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War Machine vs Genos

After seeing Death Battle take on this fight I knew I needed to get in here and give you all the facts. War Machine has always been a jobber in Marvel as he loses a ton of fights and never gets a whole lot of recognition. His armor isn’t half bad so he can fight, but he’s not on the same planet of skills as Genos. Genos surpasses him with ease in both speed and power. His destructive blows are crazy and he could decimate War Machine with a single punch. That level of power is typically unheard of so it’s pretty impressive. Genos wins.

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Asuka Langley Soryu vs War Machine

Suggested by iKnowledge Asuka has returned and now she’s up against the far less impressive of the Marvel iron fighters. War Machine’s always had a nice arsenal of firepower, but it’s a whole lot more realistic than Tony’s. He fights with conventional weaponry and that doesn’t really cut it. Asuka’s mech can take those kinds of hits for much longer than the energy blasts and while War Machine is durable I think he’ll ultimately be crushed here. Rhodey really needs an upgrade. Asuka Langley Soryu wins.

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War Machine vs Love Machine

War Machine is back and he’s up against the Love Machine. The Love Machine is better in hand to hand combat, but War Machine has definitely got the ranged advantage. He’s got a good amount of firepower at his disposal and thanks to anime he’s also pretty fast. I don’t think the Love Machine will win this round. War Machine wins.

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Iron Giant vs War Machine

War Machine is a pretty capable fighter. Iron Giant may be big and powerful, but War Machine has speed on his side. That’s why Iron Giant won’t be able to spam all of his weapons to victory in this round. War Machine could outspeed them and take Iron Giant down with the unibeam! War Machine wins.

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War Machine vs Ironman

War Machine and Ironman make a great team! When they’re together they can fend off many opponents! Of course when they have too fight each other we know who would win. War Machine’s armor is supposed to have more firepower than Ironman’s in exchange for a sharp decrease in speed.

Thing is, Ironman has a lot of super powerful armors and they can actually overpower War Machine. Ironman’s just always been a tougher opponent and wins this one pretty easily as per usual. War Machine drops down the ranks with this loss. Ironman wins.

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War Machine vs Robin (Tim)

War Machine is a pretty powerful fighter and with his powerful armmamant of weapons and rockets he can’t lose!…right? Well he wins this round because Robin lacks power ups. Robin can put up a pretty good fight, but War Machine has too much equipment. War Machine rises up the ranks with this win. War Machine wins.

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Jubilee vs War Machine

War Machine has his beams and his raw power. With it not even the mighty Jubilee can take him down. War Machine is just too powerful and his skills are intense. He’s not someone you want to underestimate. War Machine rises up the blog ranks with this match and shows everyone why they call him War Machine! War Machine wins.

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Quicksilver vs War Machine

War Machine may have super strength and beams, but Quicksilver is a speedster of tremendous ability. He also gained magic power when he was possessed. War Machine loses this round, but with his abilities he’ll be back. When he next appears it may be to pwn. Quicksilver rises in the ranks for now. Quicksilver wins.

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Kid Flash vs War Machine

War Machine once became a being that could resemble Superman. He got Super Strength, Super Speed, and could shoot beams. In that form he’s pretty tough and can beat many beings. Kid Flash however, has lots of speed and may be the fastest flash alive. So this fight is super close, but in the end, Kid Flash wins.