Swampert vs Rusty (Acolyte)

Suggested by Sonic This is a classic battle of fire and water. Rusty’s attack power is rather impressive with how he can finetune his attacks. It’s not quite at the level of Human Torch or Sunfire though. Additionally this just won’t help him much because fire doesn’t do a whole lot to a Pokemon like Swampert. Swampert is in another league here and has abilities that most characters can only dream of. His Muddy Water technique has great range and power behind it. Rusty would not be able to escape and the move could very well take him down for the count. Swampert wins.

Swampert vs Suiryu

Swampert is a pretty cool Pokemon who never got quite as well known as you would have expected. His signature Muddy Water attack was always a lot of fun to use back in the day. Suiryu won’t have a problem dodging or slicing the water away though. Suiryu is one of the stronger One Punch Man heroes and people are still waiting for him to show up and take more names some day. His physical abilities are just out of this world and he could likely take Swampert down before the Pokemon knows what hit him. Suiryu wins.

Swampert vs Chaos

Suggested by Jman exe Swampert is a pretty powerful Pokemon and that’s not even considering his Mega evolved form. In that state I don’t believe Chaos would be able to match him. Chaos has a good amount of super strength of his own when in Chaos 2 mode, but he won’t be fast enough to really make a difference here. Additionally he is simply outgunned in a pure battle of force. This is where Swampert shows why he is a starter. Swampert wins.