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Lightning McQueen vs Iron Giant

This is a tribute to The Iron Giant. The Iron Giant is definitely a powerful robot who can really fight when necessary. He makes the tough calls when the situation is bleak and as such, he will give this fight everything he’s got. I don’t really think Lightning McQueen would be able to keep up. He’s up against a giant of a fighter after all and pulling off some cool car tricks won’t be enough to slow this guy down. Iron Giant wins.

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Baloo vs Iron Giant
Suggested by Jimmy Baloo is a nice bear and he has also proven himself to be a tough fighter when the chips are down. That being said, he is a little outgunned against someone like the Iron Giant. After all, what can a bear do against a giant robot. Iron Giant can defeat him with a single punch or just fire off some of his missiles. There’s no way Baloo can dodge them and he certainly can’t endure them. That spells curtains for the nice bear. Iron Giant wins.

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King Kong vs Iron Giant

King Kong is back, but can he take on this Iron Giant? Iron Giant has a large amount of firepower at his disposal and he can shoot many different weapons at once. As strong as King Kong is..I don’t think that he will be able to win this round. Iron Giant is just far too impressive. Iron Giant wins.

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Junk Titan vs Iron Giant

Junk Titan is pretty tough, but without the Force holding him together he’d just fall apart. I don’t think he can handle a beam barrage from the legendary Iron Giant! He’s taken down plenty of extremely powerful opponents….well the army anyway! The army is tough stuff when it wants to be! Iron Giant wins.

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Iron Giant vs War Machine

War Machine is a pretty capable fighter. Iron Giant may be big and powerful, but War Machine has speed on his side. That’s why Iron Giant won’t be able to spam all of his weapons to victory in this round. War Machine could outspeed them and take Iron Giant down with the unibeam! War Machine wins.

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King Ghidorah vs Iron Giant

King Ghidorah is a powerful monster! He’s taken on many appearances and forms over the years. He was even able to smack Godzilla around for a while. Of course, now he’s going up against The Iron Giant! Iron Giant has a lot of weapons in his arsenal and can deal some pretty heavy duty damage! King Ghidorah lacks the speed to dodge for long. Iron Giant wins.

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Iron Giant vs Hulk

Iron Giant is back, but this time he’s up against the Hulk! The Hulk is a being of immense power and with one punch has sent even the most powerful opponents flying! The Iron Giant may be big, but he’s not quite as quick or sturdy as the Hulk. The Hulk can fly and shoot energy blasts which equals a win. Hulk wins.

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Iron Giant vs Jolly Green Giant

Jolly Green Giant is back yet again. This time he’s gonna be defeated by the Iron Giant! Jolly Green Giant may be pretty impressive, but in the end he just lacks the physical power needed to take down The Iron Giant! Iron Giant wins his debut which means he’ll be fighting again pretty soon. Iron Giant wins.