Swampert vs Rusty (Acolyte)

Suggested by Sonic This is a classic battle of fire and water. Rusty’s attack power is rather impressive with how he can finetune his attacks. It’s not quite at the level of Human Torch or Sunfire though. Additionally this just won’t help him much because fire doesn’t do a whole lot to a Pokemon like Swampert. Swampert is in another league here and has abilities that most characters can only dream of. His Muddy Water technique has great range and power behind it. Rusty would not be able to escape and the move could very well take him down for the count. Swampert wins.

Rusty (Acolyte) vs Forearm (Xmen)

Rusty may be a little rusty at the fighting business since he’s been dead for quite a few years, but he still has enough flame in the ole tank to deal with Forearm. Forearm can stretch his limbs a little, which is a decent super power I suppose, but not one that will really let him win a lot of fights. It’s just not very helpful compared to being able to ignite the air. Rusty could probably win a hand to hand battle between these two as well. Rusty (Acolyte) wins.