Ra Mu vs Chaos

Suggested by Sonic Ra Mu has the powers of thunder at his disposal. He was the final boss of a Star Force game for good reason after all. His raw power is crazy and while Chaos has his Perfect mode, I wouldn’t say it is comparable in this case. Ra Mu still has the absolute advantage in just about every stat and also has the natural elemental advantage here. Chaos won’t be staying up for long. Ra Mu wins.

Oceanus Shenron vs Ra Mu

Suggested by Sonic Oceanus Shenron was easily one of the least impressive Shadow Dragons back in her day. She could make tornadoes and such but that’s not really all that impressive. Fortunately for her Dragon Ball Heroes is here to help. Not only was she able to possess an Android and gain his abilities but she unlocked her own Super Shadow Dragon state much like Omega Shenron. While it’s nowhere near that powerful, it will be enough to overwhelm Ra Mu. His durability won’t be enough to protect him here. Oceanus Shenron wins.

Nebula Lord Dragon vs Ra Mu

Suggested by Sonic Nebula Lord Dragon is one of the strongest Link Joker cards. He has a wide array of attacks including energy abilities and locking down other opponents. Ra Mu’s defense is very high so it will take time to defeat him. Time is on Nebula’s side though thanks to Ra Mu’s lack of speed. Mu’s greatest weakness is that he is not very mobile which does mean you have a chance to defeat him with hit and run tactics if you’re strong enough. Nebula Lord does have the speed to accomplish this and his power level is 11000 so dealing damage won’t be a problem. Nebula Lord Dragon wins.

The BioLizard vs Ra Mu

Well The BioLizard is a strong foe, but he’s met his match in this round. Ra Mu has most of the same attacks that The BioLizard has, but his beam is a bit more impressive. A couple of hits from his laser and even The BioLizard may not be able to survive. The BioLizard has pink orbs that shield him, but they won’t last. Ra Mu wins.