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Swampert vs Chaos

Suggested by Jman exe Swampert is a pretty powerful Pokemon and that’s not even considering his Mega evolved form. In that state I don’t believe Chaos would be able to match him. Chaos has a good amount of super strength of his own when in Chaos 2 mode, but he won’t be fast enough to really make a difference here. Additionally he is simply outgunned in a pure battle of force. This is where Swampert shows why he is a starter. Swampert wins.

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Sonic vs Chaos

Chaos was one of Sonic’s first powerful opponents and he was a pretty terrifying figure! He took over the city like it was nothing and he definitely wasn’t a character who should be underestimated by any means! That being said, Sonic has improved a lot over the years and Chaos is no longer a challenge to him. Sonic didn’t even need the Chaos Emeralds to defeat him last time! Sonic wins.

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Biollante vs Chaos

Biollante is a pretty powerful Godzilla opponent, but I think she’s a bit outmatched in this round. Chaos was able to take on a being as powerful as Sonic in the past and he has some pretty intense water abilities. Biollante probably won’t be able to get close enough to do major damage thanks to Chaos’s giant energy blasts. Chaos wins.

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He Man vs Chaos

He Man is a hero who knows how to use his sword. Their aren’t many fighters who can defeat him. Of course Chaos isn’t just an ordinary fighter. With his powers and speed their are even less who can defeat him. Chaos wins.

Update 08/25/2018, He Man’s too strong to lose this one. He’s gone toe to toe with Superman in the past after all! He Man wins.