He Man vs Ben 10

Suggested by Sonic He Man has gone toe to to with Superman on several occasions. That’s not something that Ben 10 can hope to achieve. The kid has a ton of transformations but none of them will be doing a whole lot here. At best he can try to establish a safe distance but he has nothing that can bypass He Man’s durability. He Man wins.

Kevin 11 vs Ben 10

Kevin 11 is pretty skilled and he’s at Ben 10’s level. They’ve both obtained many powers over the years and Kevin can use multiple abilities at once. Ben 10 does have the edge in powers that he’s shown and I think that he can take a narrow win. It’ll definitely be a close battle and none of these guys will walk away unscathed. Ben 10 wins.

Ben 10 vs Iceman

Ben 10 does have his fire form, but it wont be enough to melt this icy opponent. Iceman has taken many heat based opponents down in the past and I don’t think that he will stop now. Iceman’s battle experience may have been the deciding factor. He has dealt with opponents like the Avengers in the past, so he knows how to handle himself. Iceman wins.

Link vs Ben 10

This could prove to be one of the blog’s more controversial matches. Ben 10 has a lot of forms, but I don’t believe that they will be enough to stop Link. He attains great physical power in his Way Big form, but his speed isn’t great. Link has his Light Arrows and his powerful slashes. Ben 10’s never been known for his speed and even in his fire form, he won’t have enough skills to win. Link wins.

Sonic vs Ben 10

Sonic is one of the faster guys out there. One good punch is all he would need to deal some serious damage to Ben 10. Ben 10 has a lot of transformations at his disposal, but they wouldn’t be able to take down Sonic, once he transformed into his Super Sonic form. Ben 10 takes a hard loss in this round. Sonic wins.

Ben 10 vs Mew

Ben 10 has a lot of alien forms at his disposal, but can they hope to match up against the legendary Mew!? Mew is possibly the strongest pokemon in existence and he was holding his own against Mewtwo. That’s definitely a pretty solid feat and one to be proud of. I don’t think that Ben 10 could get past Mew’s barrier. Mew wins.

Ben 10 vs Choji

This one was definitely a bit tricky. Choji’s not the fastest fighter on the block, but he has some pretty immense power. A good strike could take most of the fight out of Ben 10. Ben 10 has some pretty decent speed on his side as well. I think Choji’s overwhelming power will give him the slight edge in this round. Choji wins.

Lois Lane vs Ben 10

Ben 10 has a lot of different forms to turn into, but Lois Lane once obtained the powers of Superman! I don’t think that she would lose in this round. Ben 10’s flame abilities can be deadly, but he doesn’t have enough defense to endure those kind of attacks for long. Lois Lane wins.

Ben 10 vs Glenn Quagmire

Glenn Quagmire makes his debut in this round, but he has no shot against Ben 10. Ben 10 can turn into many different forms, but he wouldn’t need any of them against this opponent. Glenn Quagmire just doesn’t have any abilities that could save him from such a strong fighter. Ben 10 wins.

Ben 10 vs Gloom

Ben 10 is back and he’s up against a pretty gloomy opponent! Gloom may have the legendary hyper beam among other attacks, but it won’t be enough this time. Gloom just isn’t fast enough to dodge for long and his attack power was never one of the greatest in the pokemon universe. Ben 10 wins.