronger than Jason by form 2-3. Once he’s in Perfect Mode this won’t even be a battle as he can just squash Jason with no real effort needed. Jason has definitely picked a fight with an opponent he can’t hope to defeat. Chaos wins.

Chaos vs Swordman

Suggested by Destroyer This is a pretty interesting fight. I question how useful sword strikes would be against a foe made of water such as Chaos. Additionally while Perfect Chaos is quite large, it’s not like he’s super fast and Swordman can use his swords to block attacks. That will put these guys at a deadlock for quite a while so neither one of them will be able to make much headway for a while. Ultimately I expect Chaos would wear this guy down though and eventually an energy bullet would land. Chaos wins.

Crow vs Chaos

Suggested by Sonic Chaos has quite a few super forms at his disposal. With each Chaos Emerald he consumes the guy gets a massive power boost. In his Perfect Form he can even take out an entire city. That won’t mean much to a duelist like Crow though. Crow has a ton of cards up his sleeve and most of them are quite powerful. Birds of a feather flock together and that’s how Crow assembles a lot of monsters at one time. The sheer numbers will easily take Chaos down. Crow wins.

Swampert vs Chaos

Suggested by Jman exe Swampert is a pretty powerful Pokemon and that’s not even considering his Mega evolved form. In that state I don’t believe Chaos would be able to match him. Chaos has a good amount of super strength of his own when in Chaos 2 mode, but he won’t be fast enough to really make a difference here. Additionally he is simply outgunned in a pure battle of force. This is where Swampert shows why he is a starter. Swampert wins.

Sonic vs Chaos

Chaos was one of Sonic’s first powerful opponents and he was a pretty terrifying figure! He took over the city like it was nothing and he definitely wasn’t a character who should be underestimated by any means! That being said, Sonic has improved a lot over the years and Chaos is no longer a challenge to him. Sonic didn’t even need the Chaos Emeralds to defeat him last time! Sonic wins.

Biollante vs Chaos

Biollante is a pretty powerful Godzilla opponent, but I think she’s a bit outmatched in this round. Chaos was able to take on a being as powerful as Sonic in the past and he has some pretty intense water abilities. Biollante probably won’t be able to get close enough to do major damage thanks to Chaos’s giant energy blasts. Chaos wins.